Delay by government to release Youth Development Fund worries youths.

Some youths in Chipata have expressed concern over delay by government to disburse YDF, the Youth Development Fund.
Youth Vision Zambia Chairperson, George Mwanza says that the delay by government to release YDF is not good as it is delaying development for some projects.
Mr. Mwanza says that the release of YDF should be done at the beginning of every year so that young entrepreneurs are able to implement their projects fully and on time adding that some projects are seasonal.
And when contacted for a comment, Provincial Youth Development Fund Coordinator, David Musonda says that there is no delay in the disbursement of the funds.
He says that the youths, who have applied for the funds need to be patient as the process takes time to be completed.
Mr. Musonda says that the applications have to be scrutinised by the Provincial office before submitting to the head office in Lusaka, which later releases the funds.

Lack of storage sheds delay opening of the tobacco marketing exercise in Lundazi district.

Tobacco marketing exercise in Lundazi district has delayed due to lack of storage sheds.
This came to light when Lundazi District Agriculture Coordinating officer, Philemon Lungu appeared before the first quarter of DDCC, District Development Coordinating Committee Meeting.
Mr. Lungu says that TBZ, Tobacco Board of Zambia, which will run the floors, has no storage facilities to store tobacco after purchase.
He has indicated that negotiations are underway with a named businessman to offer them with storage sheds so that crop buying can start.

MMD wants Malawian Judge Lovermore Chikopa sent back to his country.

The debate over the continued stay of Malawian Judge Lovermore Chikopa in Zambia has continued.
Movement for Multi- Party Democracy youths in Eastern Province have asked government to consider sending back judge Chikopa to his home country.

Speaking to Breeze News, MMD Provincial Youth Chairperson, Chembe Daka says that keeping judge Chikopa in the country is wasting tax payer’s money, which can be used to solve other problems affecting the nation.
Mr. Daka says that the country is facing many challenges like lack of medicine in hospitals and poor road network which needs quick attention.
Early this month, parliament heard that Malawian Judge Lovemore Chikopa who was invited by government last year to chair a tribunal instituted by President Michael Sata to probe three judges is still in Zambia.
Vice President Guy Scott told the House that Judge Chikopa was in the country and that the tribunal to be chaired by the Malawian Judge was still on.

Liquor traders in Chipata cautioned against operating without a licence.

Liquor traders who will be found trading without licences in Chipata district risk having their businesses closed.
And Chipata Municipal Council has approved 138 liquor trading licences.
Public Relations Officer, Taonga Kaonga says that this means that only 138 liquor shops are legalised in Chipata district.
Ms. Kaonga says that the legalised liquor shops will also be given medical certificates for food handlers.
She says that the operation hours for liquor traders should be observed as per law from 10 hours to 22 hours every day.
Ms. Kaonga says that the council will immediately close down all liquor shops without trading licences.

A roof blown off by heavy rains at Hoya Basic School in Lundazi district has not been repaired for two years.

Kapilisanga Ward Councillor, Mathews Zimba has complained over government’s delay to rehabilitate a one by three classroom block at Hoya Basic School in Lundazi.

Mr. Zimba told Breeze News in Lundazi that the classroom, whose roof was blown off two years ago, has affected learning hours at the school.

The area councillor revealed that the school authorities have decided to reduce learning hours so that all pupils have access to lessons.

Mr. Zimba has appealed to Ministry of Education to come to their aid as the school was the biggest in the ward.

And Lundazi District Education Standards Officer, DESO, Chiza Mtonga says that the office is aware of the situation at Hoya Basic School.

He revealed that the district has recorded fifteen schools whose roofs have been blown off by heavy rains, adding that the DEBS office is not sitting idle.

