Private sector told not to work in isolation

The private sector and non-governmental organizations operating in Katete district have been challenged to work together with government in the execution of their projects and programs.

During a DDCC, District Development Coordinating Committee meeting held in Katete, it was discovered that some organizations and the private sector are working in isolation without involving government departments.

This was viewed as one of the reasons why some projects fail to continue after donor funded activities phase out.

But during the DDCC meeting, stakeholders agreed that such projects need to take a multi-sectoral approach in future to maintain continuity.

And giving a brief on the outcomes of the DDCC meeting, Katete district commissioner, Joseph Makukula, said he supports the call, because it would help impact knowledge on government departments from experts that come to run projects under NGOs.

Retired teachers want better monthly allowance

Former teachers in Chipata have appealed to government to raise their monthly retirement allowance.

The retirees say that the 200 kwacha, which they are currently getting, is too little to help sustain their lives.

This came to light during the launch of an association for retired teachers in Chipata yesterday.

A member of the association, Tobias Mvula described the 200 kwacha given by government to retired teachers as mere change to other people.

Mr. Mvula stated that government should consider increasing the amount because a teacher is the one who has produced all the important people the world is celebrating.

Villagers warned against illegal fishing in Mukonchi dam

People in Khova Ward of Luangeni Constituency have been warned to stop illegal harvesting of fish in Mukonchi dam.

Luangeni Member of Parliament Charles Zulu says that any person caught fishing in the dam illegally will be prosecuted.

Mr. Zulu says 200 kwacha has been offered to anyone who will catch any person fishing in the dam.

He says people should have sense of ownership for the dam as well as the fish by providing security.

Mr. Zulu says the fish in the dam which was stocked last year will be ready for harvest after six months adding that plans are that once harvested, they will be sold to shopping malls at a wholesale price.

He says the money realized from the sale of fish from the dam will be used to develop other projects instead of waiting for the CDF, Constituency Development Fund from the government.

Indiscriminate cutting down of trees in Katete worries government.

Government has expressed concern with the indiscriminate cutting down of trees in Katete district.

District Commissioner, Joseph Duma Makukula says if cutting down trees carelessly does not stop soon, most parts of the district risk turning into semi deserts.

Mr. Makukula says the cutting down of trees has become rampart in Chiefs M’bangombe and Kathumba areas.

He also expressed worry that the trend may seriously affect the rainfall pattern, which can in turn affect household food security in the district.

Mr. Makukula says that some parts of the district such as Kagoro in Chieftainess Kawaza’s area, are already facing reduced rainfall because deforestation.

An association for retired teachers launched in Chipata.

An association of retired teachers has been launched in Chipata under the patronage of Luangeni Member of parliament Charles Zulu.

Former teachers formed the first ever association in Zambia for retired teachers to spear head the release of terminal benefits from government.

The association which consists of retired teachers in Chipata district got registered on April 3rd 2017 under the registrar of societies with the help of Mr. Zulu.

Speaking during the handover of the certificate to the association in Chipata yesterday, Mr. Zulu says leadership is not about manipulating people.

Mr. Zulu says the association took an initiative to approach him to get the certificate for the association for it to become a legal entity.

He pointed out that he was not in Chipata Central Constituency to take over from his counterpart Moses Mawere but as an interim patron.

Mr. Zulu urged retirees to support each other as they face new challenges in retirement adding that living in retirement is not the end of the world.

He advised the retired teachers to team up and construct a school under the association which will help them generate the needed funds.

And Chipata Retired Teacher Association Vice Chairperson Malingose Phiri says many teachers have not been given terminal benefits as way back as 2003.

Ms. Phiri says this led to the formation of the association so that retired teachers could be paid their terminal benefits.

She says that out of all teachers that were retired in Chipata, only 96 are fully paid up members for the association.