Governemnt starts releasing CDF after two years.

Government has finally started releasing the CDF, Constituency Development Fund after almost two years.

Seven Hundred Thousand Kwacha CDF, Constituency Development Fund has been released to Luangeni Constituency in Chipata district.

Chipata Mayor, Sinoya Mwale, confirmed this to Breeze News.

Mr. Mwale says Luangeni is the first constituency to receive CDF in Chipata district but all the constituencies will receive the money soon.

He urged the people in Luangeni to ensure that they use the money for its intended purpose of attending to developmental projects.

Mr. Mwale added that names for CDF committee members that were submitted to Lusaka have been approved by the Ministry of Local Government and Housing.

He says what is remaining is for the committee elections to take place.

A rabid dog bites 25 people in Chipata.

A rabid stray dog has bitten about 25 people in Sido, Jere and Old Jim Townships in Chipata district.

Chipata District Veterinary Officer, David Mweemba, confirmed to Breeze News, that the rabid dog was moving around the areas and had bitten the 25 on Wednesday and Thursday last week.

Dr. Mweemba says the Veterinary Department received reports on the matter on Friday last week and referred the 25 people to Chipata Central Hospital and Kapata Clinic for post exposure vaccination.

Dr. Mweemba says officers from the Veterinary Department went to search for the dog on Friday, but could not find it, adding that it may have died, because a rabid dog cannot survive for more than three days after biting so many people.

He says the Veterinary Department is sure that the dog had rabies because it attacked a lot of people within a short period of time.

Dr. Mweemba says chances are high that the people, who were bitten by the dog, had contracted the rabies virus.

He says the department will start vaccination of dogs and gunning down of stray dogs once funds are available because the cold season is the time when rabies is common.

Dr. Mweemba urged dog owners to be taking their pets for vaccination to prevent rabies.

Three police officers arrested for corrupt practices

The Anti-Corruption Commission ACC has charged and arrested three Police Officers from Sinda Police Station for Corrupt Practices and Abuse of Authority of Office.

ACC Public Relations Manager Timothy Moon has confirmed the arrest of the officers to Breeze News.

Mr. Moono says that Imasiku Ndumba a male Zambian, aged 47 of Kawaza Compound, who is the Station Inspector at Sinda Police was arrested for One Count of Abuse of Authority of Office, contrary to the Anti-Corruption Act Number 3 of 2012.

This is related to the manner Ndumba authorized the release of Musa Zulu from Police Custody where he was detained for cultivation of banned psychotropic substances.

And Langford Phiri, a Zambian male aged 54 of Riverside Compound, Katete District, who is a Sergeant at Sinda Police station, was arrested and charged with One Count of Corrupt Practices by a Public Officer.

Mr. Moono says that Phiri received 4,000 Kwacha from Packson Zulu, as an inducement or reward for himself in order for him to facilitate the release of Musa Zulu from Police Custody where he was detained for cultivation of banned psychotropic substances.

He was further charged with one count of Abuse of Authority of Office, in the manner he facilitated for the release of Musa Zulu from Police Custody.

Mr. Moono further says that Dominic Chisha Ndhlovu, a Zambian male aged 33 of Kawaza Compound in Sinda District, who is a Police Intelligence Officer at Sinda Police Station, was arrested and charged with One Count of Corrupt Practices by a Public Officer.

He says that Ndhlovu received 4,000 Kwacha from Packson Zulu, as an inducement or reward for himself in order for him to facilitate the release of Musa Zulu from Police Custody where he was detained for cultivation of banned psychotropic substances.

Mr. Zulu says that Zulu was further charged with one count of Abuse of Authority of Office, in the manner he facilitated for the release of Musa Zulu from Police Custody.

The trio will appear in court soon.


Security guard jailed nine months

A 43 year old security guard of Hillside Girls Secondary School in Chipata has been sentenced to nine months imprisonment with hard labour on one count of trafficking in psychotropic substances.

Chipata Magistrate, Lubutwe Hara, sentenced Julius Njobvu of Magazine Compound for being in possession of marijuana weighing 48 kilograms.

Facts of the matter are that on May 8th, 2017, Njobvu was arrested by DEC, the Drug Enforcement Commission officers from his work place after being found with marijuana.

Njobvu pleaded guilty to the charge, stating that he was in possession of the marijuana for his own consumption.

And in Mitigation, Njobvu asked the court to exercise leniency as he is a first offender and that he is a family man, who is taking care of his four children and his grandmother, aged 92.

Magistrate Hara said that the court had heard his mitigation, but sentenced him to nine months imprisonment with hard labour effective from the day of his arrest, because he had no authority to be in possession of marijuana.

The magistrate said the convict can appeal within fourteen days if he is not satisfied with the judgement.

Government to rehabiliate East rural roads

Government says it will this year embark on the rehabilitation of rural roads in Eastern Province with Support from the Germany Government and World Bank.

Eastern Province Permanent Secretary, Chanda Kasolo, says the Germany government has agreed to fund the rehabilitation of some rural roads in the Province.

