Provincial administration to hold a job creation youth forum.

The provincial administration is to hold a youth forum aimed at interacting with young people on issues of job creation.

Eastern Province Permanent Secretary, Chanda Kasolo has confirmed this to Breeze News.

Mr. Kasolo says that the provincial administration wants the youths to be involved in developing the economy of the country since young people are future leaders.

He says that government wants to share with the youths how it will create jobs and how Eastern Province will advance in curbing unemployment.

Mr. Kasolo observed that one of the programmes, government intends to look at is the Pave Zambia road project, which has not benefited the youths.

Mr. Kasolo says that according to the initial plan, youth groups with support from government were supposed to be the ones involved in the Pave Zambia project.

He says that he has tasked Eastern Province Deputy Permanent Secretary, Patrick Mwanawasa to spearhead preparations for the youth forum.

Chipats city attracts investment in education sector.

The Ministry of General Education in Eastern Province says it has received a good number of applicants wanting to set up private schools, colleges and Universities in Chipata City.

Provincial Education Officer, Allan Lingambe told Breeze News that this follows the declaration of Chipata as a City.

Dr. Lingambe says his office is overwhelmed with the response from people as it will increase learning facilities in Chipata whose population is expected to increase with its new City status.

Dr Lingambe says this shows that people are willing to bring development in the city of Chipata.

He says the idea of setting up new schools, universities and colleges is a welcome move as it will assist in providing adequate school places for the learners.

Dr. Lingambe says what is required is land to be provided to the people willing to build learning facilities in Chipata city.