Tow men jailed one year for stealing 51 chickens

Two men of Chipata, who stole 51 chickens and two bags of chicken feed, have been sentenced to one year imprisonment each by the Chipata Magistrate Court.

Facts before the court are that Moses Wynter Njobvu, aged 20 and Edward Lungu aged 22, on September 12th 2017, jointly and while acting together with a juvenile, broke and entered into a poultry house, at Kamoto Farms and stole 51 chickens and two bags of feed valued at 2,232 Kwacha.

The three stood charged with one count of breaking into a building and committing a felony, contrary to the laws of Zambia.

They both admitted the charge, while the juvenile denied.

After the judgment, the state made an application that the juvenile be discharged in accordance under section 88A.

In mitigation, Moses asked the court to exercise leniency as he is in school and that he takes care of his grandmother.

And Edward asked the court to exercise leniency as he is taking care of an orphan, whom he gives financial support at school.

Resident Magistrate Mwala said the court had heard their mitigation and that the two are youths, who can easily reform if given another chance.

Magistrate Mwala, however, said the offence that the two committed has become a nuisance in Chipata.

He said giving custodial sentences to offenders will help reduce theft cases.

He then sentenced them to one year each with effect from the day of their arrest and discharged the juvenile.

The Magistrate warned the juvenile not to repeat the mistake.

Earlier, the juvenile told the court that he was picked by his friends and that he did not know that they had an intention of stealing.

Anglican Bishop voices concern over low maize floor price

The Anglican Diocese of Eastern Zambia has observed that this year’s crop marketing has posed a great challenge and disadvantaged farmers.

Bishop William Mchombo, notes that the price of 60 Kwacha per 50 kilogram bag of maize falls below the cost of production.

The Bishop says this means farmers are selling their crops at a loss and that the problem of low prices is also affecting soya beans and groundnuts.

Bishop Mchombo observes that if the distribution of inputs and the marketing continue posing serious challenges to farmers, it may affect the good plan by government to diversify the economy.

He says government must come up with a deliberate policy of protecting small scale farmers, who are at the mercy of exploitative dealers.

Bishop Mchombo made the observation in Katete at the Eleventh Synod of the Anglican Diocese of Eastern Zambia.

On Gender Based Violence, GBV cases, Bishop Mchombo observed that the challenge has become an economic and social problem for communities, as it cuts across religion, race and tribe.

He attributed the problem to gender inequalities and power imbalances, emphasizing that GBV infringes on human rights and impacts negatively on development.

He said while there are many organizations working hard to end GBV cases, the church cannot afford to lag behind and encouraged church groups to come up with committees to deal with gender abuse.

He also added that the church appreciates government’s political will to deal with GBV cases at various levels through a number of policy, legislative and administrative measures.


Meanwhile, Bishop Mchombo has called on the country to address omissions in the constitution.

He says the political tension that the country experienced after the last general elections could be attributed to contentious issues in the constitution.

Bishop Mchombo also notes that the Public Order Act can be reformed and exercised in a just and fair way, regardless of political party or organization.

He says while politics will remain the way to elect leaders, they should not be a tool for dividing the people in the country.

Bishop Mchombo says the Anglican Church in the Eastern Diocese of Zambia, therefore joins other people in calling for dialogue and reconciliation of all political players and their parties.

He says Zambia is a unitary state, in which its citizens and residents should participate fully in various issues regardless of tribe, religion or region, as long as they are within the law.

On environmental issues, Bishop Mchombo urged planning departments in District Councils to be more proactive and choose right places where people can build.

He said the current situation where people build on top of hills and sometimes on river sources, should be discouraged, to prevent disasters like those happening in other countries.

CSPR nods Edgar Lungu parliament speech

The Civil Society for Poverty Reduction CSPR has welcomed President Edgar Lungu’s opening speech to parliament.

CSPR Provincial Coordinator, Maxson Nkhoma says that his organisation is delighted with the key progressive policy accouchements made by President Lungu.

Mr. Nkhoma says that the President’s vision of a smart and prosperous Zambia that will not leave anyone behind is key in enhancing economic development, equity and wealth creation for all Zambians.

He says that CSPR is particularly delighted that the head of state has continued to prioritise poverty reduction as a key area of strategic focus for his government.

Mr. Nkhoma says that the speech of the president was well articulated and showed clear link of the objectives of the vision 2030 and the Seventh National Development Plan.

Two men in court for stealing 51 chickens

Two men and a juvenile of Chipata district yesterday appeared for plea in the Chipata Magistrate Court, for stealing 51 chickens and two bags of feed valued at 2,232 Kwacha.

Moses Wynter Njobvu aged 20, and Edward Lungu aged 22 admitted the charge while the juvenile denied the charge.

The juvenile told the court that he was picked by his friends and that he did not know that they had an intention of stealing.

The matter is before Resident Magistrate Borniface Mwala.

The three stood charged with one count of breaking into a building and committing a felony, contrary to the laws of Zambia.

Facts before the court are that the three, on September 12th 2017, broke and entered into a poultry house, at Kamoto Farms and stole 51 chickens and two bags of feed valued at 2,232 Kwacha.

Magistrate Mwala has set September 18th, 2017 as a date for written facts, in the case of Moses and Edward, while the juvenile will appear for another mention.

Over 900 girls fall out of school

About 974 girls dropped out of school as at March 31st 2017 in Eastern Province.

