The Electoral Commission of Zambia has launched a media group to link the commission to media houses.

The Electoral Commission of Zambia, ECZ says the media has the power to stop electoral malpractices.
ECZ Chairperson Ireen Mambilima says that it is therefore important for media people to have full understanding of the electoral process.
Breeze FM Staffer, Gift Phiri reports from Lusaka that Ms. Mambilima was speaking when she officially launched the ECZ Media Corp.
Ms. Mambilima pointed out that the media must take election as a process and not a one day thing.
She also said that the media must be fair and accurate and should concentrate on issues and not personalities so that people are well informed.
And ECZ Director, Pricilla Isaacs expressed hope that the formation of the media Corp will enhance relationship between ECZ and the Media.
Ms. Isaacs also expressed hope that this will improve electoral reporting because in the past, there were challenges in accurate reporting by some media houses.
The ECZ media Corp is a group of journalists that will become the main link of the commission and media houses.

Government says that the growth triangle should benefit all countries involved.

Government says that the growth triangle should benefit all countries involved.
Eastern Province Minister, Malozo Sichone also says that the project and activities that will be planned under the growth triangle should not come across any stumbling blocks in terms of resource mobilisation.
Mr. Sichone was speaking at the official opening of the Zambia-Malawi-Mozambique growth Triangle Pre-Ministerial Meeting held in Chipata.
The minister said that whatever will be resolved during the meeting should be for the good of the three countries.
Mr. Sichone says that this will enable the member states speed up development in their respective countries.
He says that it is a rare opportunity for three countries to sit in such a manner and discuss developmental issues because other countries sit in such a manner to resolve conflicts.
Mr. Sichone also urged the members of the growth triangle to remain committed in discussing issues that are aimed at alleviating poverty in their countries.

The Patriotic Front Party in Eastern Province calls for hard work, unity and discipline among its members.

The ruling PF, Patriotic Front Party in Eastern Province has appealed for hard work, unity and discipline among its members.
According to a press statement availed to Breeze News signed by, PF Acting Provincial Secretary, Leonard Banda, members have also been advised to be loyal to the party.
Mr. Banda says that these principles are fundamental in strengthening the PF party and helping the government realise an objective implementation of its policies.
And Mr. Banda says that there is a rise in dark corner meetings, parallel structures and what he has described as general generation of purported in fighting in the PF Party in Eastern Province.
He says that this has come about due to new members that have joined PF and are not abiding and adhering to the norms, values, beliefs and disciplinary code of the party.
Mr. Banda says that to curtail this, the party has taken measures, which should be followed by all party members.
The party has banned unsanctioned meetings, holding of press conferences and issuance of press statements without clearance by the provincial committee.
Creation of any structure at any level without consent, filling up of vacant party positions and conducting of business in the name of the party or the president have all been banned.

Chiefs in Eastern Province submit eight recommendations, which they want government to act upon.

Chiefs in Eastern Province have submitted eight recommendations, which they want government to act upon.

Among the recommendations, the traditional leaders have asked government to consider reviving the orientation programme for newly recognized chiefs as well as the old ones to enhance effective and efficient performance of their functions.

In a resolution passed yesterday at a two days meeting held in Chipata and signed by House of Chiefs Chairperson, Chief Madzimawe, the traditional leaders said the training should include entrepreneurship or business skills.

The traditional leaders further asked the Government to review the Land Act of 1995 so that the role of the traditional leaders in the alienation of the land is properly recognized.

The traditional leaders also appealed to the government to consider extending medical assistance to their spouses.

They also asked the government to remove the provision of acting chief because it has the potential of worsening the problem of succession wrangles.

Meanwhile, Chiefs and Traditional Affairs Minister, Nkandu Luo implored chiefs to work with the current government in order to foster developmental projects in the country.

Professor Luo however, expressed sadness that some chiefdoms were experiencing wrangles including boundary disputes, saying the trend is retrogressive to the nation.

She stated that the boundary disputes were mainly as a result of the 1958 and 1938 maps.

Colonel Panji Kaunda has asked family and friends not to involve Dr. Kenneth Kaunda in active politics.

Works and Supply deputy minister, Colonel Panji Kaunda says it is wrong to involve his father, Dr. Kenneth Kaunda in active politics.
Colonel Kaunda says that it is unfortunate that his brother, Kaweche had involved the former head of state in politics, a development, which resulted in Dr. Kaunda being condemned.
He says that Kaweche made a mistake by taking cadres to Dr. Kaunda’s residence and asking the former head of state to issue a statement.
Colonel Kaunda told Breeze News that his brothers, sisters and friends have since been advised to ensure that they do not involve Dr. Kaunda in active politics.

Government to float a tender for the extension of the Chipata-Mchinji Railway.

