Chadiza District records an increase of 68 percent in maize production.

Chadiza District has this year recorded an increase of 68 percent in maize production.

This is despite challenges that the district faced during the last rain season ,such as flush floods and attacks of crops by army worms and maize stalk borers.

Chadiza District Commissioner, George Phiri says the district has recorded a total of 19,600 metric tonnes of maize this season ,translating to 68 per cent increase.

Mr. Phiri says the district has produced a total of 48,455 metric tonnes, as compared to last year’s 28,850 metric tonnes of maize.

Mr. Phiri says the increase in production is as a result of favourable rainfall pattern and increase in the number of farmers benefiting from FISP, the Farmer Input Support Program.

He says the district received 1,528.3 millimetres of rainfall, in the 2016/2017 farming season, which was above normal rainfall for the district which normally receives 700 to 800 millimetres of rain.

Mr. Phiri has however, advised farmers on the need to exploit the district potential ,by diversifying in the agriculture sector if they are to attain food security and ensure increased incomes.

He says this implies venturing in various agricultural enterprises such as crops, livestock, fish, fruits and processing of raw materials, for value addition and better returns.

The District Commissioner says farmers ,must take up farming as a business and invest in proven agricultural technologies that are more reliable and profitable.

He was speaking during this year’s Agriculture and Commercial Show, which was celebrated under the theme, “Promoting a Green Economy“.

Border water and sanitation project delays

The 15.7 million Kwacha project of improving water and sanitation at Mwami, Mchinji and Chanida borders is at 70 percent complete.

Eastern Water and Sewerage Company Managing Director Lyton Kanowa says the project was expected to be completed in May but has delayed due to lack of water in 3 boreholes at Mwami border.

The cross boarder project funded by CRIDIF, a British company commenced in February.

Mr. Kanowa says his office asked for extra time from the funders and was given up to July 30th 2017.

He was speaking during the tour of the project by Luangeni Member of Parliament, Charles Zulu at Mwami border this morning.

Mr. Kanowa explained that the project include, drilling of five boreholes, constructing a water supply network, ablution blocks and water kiosks.

Mr. Kanowa says once completed, the project will benefit travelers and about 3,000 people living along the borders whose houses will be connected to water supply.

Government challenged to monitor pre-schools

The Ministry of Education has been challenged to be carrying out regular checks on pre-schools in Eastern Province.

Some community members have observed that some pre-schools are set up in places that are not conducive for children.

Speaking during the Voice Program on Breeze FM, Onolia Zulu, noted that some of the pre-schools do not have proper sanitary facilities.

During the same program, it was also observed that some schools are not following the policy of using local languages in lower grades.

It was observed that most private schools have continued using English even in lower grades, a situation which left some people wondering why the policy only applies to public schools.

And another parent, Benson Phiri, emphasized the need for senior education officers to be monitoring operations of schools.

He said some of the policies fail to due to lack of monitoring of implementation.

Ms. Zulu and Mr. Phiri also encouraged the Ministry of Education to work with local authorities, so that more public pre-schools can be opened in districts.

They noted that the council has a lot of buildings, which are now being used by people to set up private pre-schools, a situation they said is only benefiting a few people with money.

But Provincial Senior Education Officer, in charge of open and distance learning administration circles, Batra Kasimbo, said private schools are also supposed to follow the policy.

On the setting up of pre-schools, he explained that the Ministry of Education has guidelines on the standards to be followed before such schools are set up.

He noted that communities also need to be fully engaged in ensuring that pre-schools are opened in right places.


Pupils forced to learn from classrooms without roofs

Some pupils in Chief Mumbi’s area of Petauke District are learning in classrooms without roofs.

Chief Mumbi told Breeze News that this is after the roofs of the affected classrooms where blown off, by heavy rains experienced during the last rainy season.

The traditional leader says authorities should quickly move in and repair the affected classrooms.

The chief mentioned Mkuntha Primary, as one of the affected schools in the area.

The traditional leader says government through the Ministry of Education, should also consider connecting Mtumbata Secondary School to the national electricity grid.

He says electricity is needed at the school, because pupils find challenges to study in the evening.

A new drug used to treat hepatitis launched in Chipata.

Government says hepatitis, a condition that affects the human liver, is a number one killer disease in the world as compared to HIV/AIDS and Malaria.

Eastern Province Administrative Officer, Steven Tembo, expressed worry that most people do not realize the devastating impact, that the disease has on humans worldwide.

Mr. Tembo was speaking in Chipata yesterday during the launch of a new capsule called Heptovit Herbal SoftGel which treats liver diseases.

The launch was being done by an organisation called Save Your Liver Foundation Zambia.

