Chadiza council to repossess undeveloped commercial land

Chadiza District Council has threatened to repossess all the pieces of commercial land that have not been developed.

Council Chairman Paul Phiri says that it is sad to note that a number of people, who were offered commercial land 10 years ago have not developed the said pieces of land.

Mr. Phiri says such land owners are delaying development in the district.

He says that the local authority is currently receiving a number of potential land developers, who wish to invest in the central business district of Chadiza, adding that the council will not hesitate to grab any land that is not developed.

Mr. Phiri directed Council Management to call on such developers within 14 days to look into the matter.

He said this in his opening speech during the Fourth Ordinary Council Meeting in Chadiza district.


Management at Chadiza council grilled over unclear expenditure

Councilors in Chadiza yesterday took to task the Director of Works Mafita Mtonga to explain the progress of the existing projects under CDF, Constituency Development Fund.

Chadiza Central Ward Councillor Richard Mbewe asked Mr. Mtonga to explain on the progress report with BOQ, Bill of Quantities on CDF projects that were submitted to the PLGO, Provincial Local Government Office.

The report indicates that 70,000 Kwacha, which was released in 2014 for the rehabilitation of the New Show Grounds was all utilized on the project when infact nothing has been done on the project.

Mr. Mbewe later proposed that the full council meeting be suspended for a few minutes to allow councilors and management go and physically check the works done at the named project site.

In giving response to the matter, Director of Works Mafita Mtonga said not all the money released was utilised on the project.

Mr Mtonga, who did not state how much money was used out of the released 70,000 Kwacha, said the report was submitted to the PLGO in order for the ministry to carry out an effective and efficient verification of CDF projects before the receipt of the next allocation.

According to a report presented by Plans, Works and Development Committee Chairperson Helman Phiri in the meeting, 70,000 Kwacha released under CDF in 2014 for the rehabilitation of the new show ground, was all utilised on the project.

The report indicates that the construction of a basketball court, installation of football pitch goal posts and formation of volleyball and netball pitches have all been completed when infact nothing has been done at the site.

After the site visit by the councilors, the council meeting resumed to deliberate other issues without telling members of the public who were in attendance the findings at the site and resolution made on the matter.

However, a check by Breeze News at the said project site, found that only the removing of trees and uprooting of stumps were partly done.


Police advise members of the public on security.

Police has advised members of the public to always be mindful of their personal security during this long weekend.

Police spokesperson, Esther Katongo says that people should ensure that they avoid giving opportunities to criminals to perpetrate crimes.

In a statement availed to Breeze News, Ms. Katongo says that police is alive to the fact that during such holidays, criminals also heighten their criminal activities with a view of attacking unsuspecting members of the public and stealing valuables from them.

She says that it is for this reason that police have intensified their patrols in communities, to ensure that the lives and properties of people are safeguarded.

Ms. Katongo says that those travelling during this long weekend are urged to always abide by road traffic rules and regulations to avoid causing unnecessary accidents.

She notes that of late, the numbers of pedestrians being involved in road traffic accidents have continued increasing, a situation which is worrying.

The police spokesperson has further appealed to motorists to also demonstrate respect for other road users, as most of the accidents involving pedestrians have been attributed to reckless driving by motorists.

Chipata Forest to disappear

Plans to de-gazette Chipata forest into a residential area have reached an advanced stage.

Kapata ward councilor, Naphtali Banda told Breeze News that he has engaged the Minister of Local Government, Vincent Mwale and Chipata Central Member of Parliament, Moses Mawere, who are currently handling the issue.

Mr. Banda says the discussions have reached an advanced stage and the forest will be de-gazzetted soon.

Mr. Banda says the plan is to turn the forest into a high cost residential area for Kapata ward with proper planning from Chipata City Council.

He says currently, people have been building houses with no proper plans, a situation which is not allowed because Chipata being a city needs good planned residential areas.

The civic leader says people who have acquired land should be patient and wait for the time when they will be given a go ahead to continue with their construction works.