Deported Rwandese Roman Catholic Priest Viateur Banyangandora is back in Zambia.

Lundazi Roman Catholic Priest, Father Viateur Banyangandora who was deported to his home country in Rwanda late last year has arrived in Zambia.
This follows government’s decision to revoke the deportation of the priest.
Chipata diocese Bishop, George Lungu confirmed this to Breeze News.
Bishop Lungu says that Father Banyangandora landed at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport yesterday around twelve hours.
The Bishop says that Father Banyangandora is expected in the province today and will continue serving at St. Pauls Catholic Church in Lundazi.
And Bishop Lungu described the return of the Catholic priest as a great moment for the church.
Father Banyangandora was deported by the Zambian government in August last year for a Sunday sermon in which he allegedly preached that the rich in the country were getting richer while the poor were getting poorer.

Government owes retired teachers and officers in Chipata district, 22 billion Kwacha.

The Ministry of Education in Chipata owes retired teachers and officers a total of 22 billion Kwacha.
Chipata District Education Board Secretary, Kezias Lungu disclosed this when Education, Science, Technology and Vocational Training, Deputy Minister Professor Nebelyn Wilombe meet senior education officers in Chipata.
Mr. Lungu indicated that this was among the many challenges, which the Ministry of Education was facing in Chipata.
And Mr. Lungu says that there is need to construct four additional secondary schools to address the challenge of congestion in classrooms.
Mr. Lungu also says that the district has insufficient staffing levels in rural areas as most teachers prefer teaching in schools, which are in town for various reasons.

President Michael Sata invited to grace this year’s Nc’wala traditional ceremony of the Ngoni people.

President Michael Sata has been invited to grace this year’s Nc’wala traditional ceremony of the Ngoni people which will take place on February 23rd at Mtenguleni village in Chipata District.

Eastern Province Permanent Secretary Emmanuel Mwamba told the media in Chipata that Paramount Chief Mpezeni has also invited South African President Jacob Zuma and King Goodwill Zwelithini of the Zulu people in South Africa.

Mr Mwamba says the paramount chief has already requested his office to facilitate the invitations to the dignitaries.

He appealed to the provincial local government office and chiefs affairs to be coordinating with the Ngoni Royal Establishment on the preparations of the ceremony.

Mr Mwamba also said the exhuming of King Zwangendaba remains in Nakonde District would take time.

He says the exhuming of the remains would take a process because some historians believed that the late king died at Mapupo in Tanzania while others claim that he died in Chief Nawaitwika’s area in Nakonde District of Muchinga Province.

Most senior positions in the Ministry of Education are being occupied by unqualified workers.

Most senior positions in the Ministry of Education are being occupied by unqualified workers.
Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Vocational Training, Deputy Minister Professor Nebelyn Wilombe says that this has resulted into these unqualified workers failing to deliver.
He further says that challenges being faced by the education sector in Eastern Province will only be addressed if all the workers in leadership positions are qualified.
Professor Wilombe was speaking Monday morning when he met authorities at the provincial education office.
Professor Wilombe is in the Province to visit training institutes and tour construction projects.
And Provincial Education Officer, Thomas Mwanza says that the province has faced challenges in some local contractors that do not finish projects on schedule.
Mr. Mwanza says that such contractors should have their contracts terminated.
Mr. Mwanza also says that the province has a challenge in paying salaries to teachers who are working in schools that have not yet been gazetted.
And the PEO disclosed that the province has 48 schools that have had their roofs blown off by heavy rains this rainy season and needs about 2 billion Kwacha to maintain them.

Hunger is looming in most villages in Vubwi district.

Most villagers in Vubwi district are reported to be running out of food.

Vubwi Area Member of Parliament, Eustarckio Kazonga has confirmed the development.

The Dr. Kazonga says the area is facing starvation because many households had grown cotton in 2011/2012 farming season because they thought they would be good prices for the commodity.

Dr. Kazonga says the situation is serious and has appealed to the government to start sending relief food to address the situation.

Speaking when he toured some villages in Vubwi, Dr Kazonga explained that the maize in the area is not enough to take the villagers up to the next harvest season.

