Delegates at the National Constitution Conference to vote for the inclusion of the Barotse Agreement in the draft constitution.

Voting as to whether the Barotse Agreement should be included in the preamble of the draft constitution is expected to take place today.
However, Breeze FM Staffer, Isaac Ngoma reports that most Lozi delegates have indicated that they will not take part in the voting.
The delegates have revealed that they have been receiving phone calls from back home in Western Province asking them why they are taking party in the national convention.
The delegates, who have declined to be named state that their tribes mate also, feel that there is no need to subject the Barotse Agreement to a vote because it is a historical fact.
The delegates also fear that should anything go wrong on the Barotse Agreement being included in the draft constitution, they will be blamed.
Deliberations on the Barotse Agreement on Sunday brought business at the national convention to a standstill, forcing the chairperson to deferrer the matter to today.

Drivers seeking employment in a road project in Chadiza claim corruption

Some drivers from Chipata, Petauke Katete and Nyimba who travelled to Chadiza to seek for employment at the China State Corporation Company have called on ACC, the Anti-Corruption Commission to investigate the criteria being used to employ people.
China State Corporation Company is employing people after being awarded the contract to tar the Chadiza-Chipata road.
Christopher Tembo and Isaac Nyoni told Breeze News in Chadiza that they suspect of malpractice in the manner some drivers have been employed.
More than 15 angry drivers from other districts almost caused commotion at Chadiza council offices, after they were told that only drivers from Chadiza would be given an opportunity to attend job interviews.
But Chadiza district commissioner, Paul Phiri explained that an announcement which was put on one of the radio stations, clearly stated that Chadiza district would employ 25 and Chipata district would also employ 25.
He said that his office is confident that the interviews were conducted in a transparent manner.
Mr. Phiri pointed out that those who were left out, did not just meet the required qualifications.

Two people have been jailed to 30 years imprisonment with hard labour for defilement.

The Chipata High Court has jailed two people to 30 years imprisonment with hard labour for defiling girls below the ages of 16.

High Court Judge Eddie Sikazwe jailed Bonaventure Mwanza, 27, a barber man of Chandema Village, Chief Kalindawalo in Petauke district, who was facing three charges of defiling three girls.

The accused is alleged to have defiled two girls aged nine and seven years one after the other.

The defilement is alleged to have been committed on 13th December last year between 12 and 13 hours when Mwanza took advantage of the children who were at his house and started defiling them.

And Boscar Mwale 42, a peasant farmer of Sasu village in Chief Nyamphande of Petauke District was sentenced to 30 years imprisonment with hard labour for defiling a nine –year- old girl.

Meanwhile Justice Sikazwe also jailed Bernard Banda of Namboard in Chipata district to 25- years with hard labour for defiling a minor on August 23rd, 2012.

In the same court Obbyster Banda 21, a tailor of Chipata district was jailed 15 years imprisonment with hard labour for defiling an 11 year-old girl on unknown dates but in November last year.

The court further jailed Davison Daka 28 to 15 years imprisonment with hard labour for defiling a minor.

The incident is believed to have occurred on unknown dates but between 28th March and 7th May last year.

Unionised division four council employees in Lundazi district to get their two months salary arrears after three days of protesting.

Unionised division four council employees in Lundazi district have been promised to be paid two months salary arrears effective today.
Lundazi Council Chairperson, Godfrey Mapili and Provincial Local Government Officer, Macloid Nyirenda confirmed the development in separate interviews to Breeze News.
Mr. Nyirenda says that the workers will start getting their money today without fail.
Mr. Nyirenda also says that demands from the workers that Council Treasurer, Mable Yengayenga and Council Secretary, Magubwi Simukolomba be transferred will be forwarded to the Public Service Commission who are the appointing authority.
And Mr. Mapili has revealed that about 136 thousand Kwacha rebased of the money to be paid to the aggrieved workers will be sourced from within the council coffers.
Meanwhile Mr. Mapili has blamed council management for failing to dialogue with the council workers, who were demonstrating over their three months salary arrears.
The workers, who yesterday locked the offices for the two senior workers have also been demanding the removal of the council secretary.

Chipata Municipal Council not officially informed over a cancelled Sable Construction Company road contract.

Chipata Municipal Council says that it has not been officially informed over government’s decision to cancel a township road tarring contract, which was awarded to Sable Construction Company.
Director of Engineering, Andrew Zulu also says that the local authority, which was the client for the project is also not sure about the next course of action.
Mr. Zulu told Breeze News that the local authority just heard rumours that the Ministry of Local Government had cancelled the 89 million Kwacha rebased contract.
He explained that the contractor was expected to have moved on site last week, to start the project, which was supposed to take 18 months to complete.
The cancellation of the contract was confirmed by Eastern Province Permanent Secretary, Bert Mushala on Monday during a meeting with civil servants in Mambwe district.
Mr. Mushala explained that the contract was cancelled because Sable Transport and Construction Company had a lot of unfinished projects.
The 89 million Kwacha project is supposed to cover 15.6 kilometres and includes roads like Mchini-Magazine, Kawalala, and some roads in Chimwemwe and Moth residential areas.

Hyenas have terrorised villages in Chief Mlolo’s area in Chadiza district.

