Tobacco Board of Zambia tightens its system of registering tobacco vendors.

Tobacco Board of Zambia TBZ has tightened its system of registering tobacco vendors.
Board member, Franklin Mwale says that TBZ will not register any vendor who is not directly involved in the production of the crop.
Mr. Mwale, who is also EFAZ Eastern Fodya Association of Zambia Board Chairperson, has told Breeze News that illegal vendors have taken advantage of the absence of TBZ staff in floors to buy and sell tobacco.
He says that TBZ has now employed more staff to ensure that all floors are properly managed to reduce illegal activities.
Meanwhile Mr. Mwale has advised all farmers whose dependence is on loan from tobacco sponsors that before signing any loan agreement they should understand what the contract agreements says.
Mr. Mwale says that it is saddening that some farmers have been taken to court or lost money because of not understanding the contract.

An eight month old baby killed in a fatal road traffic accident on Chipata-Katete road.

An eight month old baby has died in a fatal road traffic accident after sustaining head injuries.
Provincial Police Commissioner, Grace Chipalila, says that the accident happened around 10hours on Saturday, when the driver of a Toyota Corolla, Given Sakala, 23, whilst driving from Chipata to Katete, hit into two female juveniles with the baby, Precious Nkhoma who was on the back.
The Police Commissioner says that the driver, escaped unhurt, although the two juveniles, Elizabeth Banda and Elizabeth Nkhoma who were walking on the left side of the road when hit by the car, were rushed to St Francis Hospital where they are recovering.
And Ms. Chipalila added that an accident involving a cyclist occurred in Lundazi town centre over the weekend, which led to the death of a male adult identified as Nchima.
She expressed concern over the high number of road traffic accidents involving cyclists.
Ms. Chipalila says that the police in the province will soon launch an exercise which will help curb the number of accidents involving cyclists.

Hundreds of mourners receive the body of late Cardinal Merdado Joseph Mazombwe.

Hundreds of mourners have this afternoon received the body of late Cardinal Merdado Joseph Mazombwe who died last Thursday.
Vice President, Dr. Guy Scott, Provincial Minister, Malozo Sichone, Eastern Province Permanent Secretary, Bert Mushala were among the mourners who received the body of Cardinal Mazombwe.
Breeze FM Staffer, Naomi Mwimba, who is at the airport reports that the ZAF, Zambia Air Force plane carrying the body of the late clergyman touched down at Chipata Airport at about 12.20 hours.

Some residents in Mambwe complain over the high price of food commodities in the district.

Some residents in Mambwe have expressed concern over the high price of food commodities in the area.
Speaking in an interview with Breeze News, Roma Kakumbi and Eliza Banda said that the mealie meal price is too high for the average person living in that region to afford.
A check by Breeze News in Mambwe, found that a 25 kilogramme bag of mealie meal costs between 71 and 75 Kwacha despite the average cost of mealie meal being 65 Kwacha.
The duo explained that the staple food has become a luxury to them and that they sometimes have to resort to relying on wild fruits since they cannot engage in vegetative farming due to the wild animals which feed on the crops.
They further observed that the current ban on hunting of game meat takes away the few options that they have on sources of food.
The two women appealed to government to send some relief food in the area in order to address the hunger that is prevalent.
And speaking during the Malaila Ceremony of the Kunda people, Deputy Minister of Transport, Works and Supply, Colonel Panji Kaunda, said that government had already made plans to send some relief food to the area.

The Chipata Municipal Council says only government can control illegal street vending.

The Chipata Municipal Council says that it has limited control on the increase of street vending in the district.
Chipata Town Clerk, Ekani Chingangu told Breeze News that the increase in illegal vendors needs government intervention.
He says that the vendors who are at liberty to trade are difficult to control.
Mr. Chingangu says that the situation is different from Livingstone because of the just ended UNWTO which helped remove most vendors out of the corridors and streets.

Government pledges to drill 200 boreholes this year in Mambwe District.

Government has pledged to drill 200 boreholes this year in Mambwe District.
Speaking during the Malaila Ceremony of the Kunda People in Mambwe District, the Deputy Minister of Transport, Works, Supply and Communications, Col. Panji Kaunda, said that the contract for the project had already been signed.
He added that Mambwe Day High School will be upgraded into a secondary school by a group of lodges in the region, and that Matula Day School would also be upgraded by government.
And responding to Senior Chief Nsefu’s concerns that the people need a district hospital to be constructed, Col Kaunda assured the Kunda Chiefs that a clinic would be built in the area in 2015.
Meanwhile, Minister of Labour, Fackson Shamenda, asked the people to exercise patience with the PF government, because some promises would be fulfilled, and some would not.
Mr Shamenda reiterated that since October 2011, to date, 300, 000 jobs had been created with the highest number coming from the tourism industry where close to 219,000 jobs have been created.
He further expressed sadness over disputes amongst chiefs over land wrangles and succession.
Mr Shamenda said that government will allow chiefs to regulate themselves on land boundary issues and will only come in where they have failed.