Mr. Tembo says ,Save Your Liver Foundation Zambia, is one of the organizations promoting people’s health in the country and will be supported by government because many people especially those suffering from hepatitis, will benefit from the medicine.

Mr. Tembo says government is committed to having a health nation as demonstrated through construction of health facilities, throughout the country.

He says the World Hepatitis Alliance, has a vision of eliminating hepatitis in the World by 2030 ,adding that people in the SADC region, should move in that direction.

And Save Your Liver Foundation Zambia President, Petterson Owusu, says the medicine has undergone tests in Ghana and Nigeria, where it has proved to be working effectively.

Dr. Owusu says Heptovit SoftGel Capsule, once prescribed to a patient, takes six weeks for the liver to come to normal.

Hepatitis is caused by consumption of alcohol, drugs, cigarette, chemical pollution and viral induced.


Defilement and suicide cases topping in Eastern Province

Eastern Province is recording cases of defilement and suicide almost every day.

Eastern Province Police Commissioner, Alex Chilufya, who confirmed this to Breeze News, says that defilement cases are on an increase despite perpetrators being arrested.

Mr. Chilufya attributed the increase in cases of defilement to cultural matters that have do to with social economic issues while some are purely criminal cases.

Mr. Chilufya says police have intensified community sensitisations to make people understand the dangers that defilement has on society and know the cause so that the vice is stopped.

He added that organisations such as the United Nations and World Vision have also come on board to assist curb defilement.

Mr. Chilufya explained that defilement is a serious case that affects girls, who become traumatised for the rest of their lives and disturbs their future.

He added that other common case being reported at the police stations in the Province is suicide, whose cause is not yet known.

The police commissioner says police officers are investigating the root cause of suicide cases because they are being reported every other day.

Chipata records 17 cases of defilement within one month.

Seventeen defilement cases were last month reported to YWCA, Young Women Christian Association in Chipata district.

YWCA Coordinator, Dorothy Ndhlovu says that the defilement cases are escalating at an alarming rate as the figure does not include cases reported to the police VSU, Victim Support Unit.

Speaking to Breeze News, Ms. Ndhlovu says that these cases involved victims, who were able to reach reporting centres.

She says that latest reports show most of the defilement cases are happening in far-flung areas where it is difficult for victims to report to police.

Ms. Ndhlovu also says that the cases show that the perpetrators are within family circles and close relatives to the victims.

The YWCA coordinator says that there is urgent need for more awareness efforts to stop the vice.

Breeze FM Director in community service

Plans to construct a bridge across Lutembwe stream to facilitate the movements of people from villages in Chief Chinyaku’s area and Kauzu farm block in Chipata have been initiated.

This came to light when the Director of Breeze FM Mike Daka and Kanjala ward councillor William Phiri held a meeting with residents of the two areas at Kagunda School on Wednesday.

The construction of the Bridge near Lutembwe Dam Two in Chipata District is expected to commence soon.

Mr. Daka said as a resident of Kauzu Farm Block he had realized the difficulties people on both of the stream face every day.

He says the bridge will assist people to cross Lutembwe stream to access medical services at the newly built Chipata District Hospital as well as sale their produce in Chipata town.

Mr. Daka says school going children attending education from across Chief Chinyaku will also benefit if the bridge becomes operational.

Mr. Daka said he would work with the area councillor William Phiri and the two parliamentarians, Moses Mawere of Chipata Central and Charles Zulu of Luangeni Constituency to ensure that the bridge is constructed across the stream.

And Kanjala ward councillor William Phiri appealed to the people to come forward to assist in the construction of the new bridge.

Mr. Phiri says whatever help will be needed so that the project becomes a success.


Father impregnates daughter in a bid to get rich

A 48 year old Chipata man has been arrested by police for defiling a 15 year old girl and committing possible incest.

Eastern Province Police Commissioner, Alex Chilufya who confirmed this to Breeze News named the suspect as Lameck Sakala.

Mr. Chilufya says it is alleged that Sakala between 2014 and 2017 had canal knowledge of his own Biological daughter.

Mr. Chilufya says the act resulted in the daughter falling pregnant and is now with a one year two months old baby.

He says the girl was coerced into the act by both her parents as a means to get the family rich but the mother has since died.

Mr. Chilufya says the incident occurred from Chalo chatha village in Chieftainess M’kanda’s area of Chipata district.




Three dangerous criminals arrested in Petauke

Three suspected dangerous criminals have been arrested in Petauke District for house breaking and theft.

Eastern Province Deputy Police Commissioner Diamond Likashi says two suspects are from Lusaka while one is a Petauke resident.

Mr. Likashi told Breeze News that property worth thousands of kwacha has been recovered.

He says the recovered property was stolen from 24 houses, adding that more property is yet to be recovered.

He says the accused persons are expected to appear in court soon once investigations are concluded.