The Zambia National Soccer team, this afternoon faces Lesotho in the Brazil 2014 World Cup qualifier.

The Zambia National Soccer team, this afternoon faces Lesotho in the Brazil 2014 World Cup qualifier.
This is a must win game for the Herve Renard drilled Chipolopolo Boys, following a below par display at the South Africa 2013 Africa Cup of Nations earlier this year.
Zambia leads Group D at 6 points and is closely followed by the Black Stars of Ghana on 3 points.
Sudan and Lesotho complete group D with 1 point each.
A loss to Lesotho will put Zambia in an awkward situation, as Ghana is likely to pick a win against Sudan in another Group D encounter later in the day.
Lesotho coach Leslie Notsi has expressed confidence that his team will give Zambia a serious challenge in today’s match.

Government says no personal or political grudge against former President, Rupiah Banda.

Government says that the removing of former President, Rupiah Banda’s immunity is not vindictive nor political vendetta.
Deputy Minister of Works, Supply and Communications, Panji Kaunda says that the removing of immunity was done to allow Mr. Banda answer corruption allegations.
Colonel Kaunda however, heaped the blame on Mr. Banda stating that if he had not refused to be interviewed by the Joint Investigative team, his immunity would have not been removed.
Speaking during Political Hour Programme on Breeze FM Saturday evening, Colonel Kaunda explained that Mr. Banda’s immunity would have been removed if the investigative team decided to take the matter to court after finding concrete evidence against him.
Colonel Kaunda also defended the process used to strip Mr. Banda of his immunity, stating that procedure was followed.
And Colonel Kaunda says that nowhere in the Zambian Constitution is the president required to consult opposition political party leaders when appointing ministers from opposition.
He says that opposition political parties have themselves to blame for by-elections because they expel their Members of Parliament who accept ministerial positions.

Chipata records 87 per cent cure rate for Tuberculosis in 2012.

Eighty-seven per-cent of the Tuberculosis, TB patients in Chipata where cured in 2012.
Chipata district TB, HIV/AIDS programs officer, Edwin Simunkanga told Breeze News that the percentage is closer to the national target for each district, which is 85 per- cent.
Mr. Simunkanga says that this is a great achievement adding that the district will do its best to meet the national target this year.
Mr. Simunkanga however, says that the Ministry of Health has been faced with challenges to convince people in rural areas who are suffering from TB to be on TB drug.
He says that patients especially those in compounds are fond of giving wrong addresses, which becomes difficult to follow them up.
Mr. Simunkanga was speaking to Breeze News ahead of the World TB Day, which falls today.

Chipata Municipal Council denies using gravel to mend potholes on tarred township roads.

Chipata Municipal Council has dismissed statements that it is using gravel to mend potholes on tarred township roads.
Public Relations Officer, Tawonga Kaonga says that the gravel, which is being used in mending the potholes, is part of the process involved when tarring a road.
She explained that after putting the stabilized gravel, which is a mixture of gravel and cement, it will be followed by stones and then bitumen.
Ms. Kaonga explained to Breeze News that the local authority has been forced to follow the full process of tarring a road in mending potholes, which are deep.
She however, says that the works are being frustrated by the rains, which wash away the soil before the next stage is done.
Some residents have wondered what kind of system the local authority is using to mend potholes after observing that they have been using gravel.

Government disappointed with former President, Rupiah Banda’s continued attacks.

Chief government spokesperson, Kennedy Sakeni says he is disappointed with former President, Rupiah Banda’s continued unwarranted attacks against government.
Mr. Sakeni says that Mr. Banda has continued attacking government through his lawyer Robert Amsterdam over the on-going investigations for his alleged wrongdoing while in office.
This is contained in a Press statement availed to Breeze News.
Mr Sakeni, who is also Information and Broadcasting Services minister, says it is very clear that Mr Banda has chosen to play politics on very serious allegations of wrongdoing that he is facing as the statements he is issuing through his lawyer clearly demonstrate this fact.
Mr Sakeni says as a responsible government that respects the rule of law, government would like Mr Banda to receive adequate facilities through the established channels of the due process of the law in defending himself.
Mr Sakeni has warned Mr Banda, to desist from defending his case through the media by issuing disparaging statements against the on-going investigative process.
He says should Mr Banda continue with this practice, government will be left with no choice but to make public what he has described as very embarrassing details of Mr. Banda’s wrongdoing which the investigators have uncovered.