Hyenas have terrorised villages in Chief Mlolo’s area in Chadiza district.
This situation is forcing the villagers to stop moving as early as 18 hours.
Headman Mkoma and Chadiza District Council Chairperson, Richard Zimba have confirmed the development to Breeze News.
The duo says that Mkoma and Tiyimbe areas, which are not too far from Chadiza Boma are among the areas, where villagers are spending sleepless nights due to the wild beasts, which are also attacking domestic animals.
The headman and Mr. Zimba say that the hyenas have already killed some domestic animals, a situation, which has created anxiety among the villagers.
They say that the villagers are puzzled as to where these wild animals came from and have appealed to ZAWA, the Zambia Wildlife Authority to kill the hyenas.

Departments under Eastern provincial administration failed to spend 8 million Kwacha rebased last year for various activities.

Government has revealed that departments falling under provincial administration failed to spend 8 million Kwacha rebased last year for various activities.
Eastern Province permanent secretary, Bert Mushala said this when he addressed civil servants in Mambwe district.
ZANIS reports that Mr. Mushala however, expressed happiness that Chief Mnkhanya had accepted to give land to the Ministry of Home Affairs to build a police camp.
He urged the police command to quickly get to serious business and that they should also quicken the acquisition of title deeds to avoid encroachment.

Meanwhile, the PS told the meeting that his office had cancelled a contract to Sable Transport and Construction Company to do township roads in Chipata because they had a lot of unfinished projects.
Mr. Mushala was reacting to concerns by Senior Chief Nsefu and the public service workers over the delays by Sable to complete tarring works on Chipata- Mfuwe road.
And Mr. Mushala says that government is committed to improving infrastructure including offices and accommodation for public service workers.
He says that government is concerned that some institutions had either no proper infrastructure or it was dilapidated.
The PS says that government has introduced one control account, which will be responsible for administering funds meant for all infrastructure development.

Chief Chanje says people living positively with HIV in his area are struggling to access Anti-Retroviral Therapy

Chief Chanje of the Chewa people in Chipata has bemoaned lack of ART, Anti-Retroviral Therapy services in his chiefdom.
The traditional leader told Breeze News that people who are on ART find it very difficult to access drugs due to the long distance to the nearest ART centre.
He says that people have to cover distances of between 8 to 12 kilometres to access the service, which is currently being offered at Mkanda Clinic.
The chief has therefore, called on government to consider taking ART services to Rukuzye Rural Health Centre, which will be closer to the people.
And TB/HIV Coordinator from Chipata District Health Office, Edwin Simukanga acknowledged the long distance, which some patients have to walk to access the service.
Mr. Simukanga however, indicated that plans are underway by the Ministry of Health to setup another ART Centre at Rukuzye Rural Health Centre.
He says the district health office is waiting for the provincial health office to send a clinical officer, who will administer the drugs at Rukuzye RHC.
Mr Simukanga was speaking to Breeze News at Chief Chanje’s palace, where he was invited together with staff from NZP+ to discuss ways of finding a lasting solution to the problem of ART services.

Shortage of teachers in rural schools of Eastern Province attributed to lack of accommodation.

Lack of accommodation in most rural schools in Eastern Province is contributing to shortage of teachers.
Provincial Education Officer, Thomas Mwanza disclosed this during a live radio programme dubbed “budget tracking” on Breeze FM this morning.
Mr. Mwanza explained that teachers, who are sent to schools that do not have accommodation, find it very difficult to stay in grass thatched houses in villages and end up demanding for transfers.
He however, stated that the Ministry of Education has this year targeted to construct 133 houses in various schools to address the accommodation problem.
And Mr. Mwanza says that the Ministry of Education in Eastern Province has proposed to build four additional secondary schools in Mambwe district because of the increase in population.
Mr. Mwanza has explained that suggested construction sites are Mambwe boma, Chisengu, Masumba and Kasamanda areas.
Meanwhile speaking during the same programme, CSPR, Civil Society for Poverty Reduction Provincial Coordinator, Maxwell Nkhoma bemoaned lack of funding to government ministries, which he says contributes to under performance.
Mr. Nkhoma says CSPR is engaging government at the national level so that money to ministries is released on time to improve service delivery.

A 36 year old man of Chitungulo Compound in Lundazi district has died after being pushed off a stationary Canter truck.

A 36 year old man of Chitungulo Compound in Lundazi district has died after being pushed off a stationary Canter truck.
Police Commissioner Grace Chipalila has confirmed the incident to Breeze News.
She says the incident happened on the 26th of March when Richard Mwale had a difference with two of his colleagues who then pushed him off the vehicle.
The victim was then rushed to Lumezi Hospital where he was admitted until last Saturday when he died.
She further says that the two accused colleagues, Brown Kasuba Miti and Moses Mbawa have been detained while the body of Richard awaits post-mortem at Lundazi Hospital.
Meanwhile, Mrs Chipalila says her office has received another report of an incident where a grade 7 pupil of Magwero was defiled.
Details are that the victim who is 15 years of age and is deaf was abused on unknown dates in January this year by one of the teachers.
She says that the accused was today released on bond, awaiting a medical report from the mother of the victim.