Some filling Stations in Chipata stop 24 hours service due to security concerns.

Some filling Stations operating in Chipata town have stopped operating for 24 hours due to security concerns.
Speaking to Breeze News, A Manager from one of the stations Mwaka Nambele, observed that it is no longer safe for operations to continue through the night, because the filling stations away from the central business area have been targeted by thieves on various occasions.
Ms Nambele says that the station decided to intensify security and reduce operating time to 21 hours.
And Police Commissioner, Grace Chipalila says that investigations into the robbery at one of the filling stations are still on going.
Ms. Chipalila appealed to the public to be forthcoming with information related to the robbery case.

Food Reserve Agency pays over 28 million Kwacha to farmers in Eastern Province.

Over 28 million Kwacha has been paid out to farmers who sold maize to FRA, the Food Reserve Agency in Eastern Province.
The Provincial Marketing Coordinator, Eugene Munkombwe confirmed this to Breeze News.

Mr Munkombwe says that the funds have been forthcoming on a weekly basis for three weeks now, and expressed confidence that all farmers will be paid before the onset of the rainy season.
He added that one million one hundred and fourteen thousand bags of maize grain, have also been purchased since the beginning of the maize marketing season.
And CDFA, Chipata District Farmer’s Association Coordinator, Virgil Malambo says that the prompt payments would help farmers acquire the necessary inputs needed for the coming farming season.
Meanwhile commenting on the money stolen from the CDFA office, Mr Malambo says the old notes that were found in the safe, were brought in by farmers, to be taken to the Bank of Zambia for exchange.
Two days ago, over 30, 000 Kwacha was stolen from the CDFA offices as well as 363, 000 worth of old notes.

A man involved in robbery at Stanbic Bank Chipata branch jailed five years.

A man involved in the Stanbic Bank Chipata branch robbery in Chipata has been sentenced to five years imprisonment without parole.
Appearing before Magistrate, Philip Mphundu was James Bwalya Bolomusa charged with breaking into the building for Stanbic Bank and committing a felony.
Facts are that on 31st January 2013 between 23 and 04 hours, James Bwalya, a bank teller, with the other four accused, Owen Lungu, Samuel Sinda, Elias Mwale and George Mulenga all G4 Security employees broke into Stanbic Chipata Branch and stole about 415 million Kwacha
During mitigation Bwalya pleaded with the court to exercise leniency stating that he is married with one child and that he is currently furthering his studies.
And in passing sentence Magistrate Philip Mphundu said that he was sentencing Bwalya to five years imprisonment so that others can learn from him as bank robberies are becoming common in the country.

Lundazi district records 59 road accidents in seven months.

Lundazi district has recorded 59 road traffic accidents from January to July this year.
Lundazi District Deputy Traffic Officer, Blant Hansingo also says that nine people died from these accidents while twenty-four were seriously injured.
Mr. Hansingo further reveals that eleven people were slightly injured and that twenty-six drivers involved in the accidents were convicted.
He attributed the root cause of most of these accidents to negligence by some drivers and lack of road signs on almost all roads in the district.
Mr. Hansingo indicated that others have been driving whilst drunk, over-speeding and without safeguarding their lives and those of passengers.
He has appealed to drivers in Lundazi to adhere to road traffic rules to avoid unnecessary accidents.

Police in Chipata arrest Malawian national for killing step daughter.

A Malawian national from Dakowa Farm along Chadiza road has been apprehended by the police for the murder of his step daughter.
Provincial Police Commissioner, Grace Chipalila confirmed this to Breeze News.
Ms Chipalila says that John Mwale went home at 22hours from a drinking spree on August 25, and started beating up his wife, Phebby Banda for unknown reasons.
Ms Chipalila says that Phebby later managed to escape but left the step child, Eunice Banda,9, who in turn was beaten to death by Mwale.
Meanwhile, police have also arrested Dalitso Zulu 18, of Kalongola Site and Service for breaking into the Chipata District Farmer’s Association office.
The Police Commissioner says that Zulu, together with some colleagues, used keys to gain entry into the office, but used an iron bar to break down the accountant’s door and stole the safe.
Ms Chipalila says that the safe had 39, 658 Kwacha as well as 363 500 worth of old notes.
She says that police managed to recover part of the money amounting to 1, 000 Kwacha, and the old notes were found intact.

