Residents in Chadiza district start to lose patience over governments ’promise that it will tar Chipata- Chadiza and Chadiza -Katete roads.

Residents in Chadiza district are now losing patience over the tarring of Chipata- Chadiza and Chadiza -Katete roads by government.
Speaking to Breeze News, Chadiza Central Member of Parliament Allan Mbewe says, people in the district eager to see the two roads tarred.
Mr. Mbewe says he cannot understand why works for the two roads have not started when the contract for the tarring works has already been awarded to a named contractor.
He says that Chadiza district will develop rapidly after completion of the tarring works because investors will have interests to set up their businesses.
The MP stated that this will also improve the economic development of the district while local people will have job opportunities.
Government budgeted more than 92 billion Kwacha for the tarring works of Chipata- Chadiza and Chadiza -Katete roads this year.

Councillors in Lundazi District direct council management to allocate plots on a land under dispute.

Councillors in Lundazi Districts have directed council management to physically go and allocate plots on a disputed land behind, FRA, the Food Reserve Agency Shades to deserving applicants.
The directive came during the full council meeting after some documents for a named company who claimed ownership of the ten hectors of land where proved not to be valid.
This came to light when Lundazi District Council Secretary, Magubwi Simunkholomba, produced documents for a named company claiming the land.
Mr. Simunkholomba, says he has been failing to give directive to the director of works to go ahead to give the claimed land to deserving applicants because he needed guidance from the full council.
And some councillors who served at the local authority in 2005 when the alleged documents are said to have been processed, told the full council meeting that the process for a company to acquire the claimed land was never concluded.
They revealed that the company was asked by the council to produce three certified documents, which was never done by the company.

Poor turnout at the District Development Coordinating Committee meeting in Lundazi angers the district administration.

Government in Lundazi District has cautioned civil servants still in the old system of working that they risk being slapped with disciplinary charges.
District Administrative Officer, Mukule Banda, said this during the fourth quarter DDCC, District Development Coordinating Committee meeting in Lundazi.
This follows the shunning of the DDCC meeting by most heads of government departments.
Mr. Banda, who chaired the meeting, says the current government will not relent to take serious measures against indiscipline civil servants.
And Mr. Banda expressed worry, that it was now not a surprise, to see a civil servant drinking beer during working hours, adding that heads of departments do not report to his office or discipline them.
Meanwhile District Agricultural Coordinator Philemon Lungu described the poor attendance of the DDCC as unacceptable.
Mr. Lungu had earlier advised the house not to go ahead with the meeting due to poor turnout.

The education sector in Chadiza Central Constituency given a huge chuck of Constituency Development Fund.

The education sector in Chadiza Central Constituency has collected a huge chuck of the one billion Kwacha CDF, Constituency Development Fund.
Member of Parliament, Allan Mbewe, says that most of the money has been allocated for construction of teacher’s houses and classroom blocks.
Mr. Mbewe told journalists in Chadiza that the earmarked projects are new classroom blocks at Robbie, Chamaseche and Luli Basic Schools.
He also confirmed that all wards in the district have benefitted from the one billion Kwacha CDF.
The area Member of Parliament has called on all village headmen, churches and councillors, to closely monitor the projects and ensure that the money was put to good use according to the approved plans.
And Mr. Mbewe says the people in the district should not panic, as the roads that where washed away will be worked on very soon.

Thirteen farmers arrested in Lundazi district for not cutting down old cotton plants in their fields.

Thirteen farmers have been arrested in Lundazi district by a combined team of Police and Agricultural Officers for not cutting down old cotton plants in their fields.
Lundazi District Agricultural Officer, Philemon Lungu confirmed during the District Development Coordinating Committee Meeting in Lundazi yesterday.
Mr. Lungu revealed that during inspection to various farm fields by the combined team on Wednesday, five farmers were arrested.
Breeze FM Correspondent, Mtambwa Nkhoma reports that Mr. Lungu says the arrested farmers include some from Kanyunya and Mwasemphangwe areas.
He explained that the old cotton plants which have not been cut down are a threat to this year’s world market, if left un controlled.
And Mr. Lungu revealed during the meeting that the production of cotton in the district is expected to reduce due to last year’s poor cotton prices.