Government will soon float a tender for the extension of the Chipata-Mchinji Railway line to link TAZARA, the Tanzania-Zambia Railway line.
Deputy Minister of Works and Supply, Colonel Panji Kaunda says that companies have already started showing interest to carry out the works of the railway line, which will pass through Petauke District to Mpika.
Colonel Kaunda told Breeze News that the linking of the railway line to TAZARA will make it viable because currently it can only be used on a small scale.
He dismissed fears, that the railway line might become a white elephant because no activity has taken place since it was commissioned by former President, Rupiah Banda and his Malawian counterpart, Late Bingu wa Mutharika.
Colonel Kaunda says government is also soon expected to start constructing a dry port for the railway line following the approval of the 2013 national budget.
Meanwhile Colonel Kaunda has dismissed media reports that Dr. Kenneth Kaunda has negotiated for him to succeed President, Michael Sata.
Colonel Kaunda wondered how his father can arrange for him to succeed President Sata when he is not part of the PF Party’s inner circle.

And Colonel Kaunda has condemned the internal wrangles among PF cabinet ministers stating that there is need for the ministers to resolve their misunderstandings amicably than using the media.

Chipata Municipal Council wants Chiparamba, Feni and Chipangali areas to become districts.

Chipata Municipal Council has proposed that President Michael Sata must create Chiparamba, Feni and Chipangali areas as districts.

The full council meeting that sat yesterday had initially proposed that only Feni and Chiparamba should be created districts.

However, Chipata Central Member of Parliament Reuben Mtolo Phiri further proposed the inclusion of Chipangali as a district.
The proposal was fully backed by Chipangali MP Vincent Mwale who said the creation of the new districts by the Head of State was a good idea for the decentralization purposes.

And Eastern Province Permanent Secretary, Emmanuel Mwamba says that he has written to President Sata to confer Chipata with city status.

Mr Mwamba says Chipata has all infrastructures such as a university, a cathedral among other requirements for a city status.

Four people acquitted on murder and aggravated robbery charges.

Four people of Petauke district yesterday walked to freedom after being acquitted on one count of murder and two counts of aggravated robbery.
The Chipata High Court however, convicted the fifth suspect to 15 years imprisonment on one count of aggravated robbery.
The five were jointly charged together in three counts of two aggravated robberies and murder committed in separate incidences at Barza Ulye Shop and Petauke Filling Station.
High Court Judge, Fulgence Chisanga said that she had acquitted Davy Zimba, William Phiri, Lulu Phiri and Samson Phiri because the state failed to prove to the court that the four were involved in the two robberies.
She castigated the police for failure to get finger prints on objects to prove that the suspects were the ones who committed the offences during the time.
And Judge, Fugies Chisanga said that she had decided to convict Christopher Mwansa because the safe and shelve that were stolen from Barza Ulye Shop were directly linked to the suspect.
Particulars of the offences are that on, 23rd March, this year, unknown people broke into Barzar Ulye Shop in Petauke and stole over 117 million Kwacha cash and goods worth 177,000 Kwacha, all valued at over 5 million Kwacha.
And on 9th April, this year, suspected robberies broke into Petauke filling station through the back window and killed a security guard, Jabesi Phiri and stole assorted goods and drinks.

Shortage of yellow fever vaccines has hit all hospitals in Eastern Province.

Eastern Province has been hit with shortage of a vaccine for yellow fever for quite some time now.
This came to light during the Epidemic Preparedness and Epidemic meeting held in Chipata.
Almost all presentations by districts situated near the border areas showed that they have run out of the vaccine, a situation which has made people travelling to other countries not to be vaccinated against the disease.
And Provincial Medical Director, Kennedy Malama says that the vaccine which is being bought at 250,000 Kwacha per dose is expensive to procure.
Dr. Malama mentioned hospitals that are registered to have the vaccine as Petauke district hospital, St Francis Mission hospital and Chipata General Hospital.
He however, could not mention when the vaccine will be available in these hospitals.

A 26 year old man of Petauke district sentenced to 25 years imprisonment for defilement.

The Chipata High Court this morning sentenced a 26 year old man of Petauke district to 25 years imprisonment with hard labour for defiling and infecting a girl under 16 years of age with a sexually transmitted disease.
Particulars of the offence are that, on 17th March, this year, Jenson Mwale, defiled a girl less than 16 years and infected her with a sexually transmitted disease.
Facts are that Mwale grabbed and forced the girl into his house and had carnal knowledge of her.
And when passing ruling Judge, Fugies Chisanga, says it is unfortunate that Mwale who was expected to be the father forced, slept and infected the girl who was supposed to be protected by him.
And Judge Chisanga also slapped a 15 years sentence on, Sauteni Sakala, from Chipata district for the similar offence.
Particulars of the offence are that on 18 June this year, Sakala had carnal knowledge of a girl less than 16 years of age.
Facts are that the hospital documents confirmed that the girl had swollen body parts after Sakala had sex with her.