Chipata City Council faces challenges to maintain traffic lights

The Chipata City Council says that it is facing challenges to consistently maintain the operations of traffic lights, due to power interruptions.

Chipata City Council Town Clerk, Davies Musenge, says the traffic lights need re-setting every time there is power interruption.

He says this is a challenge because the technician, who installed the traffic lights, is based in Lusaka and that it takes time for him to come and work on them.

Mr. Musenge has assured the public that the traffic lights will soon be worked on.

He says the technician has already been informed on the matter.

A teacher in Katete murders wife

A teacher of Omelo Mumba Primary School in Katete district has been arrested for allegedly murdering his wife, with her head almost severed from the body.

Eastern Province Police Commissioner, Alex Chilufya has confirmed the gruesome murder, which happened yesterday between 12:30 and 13 hours after a marital dispute.

Mr. Chilufya says that Tobias Mwale aged 33 is reported to have murdered his 26 year old wife identified as Mumba Kalaba, a midwifery at Kasama General Hospital.

He says that a blood socked Machete was found at the scene with head almost severed from the body and cuts on the neck, shoulder and left wrist.

Mr. Chilufya says that the suspect is in Police custody for Murder.

Vincent Mwale assures Zambians over article 31

Government says that it has no ill intentions over President Edgar Lungu’s decision to invoke article 31 of the republican Constitution.

Local Government and Housing Minister, Vincent Mwale says that the move is aimed at protecting public infrastructure and Zambians.

Mr. Mwale says that the move is also aimed at ensuring that those behind a spat of arson cases recorded in the country account for their actions.

Speaking to Breeze News, Mr. Mwale also indicated that Vice President, Inonge Wina will soon give direction on the regulations that will come with article 31.

He maintained that the arson cases have a political influence because such cases have not been witnessed in the country before, until some politicians issued careless statements.

And Mr. Mwale says that the Preservation of the Public Security Act has not discouraged any investor from investing in Zambia.

He says that government has continued to record investor confidence adding that only failure to handle the current situation would scare away investors and the foreign community.

The minister, who is also Chipangali Constituency Member of Parliament, stated that only those involved in illegal activities have reasons to fear the invocation of article 31.