Government promises to fulfill conditions of service in the collective agreement next month.

The Ministry of Education in Eastern Province has assured teachers that the new conditions of service, will be implemented as agreed in the collective agreement.
Speaking to Breeze News, Provincial Education Officer, Thomas Mwanza stated that government will ensure that the conditions of service come into effect next month.
Mr Mwanza advised teachers that the new salary scale will change, because of the new salary structure, which incorporates workers from all government departments.
He says that the government will be paying workers according to qualifications, regardless of which department or ministry one works.
He explained that there will be harmonization of salaries and principle of ‘’equal pay for equal work’’ will apply.
Mr. Mwanza described the system as good, stating that it will get rid of the salary differences with people, who have the same qualifications.
And Mr Mwanza says that remuneration for CDEs, Classified Daily Employees will also improve starting September this year.

Chief Mnukwa calls for investigations into Mphawa Bridge, which collapsed one year after it was built.

Chief Mnukwa of the Ngoni people has called for investigations into a bridge that collapsed one year after it was built.
The traditional leader has expressed concern that despite 35, 000 Kwacha being spent on the construction of Mphawa Bridge last year, it was washed away during the rainy season.
He says that it is unfortunate that nothing had been done to ensure that the contractors account for the money that was used on the project.
Chief Mnukwa was speaking during the commissioning of the classroom block at Mulilwa Community School.
And Nthope ward councilor, Chazingwa Mwale has described the commissioning of 6 CDF, Constituency Development Fund sponsored projects in his ward, as an eye opener on the need to work with traditional leaders.
The Councilor observed that traditional leaders play an important role in sensitizing their subjects on the importance of being actively involved in the developmental projects taking place in the chiefdoms.
He said he would continue, to monitor the implementation of the various projects commissioned, in order to ensure that the funds are utilized properly.

Serious hunger has hit selected parts of Petauke district.

Serious hunger has hit villagers in some parts of Petauke district.
District Commissioner Elijah Mwale says Chibale, Chikoba and Sandwe are the most affected areas where relief food is urgently needed.
The District Commissioner was speaking when the Deputy Minister in the Office of the Vice President Harry Kalaba paid a courtesy call on him to assess disaster situation in the district.
Meanwhile the Deputy Minister observed that Ukwimi D 139 Road has turned into a death trap because the former Petauke Constituency Member of Parliament Dora Siliya did not pay attention to the road infrastructure.
Mr. Kalaba has wondered why the CDF, Constituency Development Fund is not being used for road infrastructure development in the district.
He says good development could only come, by prioritising infrastructure development such as roads with the government providing policy direction accompanied by resources necessary to uplift living standards of the people.
The minister has advised the DC to make available reports to his office that concerns disaster for immediate attention.

Over 20 million Kwacha spent on the Social Cash Transfer Scheme in Chipata and Katete since 2006.

Over twenty seven million Kwacha has been used for the Social Cash Transfer Scheme in Chipata and Katete since 2006 to date.
Speaking at a Stakeholders meeting, Chipata District Social Welfare Officer, Charity Phiri, says although the scheme is currently benefitting only 7 out of 22 wards in Chipata, the benefits of the scheme, were evident.
In Katete, the scheme is currently benefitting 10 out of 28 wards.
Ms Phiri says that the scheme had proved to be an effective way of reducing extreme poverty and hunger in the districts.
Meanwhile, one of the beneficiaries of the scheme, Brenda Kwalombota, says that she has managed to take her 3 of her children to school since being on the scheme.
Ms. Kwalombota says that although the money was not much, she was able to invest it into brick making business which after selling is able to get more than what is given to her.
Currently, 120 Kwacha is paid to beneficiaries who are critically poor, while 240 Kwacha is paid to those who are disabled bi-monthly.

Villagers in Kwa Zulu in Mchinji district fear for their domestic animals’grazing land

Villagers in Kwa Zulu in Mchinji district are running out of grazing land for their animals.
This is because people are settling on every land due to increase in population.
Speaking to Breeze News, the villagers expressed concern that they did not know what will happen when all the land has been occupied by people.
One of the villagers, Rudolf Njemu said that previously, the area had reserved land where animals were being taken for grazing but that this has changed.
Mr. Njemu explained that Chief Zulu was forced to give out this land to his subjects, who were in desperate need for land to conduct their farming activities.