Government grant for traditional ceremonies too little

Chief Madzimawe of the Ngoni people has asked government to increase grants for traditional ceremonies.

The traditional leader says the current 5,000 Kwacha grant that government releases towards the hosting of big traditional ceremonies such as Nc’wala is too minimal.

Chief Madzimawe was speaking during the Nc’wala Ceremony preparatory meeting at Laweni in M’tenguleni yesterday.

Chief Madzimawe, who is former House of Chiefs Chairperson, noted that traditional ceremonies such as Nc’wala of the Ngoni, Kuomboka of the Lozi and Kusefya Pang’wena of the Bemba need to be well funded by government.

He says this is so because big ceremonies attract a huge number of people who need to be catered for by the organising committees.

The traditional leader wondered why the grant from government was reduced from the previous years when it was about 15 thousand Kwacha.

A 17 year old boy nabbed for defiling 13 year old girl

A 17 year old boy of Chadiza District has been detained at Chadiza police Station for allegedly defiling a 13 year old girl.

Chadiza District Commissioner George Phiri who ordered for the detention of the boy confirmed the development to Zambia News and Information Services in Chadiza.

This is after the District Commissioner George Phiri found the named girl who is a grade eight at Kabvumo basic school locked up in a classroom after she was apprehended for running away from her parents’ home on the pretence that she was going for evening studies when in the actual fact she went to the boy’s hut where she spent the whole night with him.

Mr. Phiri ordered for both the girl and boy to be taken to his office for counselling and it was whilst the two were being counselled at the DCs office when the boy submitted that he had canal knowledge of the girl but he insisted that he had used a condom.

The district commissioner then handed both the girl and the boy to the police Victims Support Unit where he directed that medicals should be done and if possible the boy should be arrested for defilement.

The boy is still in police custody waiting for the medical report for the girl to be handed over to the police.

School to reopen after being closed indefinitely

Chisitu Primary School, which was closed indefinitely three months ago due to teachers’ harassment by the community is set to reopen tomorrow.

Eastern Province Education Officer Allan Lingambe revealed this to Breeze News in an interview.

Dr. Lingambe says that seven new teachers and a new head teacher have been mobilized to take up the job at Chisitu Primary School.

He says that following a fruitful meeting organized by Chief Chanje, the Mayor and the community, the ministry is happy to say that the school will be opened on Monday.

Dr. Lingambe says the onus is now on the community to take care of the new team of teachers and the head teacher.

He commended the community for taking up the challenge to clean up the school surrounding and engage a security guard in the absence of the school authorities.

And Dr. Lingambe explained that the two teachers that are at Chisitu School are serving suspension and will be moved to pave way for the new team.