FRA depots reduced to avoid overspending

Government says it has reduced the number of FRA, Food Reserve Agency depots across the country because it over spent on maize purchase last year.

Eastern Province Permanent Secretary Chanda Kasolo says government through FRA, deployed a number of agents but some of them were paid for doing nothing as depots, where they worked from, did not buy any maize.

Mr. Kasolo told Breeze News that this is why government has reduced the number of depots this year.

He says farmers should be patient because the number of depots that will operate this year in the province are enough to accommodate farmers who will sale their maize to FRA.

Mr. Kasolo says farmers will not find challenges when selling their maize to the agency, because FRA made a good consideration when allocating satellite depots.

He says the agency has withdrawn satellite depots in places where farmers are producing less maize.

Ex-inmates share moving experiences

Ex-inmates have appealed to government to put in place policies that will be assisting people when they get out of correctional facilities.

And an emotional mood filled Trinity Praise Cathedral in Chipata as Joseph Sakala and Elizabeth Lungu who are ex-inmates shared their life touching prison experiences.

The duo said that inmates are the most rejected people when they get back to society, a situation which makes some of them to commit other offences so that they get back to prison where they are not rejected.

Mr. Sakala explained that he was convicted by the courts of law to four years imprisonment in 2013 with the offence of making illegal government documents but was later released on parole.

Mr. Sakala says life was so hard for him while in custody and when he came back to society because he lost all his belongings and was rejected by his loved ones.

He urged people and church members to be visiting inmates in correctional facilities to offer spiritual and physical support because life is hard for them.

And Elizabeth Lungu, who spent six months at Chimbokaila after stubbing her husband to death, says the hard times she experienced while in custody has changed her life for better.

Ms. Lungu, who was eventually acquitted of murder in February this year, said that she had become a subject of ridicule because people viewed her as a murderer, a situation which forced her to relocate from Lusaka to Petauke.

BETUZ welcome extended period for negotiations

The Basic Education Teacher’s Union of Zambia, BETUZ, in Chipata district has welcomed the 30 days period, for negotiations over conditions of service.

BETUZ District Chairperson, Komdwani Nyimbili says, the extension will allow those involved in the negotiation process to agree on favourable conditions that will benefit both government and teachers.

He however, hopes that this should be the last time the negotiations are extended because the process has taken too long.

Mr. Nyimbili says the negotiations were supposed to be concluded by Friday last week.

Meanwhile, Mr. Nyimbili has disclosed that some teachers in Chipata district have started accessing their payslips through the newly introduced email system.

He explained that so far, a number of teachers have received payslips for May and June.

He however, notes that the system has come with expenditures on the part of teachers, as most of them have to pay to access internet services to check their emails.

He said the challenge is particularly more, to teachers in rural areas.

Mr. Nyimbili says the system is good, but emphasised that the Ministry of Education must ensure that the pay slips are made available every month, because they are important documents in allowing teachers to access other services such as loans.


Farmer nabbed for trafficking in 30 Kgs of canabis

The Drug Enforcement Commission DEC has arrested a small scale farmer of Chinunda village in Chipata District for trafficking in loose cannabis weighing 36 kilogrammes.

DEC Public Relations Officer Theresa Katongo has confirmed the arrest of Jacob Banda, aged 33 years to Breeze News, in a statement.

Ms. Katongo also says that the Commission has arrested and jointly charged a Zimbabwean national and a Zambian for money laundering activities contrary to the laws of Zambia.

Rory John Hamish Logan, 50, a Trader of Leopards Hill, in Lusaka has been arrested and jointly charged with Linos Mwamba Kelen Simungala, 40, a Businessman of Kaunda Square Township in Lusaka District for Corrupt practices contrary to the laws of Zambia.

Particulars of the offence are that on 16th June, 2017, Rory John Hamish Logan, jointly and whilst acting together with Linos Mwamba Kelen Simungala and other persons unknown engaged in corrupt practices by giving money amounting to 20, 000 Kwacha to a DEC officer as inducement to facilitate the release of a suspect by the name of Michael John Cheek, a South African National, who was apprehended in a matter being investigated by the Commission.

Meanwhile, the Commission in Lusaka has arrested and jointly charged five suspects for being in possession of counterfeit notes amounting to 177, 900 Kwacha.

The five have been identified as David Mwasile, 27, a business man of Chawama Compound in Lusaka, Jason Zulu, 61, of Misisi Compound in Lusaka, Humphrey Muyanga, 38, a businessman, Alitani Banda, 49, a general worker residing in Misisi Compound in Lusaka and Humphrey Mulowa, 36, of Nakonde.