Dr. Kazonga who did not disclose the number of households facing hunger in the area, says there is need for DMMU, Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit to visit the area and assess the hunger situation.

A problem of safe drinking water has hit most areas in Senior Chief Kalindawalo’s area in Petauke district.

Sipalika residents in Senior Chief Kalindawalo’s area in Petauke district have complained of water problem in the area.
The residents say they used to fetch water from shallow wells which have now been submerged by the mad following heavy rains.
The villagers have complained that they are forced to drink water from the same source where domestic animals drink from.
They have expressed fear of water borne diseases because the water is dirty.
Breeze FM Correspondent, Mercy Maseko reports from Petauke that other villages faced with water problem include Nyalamphata, Muya and Kazembe.

Residents in Chadiza district start to lose patience over governments ’promise that it will tar Chipata- Chadiza and Chadiza -Katete roads.

Residents in Chadiza district are now losing patience over the tarring of Chipata- Chadiza and Chadiza -Katete roads by government.
Speaking to Breeze News, Chadiza Central Member of Parliament Allan Mbewe says, people in the district eager to see the two roads tarred.
Mr. Mbewe says he cannot understand why works for the two roads have not started when the contract for the tarring works has already been awarded to a named contractor.
He says that Chadiza district will develop rapidly after completion of the tarring works because investors will have interests to set up their businesses.
The MP stated that this will also improve the economic development of the district while local people will have job opportunities.
Government budgeted more than 92 billion Kwacha for the tarring works of Chipata- Chadiza and Chadiza -Katete roads this year.

Councillors in Lundazi District direct council management to allocate plots on a land under dispute.

Councillors in Lundazi Districts have directed council management to physically go and allocate plots on a disputed land behind, FRA, the Food Reserve Agency Shades to deserving applicants.
The directive came during the full council meeting after some documents for a named company who claimed ownership of the ten hectors of land where proved not to be valid.
This came to light when Lundazi District Council Secretary, Magubwi Simunkholomba, produced documents for a named company claiming the land.
Mr. Simunkholomba, says he has been failing to give directive to the director of works to go ahead to give the claimed land to deserving applicants because he needed guidance from the full council.
And some councillors who served at the local authority in 2005 when the alleged documents are said to have been processed, told the full council meeting that the process for a company to acquire the claimed land was never concluded.
They revealed that the company was asked by the council to produce three certified documents, which was never done by the company.

Poor turnout at the District Development Coordinating Committee meeting in Lundazi angers the district administration.

Government in Lundazi District has cautioned civil servants still in the old system of working that they risk being slapped with disciplinary charges.
District Administrative Officer, Mukule Banda, said this during the fourth quarter DDCC, District Development Coordinating Committee meeting in Lundazi.
This follows the shunning of the DDCC meeting by most heads of government departments.
Mr. Banda, who chaired the meeting, says the current government will not relent to take serious measures against indiscipline civil servants.
And Mr. Banda expressed worry, that it was now not a surprise, to see a civil servant drinking beer during working hours, adding that heads of departments do not report to his office or discipline them.
Meanwhile District Agricultural Coordinator Philemon Lungu described the poor attendance of the DDCC as unacceptable.
Mr. Lungu had earlier advised the house not to go ahead with the meeting due to poor turnout.

The education sector in Chadiza Central Constituency given a huge chuck of Constituency Development Fund.

The education sector in Chadiza Central Constituency has collected a huge chuck of the one billion Kwacha CDF, Constituency Development Fund.
Member of Parliament, Allan Mbewe, says that most of the money has been allocated for construction of teacher’s houses and classroom blocks.
Mr. Mbewe told journalists in Chadiza that the earmarked projects are new classroom blocks at Robbie, Chamaseche and Luli Basic Schools.
He also confirmed that all wards in the district have benefitted from the one billion Kwacha CDF.
The area Member of Parliament has called on all village headmen, churches and councillors, to closely monitor the projects and ensure that the money was put to good use according to the approved plans.
And Mr. Mbewe says the people in the district should not panic, as the roads that where washed away will be worked on very soon.