Cases of early marriages persist in Chief Ndake’s area in Nyimba district.

Cases of early marriages in Chief Ndake’s area in Nyimba district are still high.
Chief Ndake told Breeze News that a lot of parents are still allowing their children to get into marriage at a tender age.
The traditional leader says that some parents force their girl children to get married when they fall pregnant.
He explained that this has contributed to high illiteracy levels in his area.
Chief Ndake notes that the trend has also contributed to high poverty levels in chiefdom.
And two villagers, Rosemary and Aliness Mumba attributed this to some traditional practices such as initiation ceremonies.
The duo explained that some of the issues being taught to young girls during initiation ceremonies encourage young girls to engage in premature sexual relationships.

Transporters accuse Lundazi District Council of being reluctant to pay them for work done.

Transporters who were engaged to transport building materials and other equipment for CDF, Constituency Development Fund projects have castigated Lundazi District Council for failing to pay them.
The transporters who opted to remain anonymous complained that Lundazi District Council is reluctant to pay them despite the work done.
They revealed that the local authority owes them thousands of Kwacha for transporting the materials to the three constituencies in the district.
They complained that the work was carried out between December last year and March this year.
The transporters said that they could not understand why the money is not being given to them because government had already released the funds.
But when contacted, Lundazi District Council Treasurer, Mable Yengayenga said that the money was available in the bank and that some transporters have started getting their money.
Mrs. Yengayenga however, explained that some payment has delayed because it takes time to reach cheque signatories, who stay outside the boma.

Health staff at Rukuzye clinic in Chipata accused of having a poor working culture.

People in Chief Chanje and Mafuta’s area have complained over alleged poor working culture by some workers at Rukuzye clinic.
The villagers say that authorities at the clinic have a tendency of knocking off early and refuse to attend to patients who seek medical attention at night.
The villagers wondered why a health institution can be left without people at night when a person can get sick at any time.
They appealed to the Ministry of Health to urgently look into the matter.
When contacted for a comment, Chipata District Community Medical Officer, Dr. Davies Simwaba advised people to be dropping their complaints in the complaints box that have been introduced in all health institutions.
Dr. Simwaba however, says that his office will follow up on the matter.

Headmen of Dungulungu in Chama district accused of harbouring criminals.

Chama District Commissioner Josphat Lombe has cautioned village headmen of Dungulungu against harbouring criminals.

Mr. Lombe has charged that he has received a report that criminals, who escaped from prison are hiding in the villages.

Mr. Lombe said this when he addressed a meeting of headmen in the area.

Meanwhile, the DC has given management at Chama boarding and Chama Day secondary schools two weeks in which to improve hygiene in toilets.

Speaking when he toured the schools to check on sanitation, Mr. Lombe noted that poor hygiene results into outbreak of diseases.

The DC, who paid an impromptu visit to the two learning institutions, was shocked at how the toilets are being kept.

Government starts getting views over the lifting of immunity for former President, Rupiah Banda.

The Patriotic Front PF government has decided to start getting views over the issue of lifting of immunity for former President, Rupiah Banda.

Deputy Minister of Works, Supply and Communications, Panji Kaunda confirmed the development.

Colonel Kaunda told Breeze News that it is important to get views from people of Eastern Province because this is where the former head of state comes from.

Colonel Kaunda also explained that government feels that it is important to explain to easterners, why the lifting of immunity for Mr. Banda was done.

Colonel Kaunda is expected to feature on a Political Hour Programme on Breeze FM tomorrow at 18hours.

And Colonel Kaunda has disclosed that government has embarked on a quarter term assessment of its performance since assuming power in 2011.

He says that it is important for the PF government to get feedback from people on whether it is living up to its party manifesto and what it promised Zambians.