Ministry of Tourism targets K11 million in tourism levy

The Ministry of Tourism has projected to collect about 11 million Kwacha through tourism levy for this year.

This follows the introduction of tourist levy by Government, which came into effect on March 1, 2017.

Ministry of Tourism Principal Inspector, Mwinga Chilube says the levy is a tourist tax that will be collected from persons both local and international, who utilize applicable tourist enterprises in Zambia.

Ms Chilube says the levy is a public fund that will not go to the national treasury but retained in the tourism sector for various developmental activities.

She says the Ministry of Tourism is working in collaboration with ZRA, the Zambia Revenue Authority to collect tourism levy.

She was speaking during a presentation at the tourism levy sensitization and education program in Chipata this morning.

Ms Chilube mentioned some of the activities the tourism levy will be used for as tourism marketing and promotion and diversification of the tourism products.

She says the levy will assist market and improve tourism in order to make Zambia a top five tourist destination area in the sub-Saharan Africa region.

The Principal Inspector urged people in the hospitality industry in Chipata to comply with the law by paying tourism levy without fail.

New payment system for cotton farmers

The Zambia Cotton Ginners Association has suggested using electronic payment to cotton growers in Petauke and Nyimba districts.

Eastern Province Cotton Board Inspector, Gift Mulungushi says that the payment system is to protect farmers from moving long distances with huge sums of money and for safe keeping.

He was speaking at the cotton farmer sensitisation meeting in Makonda’s Nyamphande chiefdom in Petauke district.

Mr. Mulungushi emphasized that this year, all cotton growers in the two districts will be paid their money after selling cotton through financial service providers.

He explained that the move is also being taken following a directive from Bank of Zambia that no ginner or cotton buyer will be allowed to withdraw more than 25,000 Kwacha per day to pay farmers.

The project is being implemented in collaboration with financial service providers like mobile phone companies.

Mr. Mulungushi advised cotton growers to open accounts with financial service providers to easily access their money after selling cotton.

Mwami hospital recording high cases of malaria.

Out of 1,000 people that seek medical attention at Mwami Adventist Hospital, 900 are diagnosed with malaria.

Mwami Hospital Human Resource Management Officer Christopher Mufwakabanze says the hospital records high rate of malaria from the communities in the surrounding area.

Mr. Mufwakabanze says the distribution of the mosquito nets will help reduce the number of malaria cases.

He was speaking yesterday during the launch of World Malaria Day whose theme is ‘’End Malaria for Good’’ under the motto “Malaria Ends with Me”.

And Government has appealed to headmen to make sure that mosquito nets are properly used by the people.

Speaking at the same launch, District Administrative Officer Kapembwa Sikazwe says in the past, people have been using nets to fish and tying of charcoal bags.

Mr. Sikazwe says government is in July to August this year expected to start distribution of nets and that headmen should take interest to stop the misuse of the nets.

He says proper use of mosquito nets will help eliminate malaria by the year 2018 adding that a number of partners have come on board to fight the killer disease.

Mr Sikazwe says mass distribution of treated nets will be repeated every after three years while a continuous distribution will be done in health centres for children under 5 years and pregnant women.

He urged partners and government ministries to work tirelessly to ensure they secure storage sites for the nets so that the campaign is a success.




Five traffic police officers to be judged on May 8

The Chipata Magistrate Court has set May 8th, 2017 as day of judgement in a case where five traffic police officers were arrested for alleged corrupt practices.

The five police officers yesterday appeared for mention before Magistrate Pauline Mulenga.

Facts of the matter are that Cletus Lungu, Malumo Sitwala, Felix Chalamba, Exildah Kabanda and Abigail Samatunga in September 2013 allegedly solicited for cash, gratification from motorists at a check point along the Chipata-Lundazi road.

The five officers were arrested in September, 2013 by ACC, the Anti-Corruption Commission.

Meanwhile, the Chipata Magistrate court has sentenced Gerald Tonga of Nabvutika Compound to twelve months imprisonment with hard labour for house breaking and theft.

Facts of the matter are that on March 20, 2017, Tonga broke into the dwelling house of Elisha Banda through the window and stole beddings and female clothes all valued at 500 Kwacha.

The prosecution called five witnesses to prove its case while Tonga did not call any witness in his defence.

In mitigation, Tonga said the prison conditions were very bad and that there was no one to look after his family, which he sustains through piece works.

He asked for forgiveness adding that he had learnt a lesson from what he did.

But Magistrate Mulenga said she considered what was said in mitigation that he was a first offender and sentenced him to 12 months imprisonment with hard labour with effect from
the day of arrest to deter would be offenders.

Sable Construction Company denies being paid

Sable Construction Company says it has not been paid money to start working on township roads in Chipata.

Managing Director, Iye Alloo told Breeze News that he is still waiting for money from government to start works on the township roads.

Mr. Alloo says the company has been using its own resources to conduct some works on the roads.

Mr. Alloo says engineers are currently mobilizing machines so that they can start working on the roads as soon as they receive funding from government, since the rain season is over.

