Kalichelo Dam in Kasenengwa Constituency of Chipata district could dry up.

Kalichelo Dam in Kasenengwa Constituency of Chipata district could dry up due to indiscriminate cutting down of trees around the area.
Provincial Water Officer, Charles Changa says that if measures are not taken to address the situation, the dam will dry up.
Mr. Changa was speaking during inspections of dams by Deputy Minister of Mines, Energy and Water Development, Charles Zulu.
Mr. Changa says that while some people are cutting down the trees other are have started planning to build houses and other commercial ventures.
He pointed out that the dam has the potential to assist the community with safe drinking water and irrigation farming if protected.
And the Deputy Minister of Mines Energy and Water Development, Charles Zulu, called on the department to peacefully dialogue with the people trying to carry out the construction works near the dam.
Mr. Zulu says there is need to engage a named businessman on the need to rescind his decision of constructing a lodge near the dam.

The Veterinary Department in Eastern Province has confiscated 283 birds, illegally brought into the country.

The Veterinary Department in Eastern Province has confiscated 283 birds, which were illegally brought into the country by a named businessman in Chipata.
The chickens that were captured at Mwami Border and Old Jim Compound are believed to have been imported from the neighbouring Malawi.
Provincial Veterinary Officer, Author Mumbolomena told Breeze News that the birds were confiscated because they were found to have no stock movement permit to be allowed in Zambia.
Dr. Mumbolomena also says that the birds were confiscated because they might have contracted diseases from their country of origin which might spread to Zambia and affect the poultry industry.
He says that the department will not allow any birds without permit to be sold in Zambia as this will kill the poultry industry adding that people in Zambia are capable of producing their own birds.
Dr. Mumbolomena says that the captured birds will be destroyed this afternoon.

Luangeni MP Charles Zulu defends himself against statements that he is taking a lion’s share of developmental projects.

Luangeni area Member of Parliament, Charles Zulu, has expressed disappointment with the recent attacks on him from some area members of parliament who are questioning why government has been taking most of the developmental projects to Luangeni.
Speaking to Breeze News, Mr. Zulu says that the claims by some MPs that he is hijacking and directing some projects to Luangeni constituency is unfortunate and not true.
Mr. Zulu says the recent attacks during the full council meeting concerning projects of drilling 16 boreholes and electrification in Luangeni is unfortunate because such projects are being done in other constituencies.
He explained that there is nothing wrong if an MP lobbies for his or her constituency because that is what is expected of a member of parliament.
Mr. Zulu explained that the 1.2 billion Kwacha for the drilling of 16 boreholes in Luangeni was sourced from the Ministry of Local Government and Housing and not his ministry.
Mr. Zulu is deputy minister in the Ministry of Mines, Energy and Water Development.

Chipangali Area Member of Parliament, Vincent Mwale is reported to have complained on why REA, the Rural Electrification Authority are only carrying out the electrification project in Luangeni living out other areas.

Public service workers will soon have their personal asserts reviewed.

Government is in the process of reviewing asserts for public service workers.
This follows the reinstatement of abuse of office bill.
Eastern Province Minister, Malozo Sichone, says some civil servants have amassed a lot of assets at the expense of the poor through corruption and abuse of office.
Mr Sichone has also warned that he will not tolerate inefficiencies in the processing of payments of money for projects to take more than 48 hours as this was delaying the implementation of developmental programmes.
He says that it is disappointing, unacceptable and counter-productive that processing of payments takes as long as one month.
Speaking when he met heads of government departments, the minister urged all the officers in the province to report to him any delay in the processing of payments including personal claims which he said should only take two days.
He reminded all heads of government departments that there were in offices to serve the people of Eastern Province.
Meanwhile, Mr Sichone says that the government does not promote lawlessness where trading is done in the streets.
He was however quick to point out that government will not allow its people to go to bed without a meal in the name of ridding the streets of vendors.

Zambia named team of the year as Manchester City midfielder Yaya Toure scoops the African Player of the Year award.

African Nations Cup winners Zambia have been named team of the year with coach Herve Renard named coach of the year.
Zambia was named team of the year at a glamorous Glo-CAF Awards Gala in Accra, Ghana last night.
And English football club Manchester City midfielder Yaya Toure has been named the African Player of the Year for a second time.
Toure beat fellow Ivory Coast star and former Chelsea striker Didier Drogba into second place with former Arsenal midfielder Alex Song third.
He won the 2012 poll in a vote of head coaches or technical directors of countries affiliated to the Confederation of African Football.
Ex-Barcelona striker Samuel Eto’o holds the most titles, having won four times.
And Egyptian and Al Ahly midfielder Mohamed Aboutreika was crowned African player of the Year Based in Africa. The 34-year old bagged his second title after winning the same award in 2008.
He beat the Zambian duo of Rainfold Kalaba and Stophira Sunzu.

