Filling stations in Chipata effect new fuel prices.

Filling stations in Chipata have effected the price increase of petroleum products announced by government.
A check by Breeze News found that diesel is now selling at 9 Kwacha 20 ngwee per litre from 7 Kwacha 57 ngwee, while Petrol has been increased from 8 Kwacha 16 ngwee to 9 Kwacha 91 ngwee.
Paraffin has been increased to 6 Kwacha 83 ngwee from 5 Kwacha 15 ngwee.
Government yesterday announced that it has removed fuel subsidies in the prices of petroleum products effective midnight in order to meet the current costs of supplying and delivering the products.
Mines, Energy and Water Development Minister Yamfya Mukanga told journalists at a media briefing that in order to reduce the percentage of increase in the price of fuel, government has decided to remove the five per cent import duty that was chargeable on crude feedstock.
He said government has furthermore reduced the 0.25 Kwacha rebased that was chargeable on petrol for the strategic reserves fund to 0.15 Kwacha rebased on all fuel products.

Sixteen people have died on the spot in a road accident on the Great North road in Chisamba.

Sixteen people have died on the spot while four others sustained serious injuries in a road accident on the Great North road in Chisamba.
The accident, which happened around 06:30 hours today, occurred when the Toyota Hiace Minibus Registration number ACP 3052 they were travelling in collided with an on-coming truck opposite Ibis gardens in Chisamba.
Police Public Relations Officer, Elizabeth Kanjela has confirmed the accident in a statement availed to Breeze News.
Ms. Kanjela says the driver of the minibus only identified as Costa is among the dead.
The other dead persons comprising of eight males and eight females have not yet been identified.
She says that the driver of the bus lost control after a rear tyre burst and went on to hit into an on-coming truck and overturned. The minibus was coming from Kabwe to Lusaka.
The driver of the Volvo truck belonging to SABOC transport of Zimbabwe, Nathan Kambauwa aged 40 of Harare escaped unhurt.
The bodies of the passengers and the driver are lying in liteta hospital mortuary while the injured are admitted in the University Teaching Hospital.
In early February this year, 51 people died in a road accident after a Post bus they were traveling in from Ndola to Lusaka collided with a truck in the same area.

Petauke District is facing a serious water problem this year.

People in Petauke District should prepare themselves for a serious water problem this year.
This follows revelations by Petauke District Commissioner, Elija Mwale that there will be a serious water problem in the district because of poor rainfall pattern.
Mr. Mwale told Breeze News that most streams in the district have dried up, an indication that access to water will be a big challenge.
He described the situation as a disaster for people and domestic animals.
And Mr. Mwale says that he is yet to check on the water situation in dams in the district.

Two Zambeef shops and Shoprite Chipata caught selling expired meat products and chickens.

Chipata Municipal Council has suspended operations for two Zambeef shops because of selling stale meat products.
The local authority has further confiscated expired 96 chicken pieces, 6.7 kilogrammes of loose chicken breasts, 31 packets of offals and 6 kilogrammes of French polony, which did not have expiry dates from the two Zambeef shops and Shoprite Chipata.
Acting Town Clerk Edward Zulu and the Chipata District Commissioner, Kalonga Zulu confirmed the development to Breeze News.
Mr Zulu says a team, which included the Zambia Police was put up to inspect the two Zambeef outlets at the Down Shops and Kapata after having been notified by the public that the meat products being sold had expired.
He says the council has charged Zambeef a penalty fee of 900 Kwacha rebased and have since suspended their operations until certain recommendations are met.
And Environmental health Officer, Hilary Tebeka also confirmed the exercise, which was conducted in the morning yesterday.
And Chipata District Commissioner, Kalunga Zulu has warned the entire food processing organisations to desist from selling expired products.
He says anyone found wanting will face the wrath of the law although government does not want to be seen to be antagonistic.

The Anti-Corruption Commission in Eastern Province has received about 50 reports of corruption since January this year.

The Anti-Corruption Commission ACC in Eastern Province has received about 50 reports of corruption from January this year.
However, investigations have revealed that only 13 of these reports were directly linked to corruption.
ACC Regional Manager, Raymond Banda confirmed this to Breeze News, stating that some of the cases have had to be transferred to other security wings.
And Mr. Banda says that it is important for people to understand that not all reports that are made to ACC are related to corruption.
He explained that according to the ACC Act, officers from the Anti-Corruption Commission cannot investigate a suspected corruption case without authority from the ACC director general.
Mr. Banda was responding to concerns raised by some Chipata residents that the ACC does not investigate some cases, which are reported to the commission.
The ACC Regional Manager however, appealed to residents to follow up on cases reported to the commission, stating that Zambians have a duty to report criminal activities to security agencies.

