Councillor calls for demolition of some structures

Kapata ward councillor, Naphtali Banda says some of the structures that were built too close to Lunkhwakwa stream must be demolished.

He says this is the only way the flooding challenges that people in Old Jim area face will end.

Mr. Banda told Breeze News that building too close to the river has disturbed the water floor in the stream.

He was responding to complaints from residents who accused the council of not doing anything to end the flooding challenges.

Meanwhile, the residents have complained of the poor state of roads such as Kapata- Nabvutika, Mpezeni Park-Chimwemwe.

And Mr. Banda acknowledged that the roads need to be worked on.

He says that road works are expected to commence after the rain season is over adding that the project will also look at roads in Old Jim and Mthilansembe, as well as the bridge in New Jim area.

Chipata City Council statue in bad faith

As women celebrate International Women’s Day, a statue depicting a woman at Chipata City Council has come under attack.

Former Msandile Ward Councillor Hanille Jere says that the statue which depicts a woman with a baby on her back working in a field with a hoe represents oppression of the woman in its worst form.

Speaking to Breeze News, Ms Jere says that all women should demand that the Chipata City Council statue be removed to put an end to such cruel mentality and oppressive arts and hidden agendas.

And when contacted for a comment, Chipata Mayor, Sinoya Mwale says that Ms. Jere should engage the council on the matter.

Mr. Mwale says that the local authority is now open to suggestions that should push the development of the city forward.

Meanwhile Ms Jere says that women should realise they have a place in  modern history not only to sexually liberate themselves but to see and understand  that justice withheld from one person is justice removed from the whole society.

She says that failure to understanding this will only lead to deeper oppressive acts against women in a society that will fail to fully liberate the girl child in its fight for equal justice.

Ms. Jere says that International Women’s Day is not just a day to eat or dress well but a day to reflect and realistically add value to society.

High cases of gender based violence sadden President Lungu.

President Edgar Lungu says that he is deeply saddened with high cases of gender based violence in the country.

President Lungu further says that he is also saddened by increased cases of murder involving women adding that this must be stopped at all costs.

Speaking during International Women’s Day commemoration in Lusaka this afternoon, the president says that violence against women, children and men must be stopped.

He says that women constitute more than 50 per cent of the country’s population and therefore cannot be ignored in the pushing forward of the nation’s development agenda.

The head of state called upon all traditional leaders in the country to get involved in the fight against early marriages.

And President Lungu has directed Lands Minister Jean Kapata with support from traditional leaders to ensure that his 50-50 directive on land allocation between men and women is strictly followed.

He explained that government has put in place a legal framework that encourages women to have 50-50 equal opportunities to owning land.

Meanwhile President Lungu has reiterated that government does not have money to hold another referendum on the bill of rights.

He stated that he has heard a number of appeals from stakeholders to hold another referendum after a failed one last year, but indicated that the process is expensive.

President Lungu explained that the country has held two expensive elections in the last two years and that he now wanted to concentrate on taking resources towards ending poverty.

And Gender minister Victoria Kalima has paid tribute to President Lungu for his commitment to lifting the living standards of women.

Speaking earlier, Ms. Kalima also congratulated the head of state for being appointed the ambassador to ending child marriages in the southern region.

Ms. Kalima indicated that government is committed to reforms of ensuring equal rights for women and equal opportunities to being appointed to decision making positions.

And Ms. Kalima indicated that this year’s International Women Day commemoration had taken a different approach to showcase strides made by women.

She encouraged men and youths to support women and ensure that they fight gender based violence.

Congestion hits Saturday Market in Chipata

Traders at Saturday Market in Chipata have complained of congestion at the trading area.

Speaking to Breeze News, some traders who declined to be named complained that there is no enough space for all the traders to trade freely.

The traders appealed to Chipata City Council to quicken preparation of the extra trading space in the market so that they can trade freely.

But Saturday Market Chairperson Peter Soko says the market has enough space for all the traders to operate freely.

He says the only problem that forces traders to abandon their stands and trade from the streets, is the poor drainage system that floods most trading stands when it rains.

Mr Soko has asked the local authority to assist the market with proper drainage system.

Meanwhile Mr. Soko has appealed to the city council to quicken working on the power system for the market shelter because traders find it difficult to trade in the afternoon because it gets dark.

Bishop George Lungu talks for women and children

Women and children are the majority that suffer serious consequences during conflicts.

Speaking during the commemoration of DMI International Women’s Day in Chipata yesterday, Chipata Diocese Bishop, George Lungu, also says women are the most affected due to tribal, nation, political and religious conflicts.

He says the incident that happened in Lusaka, where six women from eight people died in a stampede at Olympic Youth Development Centre OYDC as they scrambled for food, is a clear testimony that women die in order to save life.

Bishop Lungu says saving life is an expensive venture and women are always ready to pay the price, adding that this is why celebrating International Women’s’ Day is a recognition of the role women play in people’s daily lives.

He says the theme for this year’s DMI International Women’s Day ‘’ Be Bold for Change ‘’ is a provoking theme because it has a story to tell.

Bishop Lungu says a lot of women have to be bold to challenge the culture of silence for the injustices done against them.

And Bishop Lungu says government has failed to appreciate most of the developmental projects, which the church has been carrying out in the province, such as sinking of boreholes in Vubwi and distribution of relief food in Nyimba district.

He says government has not paid the church for the two activities.