Government says that it is losing a lot of money through civil servants who fail to report for work on time.

Government says that it is losing a lot of money through civil servants who fail to report for work on time.
Eastern Province Minister, Malozo Sichone, says that government loses more money through paying civil servants who report late for duties and do not have a right attitude towards work, than it does through corruption.
He said this when he paid a surprise visit to some government departments at NAPSA building in Chipata, to check on how departments are using the newly introduced log in, log out system.
The Log in, Log out is a system which requires civil servants to register when they report for work at their offices, indicating the time they reported for duty and the time they knocked off.
Some supervisors had a tough time explaining why people constantly report for work late.
Mr. Sichone also expressed disappointment that there is a lot of cheating on the time people knock off.
In all the four departments the minister checked, it was discovered that all the workers indicate that they knock off at 17 hours.
Mr. Sichone observed that it is not possible that everyone can be knocking off at 17 hours, as some people knock off earlier before the stipulated time.
The Minister demanded that the supervisors must submit compressive reports to his office on all the people who report for work late.
Mr. Sichone visited the Central Statistical Office, CSO, the Mines Development Department, the Survey Department and the Immigration Department.

Authorities at the Ministry of Education in Eastern Province told to end examination malpractices.

Authorities at the Ministry of Education have been urged to work with government in ensuring that they get rid of examination malpractice in the province.
Eastern Province Acting Deputy Permanent Secretary, Zachariah Luhanga says that examination malpractices are a cancer to the development of the nation.
Mr. Luhanga says that province should include this in their strategic plans so that they discuss on how examination malpractices can be avoided.
He was speaking Friday evening during annual party for the Ministry of Education held in Chipata.
And Mr. Luhanga also appealed to retirees, who retired from the Ministry of Education to use their retirement package wisely.
Mr. Luhanga says that people should not take their retirement package for granted by misusing it because they become destitute in society.
Mr. Luhanga also urged those that are still working in the Ministry of Education to start planning on how to use their retirement package so that they do not become vulnerable when they retire.

The Malawian government to assist track down missing pirated DVDs at Mwami border in Chipata.

The Malawian government has pledged to support the Zambian authorities to ensure successful conclusion of the on-going investigations in the case where pirated DVDs destined for Zambia went missing at Mwami Border in Eastern Province.
This is contained in a press statement released to Breeze News by First Secretary for Press at the Zambian High Commission in Malawi, Chansa Kabwela.
Malawi’s Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife and Culture, Fletcher Zenengeya, says the Malawian authorities were ready to assist Zambia in its investigations into the disappearance of the DVDs which were seized in Malawi last year.
Mr Zenengeya made the pledge when Zambia’s Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Services Permanent Secretary, Amos Malupenga, paid a courtesy call on him at his office in Lilongwe.
The Malawi Revenue Authority, in collaboration with the Copyright Society of Malawi, confiscated DVDs at Kamuzu International Airport last year destined for Zambia valued at 84 billion Kwacha unrebased and subsequently handed them over to Zambian authorities at Mwami Border in Eastern Province.
However, the said DVDs are missing and investigations into the matter are underway.
And Mr Malupenga says the case of the missing DVDs was being handled by ACC, the Anti-Corruption Commission and the Zambia Revenue Authority.
He says the problem of piracy is widespread in Zambia and that the government made the decision to introduce the hologram to protect audio visual products from unscrupulous individuals.
Mr. Malupenga says he had successful engagement with the Copyright Society of Malawi and the information shared would help Zambia in its implementation process of the hologram.

The disabled in Eastern Province complain over deaf omission in the provincial constitution review commission conference.

Some people with disabilities in Eastern province have expressed concern with the selection of disabled people to participate in the Provincial Constitution Review Conference scheduled for next week on Monday.
Speaking to Breeze News, Zambia National Disabled Support Group Spokesperson, John Nyati, expressed disappointment that the deaf have been denied representation.
Mr. Nyati says it is sad that the deaf have been left out despite the Technical Committee on Drafting the Zambian Constitution agreeing to a proposal to have a sign language interpreter during deliberations.
He revealed that government only selected the blind and physically handicapped but left out the deaf.
Mr. Nyati wondered who the deaf interpreter is going to translate to because the deaf are not attending.
He has called for inclusion of the deaf before the sitting starts next week, stating that it is important that they also understand and contribute to the constitution review process.

Out-going Eastern Province Permanent Secretary, Emmanuel Mwamba defends President, Michael Sata‘s decision to transfer him to Western Province.

Out-going Eastern Province Permanent Secretary, Emmanuel Mwamba has defended President, Michael Sata over his decision to transfer him to Western Province.
The transfer, which came barely two months after Mr. Mwamba was transferred from Northern Province to Eastern, has been received with mixed feelings in different sectors.
Mr. Mwamba says that people should understand that the president has the right to transfer any civil servant to ensure that government performs.
He however, told Breeze News that he hopes that the new permanent secretary, Bert Mushala will continue to implement developmental plans, which he had put in place.
The Church, Chiefs and the Patriotic Front Provincial Committee in Eastern Province are among those that have requested President Sata to consider allowing Mr. Mwamba to stay in Eastern Province as he had initiated a lot of development programs which they feared, might not be carried out with his recent transfer.
President Michael Sata recently transferred Mr. Mwamba from Eastern Province to Western in a swap with his counterpart Bert Mushala.

