Teachers unhappy with government’s delay to effect responsibility allowances.

The Zambia National Union of Teachers ZNUT in Chipata is disappointed with the failure by the Ministry of Education to effect responsibility allowances to the deserving teachers in the district.

District Chairperson, Isaac Ngoma says that most teachers were expectant that they would receive this allowance this month but indications are that this has not been done.

Mr. Ngoma says that the teachers in the district therefore, demand an explanation from the Ministry considering the fact that they have not been paid this allowance from the month of January.

He also says that ZNUT demands that the Ministry explains to the affected teachers the practical steps government will take to ensure that this allowance is paid.

Mr. Ngoma says that ZNUT finds it difficult to understand why this should be a problem every year.

He has strongly advised the Ministry that sluggishness in facilitating teachers allowances has potential to demotivate the general work force as they do not feel appreciated for all the hard work and this in turn may have an effect on learner performance

Mr. Ngoma says that this is because instead of the teachers spending more time in class to attend to learners, they will devote more hours making follow ups on such matters.

Responsibility allowance is paid to teachers who are diploma holders but are handling senior secondary school classes or those holding a primary school diploma but teaching in a secondary school

More investors express interest to invest in Chipata

More investors are expressing interest to invest in Chipata following the attainment of city status.

This is according to Eastern Province Permanent Secretary, Chanda Kasolo.

Speaking to Breeze News, Mr. Kasolo says that the investment interest includes hotel and catering, mining and manufacturing.

He says that one of the most interesting things is that those that want to invest are not foreign but local investors, who are Zambians.

Mr. Kasolo says that the provincial administration already managed to convince proprietors of Red Sea, who have opened a depot in Chipata distributing Zambia Breweries products.

He says that furthermore the same company, which runs Grant Palace Hotel in Lusaka, has agreed to build a hotel in Chipata.

Mr. Kasolo says that these investments will supplement those at the industrial park.

Zambia ranked 116 of 155 happiest countries

A survey by the United Nations has ranked Zambia on number 116 out of 155, on the list of the Worlds’ happiest countries.

Malawi is on number 113, Mozambique on 136 while Zimbabwe is on number 138.

In the last ten of the unhappiest countries, is the Central African Republic at number 155, followed by Burundi at 154, Tanzania at 153, Syria at 152 and Rwanda at 151.

The survey asked respondents to rank their happiness on scale of zero to 10 – with 10 representing the best possible life and zero representing their worst possible life.

The measurements in the survey included real gross domestic product per capita, a healthy life expectancy, having someone to count on, perceived freedom to make life choices and freedom from corruption.

Meanwhile the Norwegians displaced three-time winner Denmark to take the title of “world’s happiest country” for the first time.

Denmark dropped to second place this year, followed by Iceland, Switzerland, Finland, Netherlands, Canada, New Zealand and Australia and Sweden which tied for ninth place, according to the latest World Happiness Report.


CSPR calls for immediate financial audit of Public Private Drivers Association Chipata office

The Civil Society for Poverty Reduction CSPR has alleged that the Public Private Drivers Association, a Youth Project is abusing its mandate in the way it is running the project.

CSPR Eastern Province Advocacy and Communications Officer Maxson Nkhoma has also called for immediate financial audit of the Public Private Drivers Association Chipata Office.

Mr. Nkhoma says that CSPR is in receipt of reports of alleged abuse of office and failure to follow laid down Operation procedures as prescribed by the government during the hand over ceremony of the buses.

He says that his organisation is worried that if the association is left to continue operating in the manner it is working, the buses will not last for long as there is no proper accountability channels for monies raised by the buses.

But when contacted for a comment, Public Private Drivers Association Chairperson Joseph Phiri refuted the allegation saying the office is open to scrutiny by anyone.

Mr. Phiri explained that when a bus is loaded at Kapata Bus Station going to Lusaka, an inspector accompanies the bus up to Nyimba where he collects the money from the conductor.

He says the inspector then deposits the money while in Nyimba adding that what the office receives are deposit slips for filing, indicating the amount deposited.

Mr. Phiri says the association is aware that government gave the buses on loan from HIGER Bus Company Limited, which needs to be paid back.

Department of Planning at Chipata City Council banned from handling land matters.

The Department of Planning at Chipata City Council has been banned from handling matters to do with land because of irregularities reported by Chipata residents.

Chipata Mayor, Sinoya Mwale told Breeze News that this is in an effort to bring transparency in the administration of land in Chipata.

Mr. Mwale says his office has received numerous complaints from people wanting to acquire land in Chipata of not being well assisted by authorities in the planning department.

He says the process of acquiring land takes too long to be completed which should not be the case and this has forced him to make changes in the planning department.

Mr. Mwale says the office of the Town clerk will now take up land issuance matters at the council so that members of the public may be saved accordingly.

And Mr. Mwale has appealed to the Land Department at the Provincial Administration to be putting the interest of the people first, when handling land matters so that such complaints do not arise.

Doctor nabbed with fake 84,000 US dollar notes

The Drug Enforcement Commission DEC has arrested a 54 year-old Medical Doctor of Lusaka for being in possession of more than 84, 000 United States dollar counterfeit notes.

Daniel Konga Maswahu, 54, a Medical Doctor of Kabwata Township has been arrested for being in possession of 84, 100 US dollar counterfeit notes in 100 dollar bills.

DEC Spokesperson Theresa Katongo says that the suspect was arrested at a named Shopping Mall in Lusaka.

And the Commission has in various parts of the country arrested six people for unlawful cultivation and trafficking in narcotic and psychotropic substances contrary to the laws of Zambia.

