Social cash transfer scheme to reach all districts

Government says the social cash transfer scheme will be scaled to cater all districts in the country by the end of 2017.

In Eastern Province, this means the program will also be rolled out to Chadiza and Nyimba districts.

Provincial Assistant Secretary, Royde Tembo, says that this follows significant positive impact the program has had on beneficiaries from the time it started in 2003.

He said that the scaling up process will see the number of beneficiaries increase from over 240,000 to over 500,000 beneficiary households in the country.

Mr. Tembo, said this when he officially opened an orientation workshop for district welfare assistant committees on the new electronic payment system, which will now be used in the social cash transfer program.

He said the electronic payment system will be introduced in order to deal with challenges that the manual payments system has been presenting.

Mr. Tembo said the new system has a lot of benefits such as secure payment, timely delivery of transfers, risks of carrying money, as well as lessen administrative costs such as paying pay point managers.

Eastern together with Lusaka and Central, will be the first provinces where the system will be piloted, before it is rolled to other parts of the country.

Township road works resume in Chipata

Sable Construction Company has resumed works on township roads in Chipata district.

Chipata Municipal Council Town Clerk Davies Musenge has confirmed to Breeze News.

Mr. Musenge says that government released some money to the contractor to resume the works adding that the contract has even been extended.

He says that the contract has been extended because government realised that delay in releasing the money had affected the period for which the works were supposed to be carried out.

And Sable Construction Company Director, Nazir Aloo says that company has started drainage and earth moving works on Kalindawalo road.

Mr. Aloo says that the works of putting bitumen will start at a later stage because of rains, which might affect the quality of works.

He added that the company is also working on the drainage system in Kapata Township, whose works were not completed earlier.

Cooperative leaders warned over e-voucher cards

The Ministry of Agriculture has warned cooperative leaders, who are holding on to e-voucher cards belonging to farmers that it is an offence.

Chipata District Agriculture Coordinator, Michael Ngulube says that e-voucher cards are personal documents, which are supposed to be kept by owners.

Mr. Ngulube says that cooperative leaders, who are holding on to the cards risk being arrested.

He was responding to complaints from some farmers that some cooperative leaders have withheld their cards for unknown reasons.

Mr. Ngulube has encouraged any farmer, whose card has been withheld to report the matter to police.