The body of the late Cardinal Merdado Joseph Mazombwe is expected in Chipata today.

The body of the late Cardinal Merdado Joseph Mazombwe is expected to arrive in Chipata today.
This is to allow Roman Catholic Christians and others pay their last respects before burial in Lusaka on Tuesday.
Chipata Diocese Bishop, George Lungu who confirmed this to Breeze News says that the Cardinals’ body will arrive at 12: 30 hours.
Bishop Lungu says that the decision to bring the Cardinals body to Chipata is to give chance to people in Eastern Province to pay their last respect to the late cardinal at St. Anne’s Cathedral.
The Bishop says that there were an overwhelming number of people from Eastern Province who wanted to travel to Lusaka for the burial.
And in a statement made available to Breeze News, Zambia Episcopal Conference ZEC spokesperson Fr. Paul Samasumo explains that a delegation of thirty priests, religious Sisters and Brothers, Catholic men, women and youths will accompany the body led by Chipata Diocese Bishop, George Lungu.

He stated that a Funeral Mass at St. Anne’s Cathedral grounds will start at 15.00hrs and that the body of the Cardinal will then lie in State, overnight, at Chipata’s St. Anne’s Cathedral to enable Christians and other residents of Chipata pay their last respects till the early hours of Monday.

Fr. Samasumo says that the body of the late Cardinal will be transported back to Lusaka’s Cathedral of the Child Jesus in time for the body to lie in state at the Cathedral starting at 14.30 hours tomorrow.

The UPND confident of scooping the Malambo Constituency parliamentary seat in Mambwe District.

The United Party for National Development, UPND, has expressed confidence of scooping the Malambo Constituency parliamentary seat in Mambwe District.
Speaking on the Political Hour Programme on Breeze FM, UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema noted that his party has been receiving good reception from the people in the area.
Mr Hichilema observed that people have realised that the ruling party has not been delivering on its promises it made before it was ushered into office.
He stated that people need a leader who is not vindictive and suppressive of different opinions.
He said that the Patriotic Front has been triggering by elections instead of channelling the money to improving the welfare of the people.
Mr. Hichilema said that government should ensure that people have access to safe drinking water and improve the supply of electricity in the country.
He also said that his party is for the Zambian people stating that it is a platform for people to achieve development.

The Fire Brigade in Chipata have retrieved a baby thrown in a pit latrine by its mother.

The Fire Brigade in Chipata last night retrieved a baby from a pit latrine at Chawama Site and Service.
Speaking to Breeze News, Fire Brigade station Officer, Andrew Phiri explained that his office received information from a police officer who resides in Chawama Site and Service that a girl had thrown a baby in a latrine.
Mr Phiri stated that a 15 years old girl only identified as Eunice who also stays in the same area is believed to have dumped the baby around 19 hours.
He says that the baby was found alive and was rushed to Chipata General Hospital.
Mr. Phiri said that it is believed that the girl later turned herself in to the police.
And Efforts to get a comment from Eastern Province Police Commissioner, Grace Chipalila proved futile by broadcast time.

Chipata District has inadequate storage space for fertilizer under the Farmer Input Support Programme.

Chipata District Commissioner, Kalunga Zulu has expressed worry with the inadequate storage space for fertilizer under FISP, the Farmer Input Support Programme in the district.
Mr. Zulu told Breeze News that NCZ, the Nitrogen Chemicals of Zambia, does not have enough storage space for compound D fertilizer in the district, a situation that has contributed to the delay in fertilizer coming into the district.
Mr. Zulu says that out of a total of 91, 500 by 50 kilogram bags of fertilizer targeted for the district this year, only 55, 955 by 50 kilogram bags have reached the district.
He has appealed to NCZ to quickly organise adequate storage space to contain the required inputs the company is expected to distribute to farmers in the district.
And Mr. Zulu says that the input distribution exercise under FISP, the Farmer Input Support Program is expected to start before the rainy season.
Efforts to get a comment from the Nitrogen Chemicals of Zambia failed by News time.