People of Chilenga and surrounding areas in Chadiza district have been advised to go for male circumcision

People of Chilenga and surrounding areas in Chadiza district have been advised to go for male circumcision if they are to reduce the HIV prevalence.
Chadiza District Commissioner, Paul Phiri says that people should adhere to mobile teams that the district hospital is sending to villages to conduct male circumcision services.
Mr. Phiri says there is need for every male member of a household to undergo male circumcision.
Meanwhile, Mr. Phiri has urged people to help in the fight against TB, Tuberculosis, which has become a burden to most communities.
Mr. Phiri says that people should adhere to TB treatment when they are diagnosed in order to reduce TB related cases.

Police in Chipata have arrested two people for smuggling 1000 bags of maize into neighbouring Malawi.

Police in Chipata have confiscated 500 by 50 kilogram bags of maize out of the 1,500 bags believed to have been smuggled into neighbouring Malawi.
Police have also arrested two people in connection with the smuggling of the commodity.
Eastern province police commissioner Grace Chipalila has confirmed.
Mrs Chipalila has named the two people arrested as Patience Kuliwa a deport Clerk at Jerusalem FRA, Food Reserve Agency depot and Javan Daka a Chipata business man.
Mrs Chipalila says police have managed to recover 500 bags while 700 are believed to have already been ferried into Malawi.
Mrs Chipalila states that Kuliwa has been charged with theft by public servant while Daka has been charged with theft and the two have been released on bond awaiting appearance in court soon.

Members of Parliament in Lundazi told not to approve Constituency Development Fund construction projects, which have little funding.

Members of Parliament have been told to desist from approving CDF, Constituency Development Fund construction projects, which have little funding.
District Commissioner Janet Mvula has observed that they are a number of projects under CDF with little funding.
She was speaking during the first quarter of DDCC, the District Development Coordinating Committee Meeting in Lundazi.
Ms. Mvula says that having a lot of projects and allocating them with little funding does not mean well as such projects take too long to be completed.
And Lumezi Member of Parliament, Isaac Banda says having a number of unfinished projects could not produce tangible results but to have few projects which can be fully funded and completed on time.

Anglican Bishop William Mchombo says Zambians should learn to dialogue as the world celebrates Easter.

Anglican Diocese of Eastern Zambia Bishop William Mchombo says Zambians should learn to dialogue and promote reconciliation as the world reflects and celebrate this year’s Easter.

In his Easter message availed to Breeze News, Bishop Muchombo says being the beginning of new life, Easter is also a time to meditate in relation to higher calling as a people of faith and as a nation in great need of development.

Bishop Muchombo says that the violence that characterises the by elections is a sign of failure as a nation to manage diversity and especially the lack of respect for divergent views.

He says Zambians should be a people who look out for each other despite their various differences.

The Bishop says people can differ in their views and approach to life without being violent or abusive adding that some manners are caught and not taught.
The clergyman adds that vices such as drinking and driving that might lead to fatalities in the guise of celebrating Easter should be avoided.
He says the older generation, through its activities, should be wary of the type of culture, which it is passing on to the younger generation.

Minister of Tourism and Arts, Sylvia Masebo’s disregard for authority of Returning officer annoys the Electoral Commission of Zambia.

The Electoral Commission of Zambia ECZ has strongly condemned Minister of Tourism and Arts Sylvia Masebo, for disregarding the authority of Returning officer during yesterday’s nomination for the Kapiri Mposhi parliamentary by-elections.
ECZ public relations manager, Chris Akufuna, says that all stakeholders were briefed on the requirement of the 400 meters rule, a day before the nomination date.
Mr. Akufuna explained that PF cadres where peacefully seated 400 meters away from the nomination centre, until Ms. Masebo’s entourage arrived and she ordered PF cadres to overrun the nomination centre, despite the returning officer explaining further on the matter.
This is contained in a press statement made available to Breeze News.
He says that Ms. Masebo’s behaviour amounts to an electoral offence.
Mr. Akufuna has therefore, urged all political leaders, cadres and stakeholders to respect electoral rules in the country.
He says that all Zambians must respect the election laws without exception.