Farmers fear tobacco ban

Some tobacco farmers have called on EFAZ the Eastern Foodya Association of Zambia to dialogue with chiefs and find ways of preventing the tobacco ban.

Emmanuel Jere and Nason Banda of Chief Mnukwa’s area, say that concerns by traditional leaders that tobacco growing is leading to deforestation are genuine.

The two farmers however, feel that stopping people from growing tobacco can have a serious negative effect on people’s economic status.

They therefore feel, associations together with TBZ, the Tobacco Board of Zambia must instead find ways to encourage farmers to plant more trees.

Recently, some traditional leaders, especially Chief Chanje of the Chewa people in Chipata have warned that if there is no improvement in the planting of trees, they would ban tobacco growing to serve the forests from destruction.

Police pick up dead body

A 39 year old man has been found dead near Lunkhwakwa stream in Chipata district.

Eastern Province deputy police commissioner, Diamond Likashi has confirmed the incident to Breeze News.

Mr. Likashi identified the man as Hambe Ngulube, aged 39 years and believed to be from Mchini compound.

He says Mr. Ngulube was found dead in the early hours of yesterday.

He says the police, who went to the scene do not suspect any foul play.

Mr. Likashi added that the body is lying in the Chipata Central Hospital mortuary awaiting post-mortem

ZESCO applies for 75% tariff increase

The Zambia Electricity Supply Corporation ZESCO has applied to increase tariffs by 75 per cent.

Energy Regulation Board ERB Director for Consumer and Public Affairs Agnes Phiri has confirmed to Breeze News in a statement.

Ms. Phiri says that the application on average is in two phases starting with 50 per cent on 1st May and a further 25 per cent in September 2017.

She says that following this application, the ERB will now proceed to consider the proposed tariff increases in line with the provision of the law that governs electricity tariff determination.

Ms. Phiri says that ERB will therefore, be receiving submission from the public in view of the ZESCO application within the next 30 days as stipulated by the law.

She has stated that ERB will convene a public hearing to consider submissions from members of the public.

East UPND against ICC consultation process

The United Party for National Development UPND in Eastern Province is against government’s decision to carry out a consultative process on Zambia’s position on its membership to ICC, the International Criminal Court.

Provincial Spokesperson, Victor Mbuzi says that the exercise is a waste of public resources, which are supposed to go towards national development.

Mr. Mbuzi told Breeze News that the matter of Zambia remaining an ICC member or not, is non-negotiable because the country should remain a member of ICC.

He says that Zambia should remain a member of ICC because it will assist to have leaders, who will at all times avoid crimes against humanity.

Mr. Mbuzi dismissed concerns from African leaders that ICC has not been impartial in its operations because only African leaders are being prosecuted.

He says that Zambians have nothing to fear because their leaders have not committed any crime that would warrant ICC intervention.

The consultation process on Zambia’s position on its membership to the International Criminal Court commenced yesterday.


Provincial administration to take over Printing Press

The provincial administration wants to take over the printing press in Chipata, which has been lying idle.

Eastern Province Permanent Secretary Chanda Kasolo says that he has already communicated to the director in the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Services over the matter.

Mr. Kasolo says that his office wants to operationalize the printing press to create about 100 direct jobs for youths in the region.

He explained that one team of the youths will be involved in printing while another group will be involved in marketing.

Mr. Kasolo says that the provincial administration will also ensure that district commissioners are involved in getting all printing business works from their districts.

Eastern Province records a reduction in cases of Tuberculosis.

Eastern Province has recorded a decrease in cases of Tuberculosis, TB in the last one year.

Communicable Disease Control Specialist based at the Provincial Health Officer, Jairos Mulambya says in 2016 the province recorded a reduction in cases compared to 2015.

Speaking to Breeze News, Dr. Mulembya explained that the province in 2016 recorded 1,935 cases while in 2015, it recorded 2,150 cases.

He says that 87 per cent of the 1,935 cases were treated successfully with 86 per cent complete cure.

Dr. Mulambya however, says that the region recorded 6 per cent mortality, which was lower than 2015, when the mortality rate stood at 9 per cent.

Dr. Mulambya called for stakeholders’ involvement in the fight against TB, stating that the Ministry of Health alone cannot manage to eradicate the disease.

High poverty leading to spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

High poverty levels among the youths have been cited as one of the major contributing factors to spread of HIV, sexually transmitted diseases and early pregnancies.

This came to light during a dissemination meeting for the national standards and guidelines for health friendly services in Chipata.

It was observed that most elderly men and women, often take advantage of the poverty levels to abuse youths, by offering them money and other materials.

The participants attributed the high poverty levels among the youths to lack of job opportunities.

During the discussions, it also came out that mobile markets, popularly known as Kabwandile, have also been contributing to sexual challenges that youths are facing.

It was revealed that in some cases, people take advantage of the Kabwandile to engage in sexual relationships.

Some traders selling expired goods in Chipata exposed.

Breeze FM has unearthed a scam where some traders in Chipata are selling expired goods to unsuspecting customers.

A check by Breeze News found that goods, which expired three weeks ago that include soft drinks like Tangy Cola were still being sold.

A further check revealed that dairy products like Bonita Milk, which are supposed to expire next week, are still on the shelves.

A team of inspectors from Chipata City Council who inspected a room where the goods are being stocked behind the shop, found large quantities of goods, which are about to expire.

The shop owners and workers at the shop, admitted wrong doing but insisted that it was not intentional because they receive high consignments of goods.

And Chipata City Council Public Relations Officer, Taonga Kaonga declined to comment on the matter until she receives a report from the inspection team.

Provincial administration to hold a job creation youth forum.

The provincial administration is to hold a youth forum aimed at interacting with young people on issues of job creation.

Eastern Province Permanent Secretary, Chanda Kasolo has confirmed this to Breeze News.

Mr. Kasolo says that the provincial administration wants the youths to be involved in developing the economy of the country since young people are future leaders.

He says that government wants to share with the youths how it will create jobs and how Eastern Province will advance in curbing unemployment.

Mr. Kasolo observed that one of the programmes, government intends to look at is the Pave Zambia road project, which has not benefited the youths.

Mr. Kasolo says that according to the initial plan, youth groups with support from government were supposed to be the ones involved in the Pave Zambia project.

He says that he has tasked Eastern Province Deputy Permanent Secretary, Patrick Mwanawasa to spearhead preparations for the youth forum.

Chipats city attracts investment in education sector.

The Ministry of General Education in Eastern Province says it has received a good number of applicants wanting to set up private schools, colleges and Universities in Chipata City.

Provincial Education Officer, Allan Lingambe told Breeze News that this follows the declaration of Chipata as a City.

Dr. Lingambe says his office is overwhelmed with the response from people as it will increase learning facilities in Chipata whose population is expected to increase with its new City status.

Dr Lingambe says this shows that people are willing to bring development in the city of Chipata.

He says the idea of setting up new schools, universities and colleges is a welcome move as it will assist in providing adequate school places for the learners.

Dr. Lingambe says what is required is land to be provided to the people willing to build learning facilities in Chipata city.