Zambia celebrates 53 years independence

As Zambians celebrate 53 years of independence from colonial rule, some Chipata residents have called for the need to make the occasion more memorable.

Speaking to Breeze News, a cross section of residents say that parents have an obligation to teach their children about the importance of Zambia’s independence.

Daniel Sakala says that it is important to teach children the history of how the freedom of Zambia was gained from British rule.

He says this will make Independence Day more meaningful than just celebrating the day by drinking alcohol and engaging in promiscuous activities.

And another resident, John Nyati says that it is important to celebrate independence because that is the day when Zambians started making their own decisions on issues of governance and policy formulation.

Mr. Nyati says Zambia has come a long way since it gained independence, and the changes that have come with freedom are evident everywhere in the country.

The 53rd Independence Anniversary is being celebrated under the theme: “Celebrating our freedom for continued peace, unity, patriotism and development”.

East PF unhappy with MPs and ministers

Patriotic Front PF Eastern Province Publicity and Information Secretary Bright Chihana say most ministers and Members of parliament are rubberstamps who have failed to perform.

Mr. Chihana says that many MPs and Ministers are not visiting their constituencies to deliver what they promised the people during campaigns.

He charged that it is embarrassing and unexpected that some Ministers and Members of Parliament are not working according to the people’s expectations.

He says that some Ministers are purely occupying offices to feed their stomach than giving service to the public who voted for them.

Mr. Chihana revealed that the ruling PF in the region is getting bad feedback from stakeholders and members of the public that some Members of parliament and Ministers have failed to deliver development.

He explained that when President Edgar Lungu appointed Ministers into office, he was giving them an opportunity to visit the people and hear their challenges.

Mr. Chihana explained that even opposition political MPs were equally in the same position, where they are failing to represent the people in their areas.