He however, did not mention how much money the company is expecting from government, stating that he has no information at the moment about any payment that has been made to the company.

On Tuesday, Chipata Central Constituency Member of Parliament, Moses Mawere told the media that Government has started paying contractors including Sable so that they start working on stalled township road projects.

The stalled township road works in Chipata include Kalindawalo Road, Katopola-Walela-Chizongwe and Findeco road, which are being constructed at a cost of 153.5 million Kwacha.

Two people nabbed for murder

Police in Chipata have apprehended two suspects in connection with the attack and murder of a Chipata couple of Moth area.

Eastern Province Police Commissioner, Alex Chilufya told Breeze News that Rodgers Shamukale aged 49, a former worker for the couple and Mike Phiri, 37 both of Soweto Compound in Chipata were arrested on Tuesday afternoon.

Mr. Chilufya says Police swung into action and managed to arrest the two suspects, who are currently in police custody.

He says recovery of property, which includes are television set and two decoders is underway.

Esther Chiwala, 73, died yesterday after being attacked with her husband, Bernard Muchuchuti, 78 by unknown people at their home in Moth residential area.

Meanwhile, police in Petauke have apprehended five key suspects in connection with the murder of Diana Phiri aged 70 of Chief Nyamphande’s area.

Mr. Chilufya named the suspects as Ackim Zulu 33, Bethany Mwale 25, Fackson Moyo 26, Philip Phiri 37 and Kennedy Chirwa 45, all of Undu village in Chief Nyamphande.

He says the suspects whilst acting together with other unknown people on April 19th, 2017 murdered Diana Phiri aged 70 in Petauke district.

This was after she had one of them reported to police for a case of suspected abduction of a minor.

Armed robbers attack old couple, kill wife in Chipata

Armed robbers have killed an elderly woman and seriously injured her husband in Chipata’s Moth residential area.

Eastern Province Police Commissioner, Alex Chilufya has confirmed the incident to Breeze News.

Mr. Chilufya says that Bernard Muchuchuti, 78 and his wife Esther Chiwala, 73, were attacked by unknown robbers in the early hours of today.

He says that Esther suffered two deep cuts on the back of the head and one on the right ear.

Mr. Chilufya says that a hoe was used in the attack, which left the husband unconscious.

He says that the robbers got away with a television set and two decoders from the house.

The police chief says that Margate Zulu, 30, a Maid of Mchini compound discovered the scene as she reported for work at 07 hours.

Eight pupils fall pregnant at Kabele School in Petauke

Eight pupils have dropped out of school after falling pregnant at Kabele Primary School in Petauke district.

President for Tisinthe Saving and Internal Lending Communities Simon Zulu revealed this in an interview with Breeze News on Tuesday morning.

Mr. Zulu says that pregnancy cases among pupils in Petauke Central Constituency have become a matter of public concern.

He says that cases of early marriage have also become rampant with an increase in sexually transmitted diseases.

Mr. Zulu expressed concern that pregnancy cases were affecting girls below the age of 16 with those in grade six and seven being victims.

He has urged the authorities to take critical interest in the matter to ensure disparities experienced in the education of girls and boys in Petauke are addressed.

Provincial Education Officer, Allan Lingambe could not be reached for comment by News time.

A five year old boy murdered in Sinda district

A five year old boy of Chanjobvu Camp in Sinda district has been murdered.

And police have detained the mother to the boy identified as Monica Nyambe aged 37 to assist with investigations.

Eastern Province Police Commissioner Alex Chilufya told Breeze News that Dickson Banda was found dead in a bush few metres from his mother’s house.

Mr. Chilufya says that the murder is believed to have occurred between 21 hours on Sunday and 05 hours yesterday.

He says that the body was hanging from the shrubs with a mosquito net to appear like suicide but suffocation by strangulation is highly suspected.

The police chief says that the body awaits post-mortem.

Lundazi hospital works reach 90 per cent

Construction works of Lundazi district hospital at cost of 23 million Kwacha is at 90 percent completion.

Eastern Province Medical Director, Abel Kabalo says the works are progressing well and will be completed next month.

Dr. Kabalo says that phase one of the project, which started in 2010 by China Gansi has gobbled 4.4 million Kwacha and includes works of constructing a Service Block, maternity Block and Theatre ward.

Dr. Kabalo says phase two of the works, which started in 2013 at a cost of 8.7 million Kwacha by Shachitali Contractor include the construction of a mortuary, Incinerator, male ward, Outside Patient Department and four medium cost staff houses.

He says phase three works, which started in 2015 at a cost of 10 million Kwacha by Mercury Contractors include construction of children and female wards and six low cost staff houses.

Dr. Kabalo says government has paid out money to the three contractors carrying out the works while other payments are being made upon receiving a request from a contractor.

He says the contractors are now finalising the buildings by painting, roofing and putting traces.

Dr. Kabalo says once the hospital is completed, it will be handed over to government for the official opening so that it starts operating.

The medical director noted that the completion of Lundazi district hospital will reduce on the referral cases in the district.