Mr. Kasolo says his office has also been discussing with Authorities at the World Bank to assist the province with funds to construct and rehabilitate more rural roads in the province adding that discussions have reached an advanced stage.

He says this is in an effort to ensure that all rural areas are accessible with good roads.

Mr. Kasolo says Eastern Province is an agro based area, needing a good road network for development to be sustained.

He was briefing a delegation from PAC, the Public Accounts Committee that is in the province to inspect road works.

PF maintains EL is 2021 pesidential candidate

Patriotic Front, PF Secretary General, Davies Mwila, has          re-emphasised that the party’s Presidential Candidate for 2021 elections is President Edgar Lungu.

Mr. Mwila says people, who may have ambitions for the Party Presidency must shelve them until 2026.

Mr. Mwila says there is an unwritten rule in politics that people must not challenge an incumbent President.

He says for this reason, he does not expect all loyal members of the PF Party to start causing trouble in the party, simply because they cannot withhold their ambitions.

Mr. Mwila added that the party will start countrywide elections for structures on July 1st 2018 and will build up to the General Conference in 2020.

He also mentioned that the Central Committee has resolved that people, who had stood as independent candidates and their supporters can go back to the party, but as ordinary members.

Speaking during a fundraising dinner in Kasama Saturday evening, Mr. Mwila says this is for purposes of discipline.


Road Development Agency explains poor works

The defects cited in the 2012/2015 Auditor General’s report on the 605 million kwacha Chipata-Vubwi road works where due to soil type.

Road Development Agency RDA, Chief Executive Officer, Elias Mwape says the road holds well in areas where cement is mixed with smooth soil than where cement is mixed with rocky or sandy soils.

He stated that the crumbling cores on some parts of the road came up because the composition of materials was not uniform.

Mr. Mwape was speaking yesterday when the Public Accounts Committee, PAC consisting mainly of opposition members of parliament toured part of the road.

The committee took to task authorities from RDA and Ng’andu Consultant to explain why part of the road has developed defects.

And France Blookhus from Ngandu Consultant says the contractor, China Jiangxi is using the same quantity of mixture of cement and soil on the base layer of the road before putting bitumen to make it durable.

And PAC Chairperson, Cornelius Mweetwa says inspection of the road has revealed that the contractor, China Jiangxi is doing a good Job despite few defects.

Mr. Mweetwa however, urged the contractor to ensure that defects on some culvert tranches that have not been well levelled and crumbling cores on few stretches of the road are amended.

Mr. Mweetwa also urged government to quickly release money for the contractor to continue working because only 136 million Kwacha has been paid to the contractor out of 605 million kwacha.

And National Road Fund Agency, NRFA Manager for monitoring and evaluation, Alinani Musishya says materials used to compact soil on the Chipata-Vubwi road are of good quality to hold the road.

Public Accounts Committee touring road projects in Eastern Province.

The Public Accounts Committee PAC has embarked on a tour of road projects in Eastern Province.

PAC Chairperson, Cornelius Mwiitwa says that the tour is to ensure that money allocated to projects is not misappropriated and also check on the quality of works done.

Mr Mwiitwa who is also UPND, United Party for National Development Choma Central Member of Parliament mentioned the Chipata-Chadiza, Chipata-Vubwi, Chadiza-Katete and Chipata-Mfuwe as some of the roads whose works need to be inspected.

He says this is also done to fulfil concerns raised in the 2012-2015 auditor general’s report.

He was speaking in Chipata this morning when he paid a courtesy call on Eastern Province Permanent Secretary, Chanda Kasolo.

And Mr. Kasolo says he is disappointed with contractors working on the Chipata- Chadiza and Chipata- Vubwi roads for stopping works when government delayed to pay them.

Mr Kasolo also mentioned the Luangwa-Kacholola stretch on the Great East Road where works done are not of good quality adding that the contractor should account for it.

He thanked PAC for coming to the province because their tour will change the way contractors work.

Tarring road works in Petauke to start next week

Tarring of Petauke turnoff–boma road will commence next week.

Petauke District Council Chairperson, James Lungu, told Breeze News, that Condrill Construction Company is expected to construct three roads in the district.

Mr. Lungu says the construction company will first start working on the 6.5 kilometre Petauke Turnoff-Boma road, 4.5 kilometre Minga Stop-Hospital road and 6.5 kilometre Kalindawalo-Palace road.

And Mr. Lungu says the construction of Chikowa-Chizanda road has reached an advanced stage.

He says the tarring of the roads will greatly change the face of the district.

Misuse of treated mosquito nets spreading malaria

The misuse of treated mosquito nets among some rural people in Eastern Province has contributed to the spread of malaria.

Sinda District Health Planner, Joseph Lungu, says it is worrying to note that most people in the communities do not use the mosquito nets for the intended purpose.

Mr. Lungu says through traditional leaders, massive sensitisation should be conducted.

He says malaria has remained a biggest challenge in the Province.

Mr. Lungu says a District Malaria task force has been formed in the district to combat the disease.

He further says routine testing for malaria is currently being undertaken in health centres in order to lessen the cases of malaria.