Provincial Education Officer Allan Lingambe says the affected girls dropped out of school for various reasons, which include early marriages, illnesses and failure by parents and guardians to financially support them.

Dr. Lingambe however, says that the number of girls dropping out of school has reduced compared to the past years.

He told Breeze News that this is because of the introduction of the re-entry policy.

Dr. Lingambe says 1,134 girls who dropped out of school last year, are back in school.

He says with the help from traditional leaders and sensitization on the matter, 22 girls were retrieved from marriages in the first term this year.

A 76 year old commits suicide after killing wife

A 76 year old man has committed suicide, in Sinda district, a day after murdering his 48 year old wife.

Eastern Province Police Commissioner, Alex Chilufya has confirmed the incident, which was reported by Godfrey Banda of Kwinjiri village in Chief Kawaza’s area.

He says that Mathias Phiri was found hanging from a tree in a field in Kamushapu village after murdering his wife Matale Mwale of the same abode.

Mr. Chilufya says that the incident occurred on Tuesday at unknown time but between 24hours and 07hours.

He says that Police visited the scene and found the body of the deceased still hanging on a tree.

The police commissioner says that the body was inspected and found with a rope on the neck but with no physical injuries.

He says that police advised the relatives to bury and mark the grave.

Kutila Nsembe traditional ceremony of the Nsenga on this weekend

Preparations for this year’s Kutila Nsembe traditional ceremony of the Nsenga people in Petauke district, slated for this Saturday have reached an advanced stage.

The ceremony, whose main aim is to pay homage to the ancestral spirits, is held in Mwanjawanthu Chiefdom.

Chieftainess Mwanjawanthu’s Royal Establishment family spokesperson Ananias Chirwa says all is set for the ceremony which will be held this weekend.

Mr. Chirwa told Breeze News that among the notable people who have already confirmed to be in attendance, include Paramount Chief Mpezeni of the Ngoni people, Eastern Province Permanent Secretary Chanda Kasolo, Chief Magodi of the Ngoni people and former Chief Justice Ernest Sakala.

He says the ceremony is important because it unifies the Nsengas and other people from different ethnic groups.

Five nubbed for counterfeit notes

Two men of Chipata district have been arrested for being in possession of one hundred Thousand Kwacha counterfeit notes.

Davison Njobvu of St. Monica’s area and Alexander Lungu, 32, a Businessman of Kalongwezi area, were arrested together with three others from Lusaka.

The others are Mulenga Simukoko, 42, Kamanga Banda, 58 and Alfred Mabeti, 38, all of Chawama Compound in Lusaka.

This is according to a press statement by DEC, Drug Enforcement Commission public relations officer, Theresa Katongo.

In another matter, Ms Katongo says DEC has further arrested a Zambia Army Officer for being in possession of 400 thousand Kwacha counterfeit notes in 100 Kwacha bills.

She says Newton Sondashi, 42, a Staff Sergeant of Ndola District was arrested in Chawama Township in Lusaka, as he was about to transact.

Ms Katongo says the commission has further arrested and jointly charged James Banda, 23, Moses John Mwanza, 23, and his wife Estela Phiri, 25, for trafficking in 45 sachets of heroin.

She says the four were major suppliers of heroin in Lusaka’s Chaisa Compound.

Also arrested separately, is Peter Mwanza popularly known as ‘Junior Marcopolo’ for trafficking in 116 sachets of heroin.

The DEC spokesperson says all suspects will appear in court soon.

Chadiza cooperatives failing to manage financies

Mismanagement of finances among cooperatives in Chadiza district has worried Chadiza Constituency Member of Parliament Salatiel Tembo.

Mr. Tembo says that some board members in most cooperatives in the district have problems in managing the finances in their cooperatives.

He stated that the cooperatives normally finish the money on buying farming inputs without saving any funds in the banks, which can be used for other businesses.

Mr. Tembo says that this has resulted in the cooperatives failing to develop.

He however, appealed to all cooperatives in the district to venture in different businesses in order to sustain their cooperatives and help boost the economy.

Mr Tembo has also welcomed de suggestion by Chadiza

He was speaking during a meeting with primary cooperatives, which was organised by DCU, District Cooperative Union in Chadiza.

Meanwhile Mr. Tembo supported a proposal by the District Cooperative Union to have each cooperative member contribute three gallons of maize to start production and sale of mealie-meal in the district in order to recapitalise all cooperatives in the district.

He said that the project should be done in a transparent manner.

Commission of Inquiry into Voting Patterns and Electoral Violence to sit in Eastern

The Commission of Inquiry into Voting Patterns and Electoral Violence is expected to hold its public sittings in Eastern Province this month.

And chairperson of the commission Justice Munalula Lisimba has appealed to people in the province not to shun the exercise.

In a statement availed to Breeze News, Justice Lisimba says that the commission is on course and on schedule in the execution of its mandate to receive submissions from the people in all the 10 Provinces of the country.

He says that so far, Zambians have responded overwhelmingly to the Commissions’ ongoing public sittings around the country.

Justice Lisimba says that it is un-deniable that the country has over the years, experienced electoral violence in which life and property have been lost.

He notes that it is not yet known who perpetrated the violence, how it happened, where it happened and who the victims were.

Justice Lisimba says that therefore, the public sittings provide an opportunity to every Zambian to be heard.