Journalists in Chipata do charity work ahead of the World Press Freedom Day, which falls on May 3rd.

Journalists in Chipata on Monday took time to do charity work at Chipata General Hospital ahead of the World Press Freedom Day, which falls on May 3rd.
The journalists, who are members of Chipata Press Club, cleaned the Mother’s Shelter and swept the premises of the building.
And the Senior Hospital Administrator, Webster Chisaka commended the Press Club for the works done saying that the good gesture shown to the hospital should also be extended to other departments.
Mr Chisaka says that different people go to the hospital to be treated and as such a conducive and clean environment should be maintained.
He says the hospital is putting up many more new structures with the help of the government and that over 100,000 Kwacha rebased has been spent.
He called for the public to work hand in hand with journalists and give them support, to build and not to destroy, as press freedom day is commemorated.
This year’s World Press Freedom Day will be commemorated under the theme, “Safety for Journalists and Media Workers.”

The project of tarring the Chipata-Lundazi road will be completed two months behind schedule.

The project of tarring the Chipata-Lundazi road will be completed two months behind schedule.
Sable Construction Company, Managing Director, Nazir Aloo confirmed the development to Breeze News.
Mr. Aloo says that the works, which were supposed to be completed next month, will delay because the consultant Baycon had by last week not yet given the contractor Design Reviews for township roads in Lundazi district.
He however, explained that the company was only remaining with about 10 kilometres to reach Lundazi boma in the tarring works.
And Mr. Aloo says that Sable Construction Company is next month expected to reach Mambwe Boma in tarring the Chipata-Mfuwe road.
He says that although the company has encountered what he described as contractual issues, works are being done with a lot of activity taking place in the road works.
Last week the RDA, Road Development Agency indicated that Sable Construction Company had applied for extension of contract for both tarring works on the Chipata-Lundazi and Chipata-Mfuwe roads.

Some filling stations in Chipata have suspended their 24 hours services due to security concerns in the district.

Some filling stations in Chipata have suspended their 24 hours services due to a number of security concerns in the district.
Speaking to Breeze News this morning, the Director of Kavulamungu Group of Companies, Salim Mitha says Total Filling Station has been robbed 3 times before by armed thieves.
Mr. Mitha says that management could no longer continue to put employees’ lives at risk and decided to do away with 24 hours service.
He says he had written to the Zambia Police to assist with security services but police indicated that they do not provide armed security personnel at business premises.
And when contacted for comment, Eastern Province Police Commissioner, Grace Chipalila says that she is not aware that Total Filling Station had asked for police protection.
Ms. Chipalila says that management at Total Filling Station should engage the police on the matter.

Breeze FM scoops two awards in the Misa Zambia 2013 Annual Media Awards.

Breeze FM radio has scooped two awards in the Misa Zambia 2013 Annual Media Awards.
Breeze FM staffer in Lusaka Naomi Mwimba reports that Breeze scooped the Best Children Participation and the Best HIV Reporting Awards.
The programs were produced by George Luanja, Samuel Ndhlovu and Glenda Mathotho.
And speaking during the award ceremony, deputy minister of Information and Broadcasting, Mwansa Kapeya said that the awards were an important platform for promotion of media freedom.
Mr. Kapeya also said that government was excited that Misa Zambia had come up with an initiative to motivate journalists and promote professionalism.
Petauke’s Radio Explorer is another radio station from Eastern Province, which scooped an award in the Community Radio, HIV and AIDS Award.
Daily Mail staffer, Darlington Mwendabai, who is based in Eastern Province, also walked away with an award in the Best Telecommunication Award category.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock says that government is supporting a free economy.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock says that government is supporting a free economy.

Provincial Agricultural Coordinator, Dr. Obvious Kabinda says that this is aimed at promoting competition among business players in the country.

Dr. Kabinda says that competition among business players would result in improved delivery of goods and services to the farmers in the country.

He said this during the Pioneer Farmer Input Support Programme, FISP, Best Farmers Competition and New Hybrid Launch of National Field Day Limited held at Madzimoyo in Chipata.

He said as agriculture was a key to economic driver of the national development alongside tourism, energy and mining, government would continue to pay particular attention to diversification and expansion of the agriculture sector.

Dr. Kabinda said FISP has benefited many farmers.