Meanwhile the Commission through its Anti-Money Laundering Investigations Unit on the Copperbelt has arrested a 48 year-old business woman for receiving stolen property and aiding and abetting contrary to the laws of Zambia.

Particulars of the offence are that Mavis Kapekanshiku a business woman of Johannesburg South Africa on dates unknown but between 1st February, 2017 and 3rd March, 2017 jointly and whilst acting together with other persons unknown in South Africa hacked into the Zambia Postal Services ZAMPOST Swift Cash Business System and generated transactions amounting to 19, 620 Kwacha.

Whilst in South Africa, Kapekanshiku instructed her niece to collect 9, 950 Kwacha from ZAMPOST Kitwe office where 2, 270 Kwacha was sent to the said suspect in South Africa via Western Union while 6, 876 Kwacha was sent to a Priscilla Asomani in Accra Ghana.

The remaining 9, 670 Kwacha was blocked by ZAMPOST before it could be withdrawn.

All suspects will appear in court soon.

None formation of WDCs in Chipata affects projects

None formation of Ward Development Committees WDCs in 21 wards in Chipata district is hampering developmental projects.

Speaking during the Voice radio Programme on the roles of WDCs today, Chipata Central Constituency CDF chairperson Philemon Mwale, WDC Kapata Ward Vice Chairperson Levison Mwanza and Mchenga Branch Chairperson Benson Phiri said development is lacking in most wards because there are no WDCs.

The trio says the role of WDCs is to link the community to the councilor and local authority in a given district for the implementation of community initiated developmental projects.

They say that it is sad that Chipata City Council has only one WDC in Kapata ward in Chipata Central Constituency which is functioning while the other 21 wards have no WDCs.

Mr. Mwale, Mr. Mwanza and Mr. Phiri said that Chipata City Council had indicated that it had no money to conduct the elections of WDCs adding that 13 thousand kwacha is what is needed to hold elections per ward.

And Chipata Central Constituency CDF chairperson Philemon Mwale says government has in the past three years not released CDF and that the local authority should now start using its own money to address project challenges people are facing.

Mr. Mwale, who was referring to the problem of the stream that the people of Mtilansembe have, says that Chipata City Council should have used its resources to block culverts to avert water that is spilling into people’s houses.

And Mr. Mwale has supported the people who are not aware of the existence of the ward development committees in their areas.

He says people have no information of their existence and when these committees are supposed to be formed or members elected into offices.

UPND MPs irk freedom fighters in Chipata

The Freedom Fighters Association in Eastern Province has condemned UPND, United Party for National Development Members of Parliament who boycotted President Edgar Lungu’s parliamentary address yesterday.

Provincial Chairperson, Frank Banda says that the action taken by the UPND law makers is sawing a seed of division in the country.

Mr. Banda says that traditional leaders in Southern Province should engage the opposition political party on the need to maintain unity in the country.

He says that the freedom fighters have taken note that this is the second time that the MPs have boycotted President Lungu’s address to parliament.

Meanwhile a Chipata resident Emmanuel Sakala says that the move taken by the MPs is strange because they have been sitting in parliament with Vice President Inonge Wina and even asking her questions.

Mr. Sakala says that the UPND MPs need to understand that the same votes, which went to Inonge Wina, are the same votes, which made Mr. Lungu to become head of state.

Yesterday UPND MPs boycotted the parliamentary sitting where President Lungu addressed parliament with only Chilanga UPND MP Keith Mukata being in the house.

Youths told to fight poverty and economic challenges

Government says youths can play a role in liberating Zambia from poverty and economic challenges.

Minister of Youth, Sport and Child Development Moses Mawere says this will also ensure that youths take up the center stage in the governance and growing of the country.

He was speaking shortly after the laying of wreaths at the Freedom Statue in Lusaka this morning.

Earlier, republican vice president, Inonge Wina, led hundreds of youths, dignitaries and defense chiefs in the ceremony of laying wreaths.

Mr. Mawere says youths in the country are demanding full participation and engagement in various programs.

He, however, says that youths have complained that there is a gap between government and the young, regarding the flow of information.

The Minister further says Zambian youths have demanded for more training in various skills.

He says this is because young people have realized that it’s only through training in skills such as entrepreneurship that they can fully contribute to the economic growth of the country and become employers.

Mr. Mawere also explained that government will ensure that challenges faced by youths in various parts of the country are addressed.

Meanwhile hundreds of young people have today gathered at David Kaunda stadium in Chipata to commemorate Youth Day.


Breeze FM Staffer, Naomi Mwimba reports that the event started with lying of wreaths at the Chipata cenotaph by the Guest of honor, Royd Tembo and other senior government officials.

They were paying tribute to Zambian youths who lost their lives during the struggle for independence.

At David Kaunda stadium youths are celebrating the day by showcasing their various talents such as traditional dances, acrobatics, drama and sporting activities.

Various schools, public institutions and organizations have exhibited what they do at their stands.

This year’s Youth Day is being celebrated under the theme, “unity and innovation for a smart Zambia”.


Delayed works angers traders at Kapata Market

Delays in rehabilitating and constructing new structures at Kapata market have worried traders.

Kapata Market Vice Chairperson, Vainesi Mvula, told Breeze News that the delay in rehabilitation of toilets, construction of the new market shelter and flooring of the market, has worried traders.

She says traders are trading in the mad especially when there is rain.

And an on the spot check by Breeze News at Kapata market found that traders were trading in muddy floor.

Ms. Mvula says traders are not sure when the flooring of Kapata market and construction of the new shelter will commence.

She says the marketeers are also not sure when the rehabilitation of toilets will start, although the borehole has been sunk in the market.

Ms. Mvula says the old market shelter has been electrified, but traders are concerned with the poor state of the market floor.