People who have illegally turned their houses into business buildings in Chipata to be charged.

People who have illegally turned their houses into business buildings in Chipata face being charged by the local authority.
Chipata Municipal Council Public Relations Officer, Tonga Kaonga says that this is in an effort to bring sanity as the district is in the process of attaining city status.
Ms. Kaonga says that the council has realised that a lot of residential places have been turned into business houses without authority from the council.
Ms. Kaonga told Breeze News that there is also an increase in the number of people developing buildings illegally.
And Ms. Kaonga says that the council is working on the roads that have been damaged in the district.
She says that she is aware that a number of roads have been damaged with the onset of the rains.
Ms. Kaonga says that Sable Construction Company has been asked to start patching potholes while the council is unblocking the blocked drainages.

Erratic supply of fuel has hit Petauke district for over one week.

Petauke district is reported to have been hit by shortage of fuel.
Breeze FM Correspondent, Mercy Maseko, says that motorists in the district have complained of the persistent shortage of fuel.
The motorists say it is sad that the district has continued facing the same problem almost every week without government intervention.
Fuel in Petauke finished on New Year’s eve and by Wednesday, all the three filling stations in the district did not have the commodity.
A check by Breeze News within the township, found motorists parking their vehicles while making frantic efforts to access the commodity.
And Energy Permanent Secretary, George Zulu has refused any blame on government concerning the fuel shortage that has hit Petauke and some other districts in the country.
Mr. Zulu told Breeze News that Indeni Oil Refinery in Ndola has enough fuel stocks.
He says that some fuel dealers have run out of fuel due to cash transaction hiccups with OMCs, Oil Marketing Companies.
Mr. Zulu also indicated that he is aware that one of the fuel dealers in Petauke district is out of the country.

Heavy rains have blown off the roof of a 1 by two classroom block at Kapala Basic School in Chipata.

Heavy rains have blown off the roof of a 1 by two classroom block at Kapala Basic School in Chipata’s Chipangali Constituency.
Sisinje Ward Councillor Samuel Lugomo Phiri confirmed this to Breeze News.
Mr. Phiri says that this is the second school in his ward to face this type of calamity this rainy season, stating that Nyaviombo Basic School had the roof of a 1 by three classroom block blown off last month.
Mr. Phiri has appealed to government to quickly work on the two schools before schools open for the first term.
And Mr. Phiri appealed to the central government and the office of the District Commissioner to be engaging councillors whenever they are carrying out developmental projects despite their political affiliations.
He said that there have been situations where government officials are visiting projects in the ward without informing him.

Police in Lundazi district arrest a man for murdering his wife.

Police in Lundazi district have arrested a man of William Compound for murdering his wife.
Eastern province police commissioner, Grace Chipalila, confirmed this to Breeze FM correspondent in Lundazi, Mtambwa Nkhoma.
Mrs. Chipalila said that the man, Lemekani Daka is believed to have murdered his wife, Mervis Daka urged 27, between December 31, 2012 and January 1, 2013.
She explained that Mr. Daka was arrested on Tuesday and will appear in court soon.

Villagers of Tigwilizane and Mshoka in Chadiza district assured that new airstrip will not displace them.

Chadiza Central Member of Parliament Allan Mbewe has assured people of Tigwilizane and Mshoka villages that they will not be evicted by government from the area.
He told Breeze FM correspondent in Chadiza, Paul Phiri that people in the area should not be worried of eviction, as government has found an alternative place where it will put up an air strip.
People in the area have expressed worry that they may be evicted to pave way for the construction of an air strip.

And the parliamentarian has called on people to pray for leaders so that they should not be only interested in accumulating wealth, but ask for wisdom on how to lead the nation.
He further called for reconciliation among people in the area.