The banned tujilijili alcoholic drink re-surfaces secretly at Kapata Market in Chipata.

The banned tujilijili alcoholic drink is still being sold at Kapata Market in Chipata district.
Marketeers at Kapata Modern Market revealed this to Breeze News, which visited the trading area.
The traders explained that the tujilijili is being sold secretly as people are only seen drinking the sachet packaged alcoholic drink.
And the marketeers complained over the uncollected garbage at the market, stating that Chipata Municipal Council has not been consistent in removing the refuse.
And Chipata Municipal Council Public Relations Officer, Taonga Kaonga says that the local authority will follow up the matter because it is illegal for anyone to sell beer or any alcoholic drink in markets.
Meanwhile Ms. Kaonga says that the community is not helping the council in disposing off refuse, as they dump garbage carelessly.
Ms. Kaonga also says that the council is disappointed with people throwing garbage in Lunkhwakwa stream, which is a good source of water.

The Chipata magistrate court hears how theft of over 350 million Kwacha was unearthed at Investrust Bank Chipata branch.

Trial in the cases where two former Chipata branch Investrust Bank employees are accused of theft involving about 350 million Kwacha from customer accounts in 2009 has started in the Chipata Magistrate court.
Judge Sakala a former Supervisor at Chipata Branch Investrust Bank and Haboya Moonga, a former teller are jointly facing 11 counts of fraudulent false accounting contrary to section 326, cap 87 of the laws of Zambia.
The two are also facing charges on 11 counts of theft by servant contrary to the laws of Zambia.
Chipata Magistrate Court heard that Investrust bank Chipata branch received 111 complaints of missing money from customers’ accounts.

Investrust bank Head of Internal Audit, Shadreck Banda, who is based in Lusaka, also told Chipata Principle Resident Magistrate, Paul Chisha, that on 16th, November, 2009, one of the customers, Jalid Mushi, complained to the bank of missing 160 million Kwacha, the transaction, which was posted by Moonga as a teller.
He further told the court that Cosmos Mwamba, another client also complained of missing money in two accounts of 2.5 million Kwacha and 1.5 million Kwacha cash, the money transaction posted by Moonga.
The two are represented by the lawyers, Fed Jere and Company. Trial continues.

Thirty-two thousand people benefit from medical services through the mobile hospital in Eastern Province.

Thirty-two thousand people have benefitted from medical services being offered through the mobile hospital in Eastern Province.
Provincial Medical Officer, Kennedy Malama also says that the Ministry of Health has conducted 2,050 operations through the mobile hospital since it started operating.
Speaking to Breeze News, Dr. Malama described these figures as impressive.
He further indicated that the Ministry of Health has this year targeted to visit two districts every month.
Dr. Malama says that so far the mobile hospital unit has this month been to Kafumbwe area in Katete, where 1,290 clients were attended to.
The provincial medical officer says that the mobile hospital unit is now in Mambwe district and that medical staff have already attended to 520 people with seven operations having been conducted.

The Anti- Corruption Commission has vowed to confiscate proceeds of graft from people involved.

The Anti- Corruption Commission, ACC says it is doing everything possible to ensure that all proceeds of corruption are confiscated from people involved.
ACC Eastern Province Community Education Officer, George Kaguya says that this is in line with the key area of the SADC, Southern Africa Development Community protocol on corruption known as the confiscation of proceeds of crime.
He says the proceeds of crime include cars, houses and cell phones.
Mr. Kaguya however, says that if the property that has been confiscated does not belong to the person being investigated, the original owner of that particular property has the right to claim it after 90 days of its confiscation.
He says that the aim of confiscating proceeds of graft is to ensure that corruption is a non-profitable venture.
Mr. Kaguya was speaking during a gender based violence and corruption training held in Chipata.

The Anglican Church disappointed with transfer of Eastern Province Permanent Secretary, Emmanuel Mwamba.

The Anglican Church in Eastern Province is disappointed with President Michael Sata’s decision to transfer Eastern Province Permanent Secretary, Emmanuel Mwamba to Western Province.
Eastern Diocese Anglican Bishop, William Muchombo says that Mr Mwamba’s transfer has deprived the province of a man of vision and action at the helm of the civil service at provincial level.

Bishop Muchombo says that although the President has the authority to move officers as he sees feet, he should give Mr Mwamba some more time to serve in Eastern Province.

Bishop Muchombo says during his short service in the Province, Mr. Mwamba spelled out his developmental vision for the region and what he expected of his fellow civil servants.

He says that the success of a government is not by accident but very much dependent on a functioning and hardworking civil service with good leadership.