Government introduces crop insurance

All farmers who will access government subsidized farming inputs under the 2017/2018 farming season are expected to make payments of 100 kwacha for insurance.

Provincial Agriculture Coordinator PACO, Roy Lumamba says this is to ensure farmers are covered for any loss incurred during their farming activities.

He says farmers have for many years incurred losses due to natural disasters such as drought, flooding and army worms.

The PACO says is it important for farmers to insure their crops in order to mitigate challenges they face.

Mr. Lumamba says the Ministry of Agriculture will be advised in due course, on the insurance company engaged for the program.

He says this means that farmers will this year deposit 500 kwacha, stating that the 100 kwacha will be channeled to the insurance company while 400 kwacha will be loaded in their e-voucher cards.

EPCCI calls for more fuel reserves

Eastern Province Chamber of Commerce and Industry EPCCI  has called on the government to consider putting up fuel reserves in Eastern province and other provinces that do not have fuel reserves, to prevent sudden change in fuel prices.

EPCCI President Thomas Mtonga says that putting up more fuel reserves will stop sudden fuel price increases as the country will have enough fuel in stock before effecting an increase.

He says that enough Reserves would also help the country have enough fuel whenever Indeni Oil Petroleum Refinery is undergoing maintenances.

Mr. Mtonga says the last increment was not expected and has therefore, led to an increase in costs for transporting goods, which is being passed on to consumers.

He further says that it is worrying that the fuel prices went up barely a month after the presentation of the national budget, which was silent on fuel costs going up.

Mr. Mtonga says this move by the government gives the impression that possibly going forward, many prices for major commodities will go up.

Collapsed houses in Nabvutika Compound cause desparation

Some residents in Nabvutika Compound of Chipata district are spending nights outside, after their houses collapsed during the last rainy season.

One of the affected residents, Moses Soko says no help has been rendered to him and his family since the incident in February.

Mr. Soko says the area councilor Naphtali Banda promised him that renovations will be done within two weeks, but that nothing has been done up to now.

And Kapata ward councilor Naphtali Banda says he will soon engage DMMU, Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit to help people whose houses collapsed after heavy rains experienced during last rainy season in Chipata.

The area councilor says he is aware of the situation, but that no help has been rendered from DMMU, since the incident occurred.

He however, says affected residents should be calm as he is doing everything possible to correct the situation.

The civic leader has also appealed to well-wishers to come on board and help those who need urgent attention.