Couple jailed for four months for selling unwholesome meat

The Chipata Magistrate Court has sentenced a couple from Munga Compound in Chipata to four months simple imprisonment for selling unwholesome meat contrary to the laws of Zambia.

Senior Magistrate Bonface Mwala this morning sentenced Ruth Mwanza and Charles Mwanza after finding them guilty of selling food not fit for human consumption.

Facts of the matter are that Ruth Mwanza 34 whilst acting together with Charles Mwanza 32 on January 10, 2017 offered unwholesome food to people in Munga compound contrary to the laws of Zambia.

The couple was first charged with public nuisance as they were allegedly accused of selling dog meat.

The court then changed the case to that of selling unwholesome food due to lack of evidence from the veterinary lab test conducted on the meat.

The Veterinary Department later presented their results in court indicating that the meat was that of a calf and not dog.

Magistrate Mwala said the offence committed by the accused was not a serious one and attracted a Maximum sentence of six months simple imprisonment.

He however, said the food the couple was selling posed threat to humans and that the case attracted media attention.

Government urged to lift ban on maize export.

The government has been advised to quickly lift the ban on export of maize.

Chipata District Farmers Association CDFA says that this will be the only way in which farmers will make profit from their produce.

Coordinator, Virgil Malambo says that the association is predicting a situation where high production of maize will be chasing a limited market.

Mr. Malambo says that with the high cost of production that was involved in producing the maize, it is important that farmers are given permission to sell their maize to anyone with a better price.

And Mr. Malambo has described as unfortunate, reports that some farmers, who are desperate for money, have started selling maize, which has not yet been harvested.

He says that farmers should diversify in their farming activities to avoid situations where they start relying on one crop and fall prey to unscrupulous traders.

PF in Chipata conduct solidarity march in support of President Lungu

The Patriotic Front Party PF in Chipata today held a solidarity march in support of the President for exercising patience when his motorcade was blocked by UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema in Mongu.

PF District Chairperson Peter Musimuko told Breeze News that the party members marched to the provincial Minister’s Office to support the president.

Mr. Musimuko stated that if the president had not exercised patience and decided to use the law, those who blocked his motorcade could have been shot by police.

And Mr Musimuko says that members of the ruling party this morning presented a petition to police and the provincial minister calling for the arrest of all those who were involved in the blocking of the presidential motorcade in Mongu.

He says that the PF also wants police to arrest all those that have been insulting the president in Chipata district using social media.

Mr. Msimuko alleged that a group of youths, who are claiming to be PF members, are using a social media block sponsored by well-known people to cause confusion in the PF.

Nyimba Bridge to be reconstructed.

The Road Development Agency, RDA has included additional works in the construction of Great East Road.

RDA Regional Manager, Thomas Zimba says that additional works involve the reconstruction of Nyimba Bridge to make it stronger.

Mr. Zimba says that two culverts in the same area will also be rehabilitated.

He says that a stretch of 500 meters diversion has already been created for motorists and other road users to be using in order to pave way for the works.

Mr. Zimba explained that RDA observed that Nyimba Bridge situated on the Great East Road needed to be to be improved to strengthen its life span.

He says rehabilitation of the Nyimba Bridge will make it stronger to support the road whose life span is 20 years.

Mr. Zimba says the rehabilitation works of the Bridge and the culverts will be completed in August this year.

He added that the whole 360 kilometre Great East Road will be handed over to government in October this year.

UPND slams MMD over Mongu incident

The United Party for National Development UPND has slammed MMD for alleging that its leader Hakainde Hichilema does not respect President Edgar Lungu.

Provincial Chairperson Paul Thole says that his party is also unhappy with MMD Provincial Chairperson Jacob Mwanza’s insinuation that Mr. Hichilema deliberately blocked president Lungu’s motorcade in Mongu.

Mr. Thole charged that Mr. Mwanza needs to understand that Mr. Hichilema and UPND as a party had no reason to block Mr. Lungu’s motorcade because they respect the office of the president.

The UPND provincial chairperson has advised the MMD to acquaint itself with procedures of political motorcades when a party leader is visiting a province.

He says that motorcades are led by party provincial chairpersons and not the party president.

On Wednesday Mr. Mwanza strongly condemned the UPND leader over the Mongu incident and appealed to government to take serious action so that others can learn that Zambia has rules and laws.