Authorities at Madzimoyo Rural Health Centre in Chipata complain of facing serious water shortage during the dry season.

Authorities at Madzimoyo Rural Health Centre in Chipata have complained of facing serious shortage of water supply during the dry season.
Nurse In charge, Mary Zulu, says the only open well dries up during the dry season, a situation which causes panic to members of staff because it is difficult to carry out deliveries.
Mrs. Zulu says the well has a submissive pump but water levels go down between September and December.
She stated the need for government to find an alternative solution to the challenge because pregnant women face serious problems when delivering.
And Mrs. Zulu has expressed happiness that it is now easy to work and store medicine after connection of power to the rural health centre.
And Provincial Water Officer, Charles Changa, says the department will soon attend to the water problem.

The Electoral Commission of Zambia has launched a media group to link the commission to media houses.

The Electoral Commission of Zambia, ECZ says the media has the power to stop electoral malpractices.
ECZ Chairperson Ireen Mambilima says that it is therefore important for media people to have full understanding of the electoral process.
Breeze FM Staffer, Gift Phiri reports from Lusaka that Ms. Mambilima was speaking when she officially launched the ECZ Media Corp.
Ms. Mambilima pointed out that the media must take election as a process and not a one day thing.
She also said that the media must be fair and accurate and should concentrate on issues and not personalities so that people are well informed.
And ECZ Director, Pricilla Isaacs expressed hope that the formation of the media Corp will enhance relationship between ECZ and the Media.
Ms. Isaacs also expressed hope that this will improve electoral reporting because in the past, there were challenges in accurate reporting by some media houses.
The ECZ media Corp is a group of journalists that will become the main link of the commission and media houses.

Government says that the growth triangle should benefit all countries involved.

Government says that the growth triangle should benefit all countries involved.
Eastern Province Minister, Malozo Sichone also says that the project and activities that will be planned under the growth triangle should not come across any stumbling blocks in terms of resource mobilisation.
Mr. Sichone was speaking at the official opening of the Zambia-Malawi-Mozambique growth Triangle Pre-Ministerial Meeting held in Chipata.
The minister said that whatever will be resolved during the meeting should be for the good of the three countries.
Mr. Sichone says that this will enable the member states speed up development in their respective countries.
He says that it is a rare opportunity for three countries to sit in such a manner and discuss developmental issues because other countries sit in such a manner to resolve conflicts.
Mr. Sichone also urged the members of the growth triangle to remain committed in discussing issues that are aimed at alleviating poverty in their countries.

The Patriotic Front Party in Eastern Province calls for hard work, unity and discipline among its members.

The ruling PF, Patriotic Front Party in Eastern Province has appealed for hard work, unity and discipline among its members.
According to a press statement availed to Breeze News signed by, PF Acting Provincial Secretary, Leonard Banda, members have also been advised to be loyal to the party.
Mr. Banda says that these principles are fundamental in strengthening the PF party and helping the government realise an objective implementation of its policies.
And Mr. Banda says that there is a rise in dark corner meetings, parallel structures and what he has described as general generation of purported in fighting in the PF Party in Eastern Province.
He says that this has come about due to new members that have joined PF and are not abiding and adhering to the norms, values, beliefs and disciplinary code of the party.
Mr. Banda says that to curtail this, the party has taken measures, which should be followed by all party members.
The party has banned unsanctioned meetings, holding of press conferences and issuance of press statements without clearance by the provincial committee.
Creation of any structure at any level without consent, filling up of vacant party positions and conducting of business in the name of the party or the president have all been banned.

Chiefs in Eastern Province submit eight recommendations, which they want government to act upon.

Chiefs in Eastern Province have submitted eight recommendations, which they want government to act upon.

Among the recommendations, the traditional leaders have asked government to consider reviving the orientation programme for newly recognized chiefs as well as the old ones to enhance effective and efficient performance of their functions.

In a resolution passed yesterday at a two days meeting held in Chipata and signed by House of Chiefs Chairperson, Chief Madzimawe, the traditional leaders said the training should include entrepreneurship or business skills.

The traditional leaders further asked the Government to review the Land Act of 1995 so that the role of the traditional leaders in the alienation of the land is properly recognized.

The traditional leaders also appealed to the government to consider extending medical assistance to their spouses.

They also asked the government to remove the provision of acting chief because it has the potential of worsening the problem of succession wrangles.

Meanwhile, Chiefs and Traditional Affairs Minister, Nkandu Luo implored chiefs to work with the current government in order to foster developmental projects in the country.

Professor Luo however, expressed sadness that some chiefdoms were experiencing wrangles including boundary disputes, saying the trend is retrogressive to the nation.

She stated that the boundary disputes were mainly as a result of the 1958 and 1938 maps.