Police question Chipata Mayor on illegal land allocation

Police Officers from Chipata Central Police this morning visited the office of Chipata Mayor Sinoya Mwale to investigate illegal land allocation.

Mr. Mwale, who confirmed this, told Journalists that police officers were questioning him, if the local authority is involved in the allocation of illegal plots at CH, the Contract Haulage in Referendum area.

He explained that, the council has nothing to do with the land in question because it is a private property.

Mr. Mwale says police officers should target individuals who are alleged to be allocating plots at the private land and not the council.

He says that he is disappointed with the issue surrounding the illegal allocation of plots on land belonging to retirees for the defunct CH, because the named accused person has brought the name of the council into disrepute.

Poor council planning affects East Rise

Chipata City Council has attributed challenges to providing water supply in East Rise area to lack of consultation when planning.

Director of Planning, Namenda Kaonga says that East Rise has a unique problem as far as supplying water is concerned because it is in an upper area.

Mr. Konga says that for Eastern Water and Sewerage Company to supply water to residents in that area, it would need booster pumps.

Chipata City Council allocated residential plots in East Rise more than seven years ago but nothing has been done to address the water challenge, forcing residents to start drilling their own boreholes, which comes at a huge cost.

Mr. Kaonga says that the water challenge in East Rise is an indication that the local authority might have not consulted service providers when the decision was made to turn it into a residential area.

He however, says that meetings have been taking place to see how best the local authority can address the water challenge in East Rise although there is no immediate solution.

Mr. Kaonga however, says that one of the solutions is to provide booster pumps and industrial boreholes.

Big companies swindling farmers

Traditional leaders have been asked to strictly monitor people that are buying farm produce from their areas.

This follows reports that some of the business people are being sent by big companies, yet offering very low prices.

Samson Jere of Chief Mishoro and Moses Banda of Chiparamba area, say that some of the briefcase buyers that are buying crops are being sent by big companies.

They said that by using briefcase buyers, the companies are able to buy crops at very low prices.

He says the companies are taking advantage of government’s delay to announce the prices to send their people, who are pretending to be buying the crops as individuals, especially soya beans, sunflower and groundnuts.

The duo said chiefs and headmen must be alert and ensure that no company sends private buyers to rural areas to buy crops at low prices.

Three weeks ago, the Zambia National Farmers Union, ZNFU also revealed a trend where big companies are sending individual buyers to buy crops on their behalf.

ZNFU contended that the trend is more rampant in Eastern Province, where some people are pretending to be private buyers, when in fact, have been sent by big companies.

Over 11,000 farmers left out of FISP in Chadiza

About 11,200 farmers in Chadiza district will this year not benefit from FISP, the Farmer Input Support programme under the new e-voucher system.

This is due to the reduction in the number of packs allocated to the district this year.
Chadiza District Agriculture Coordinator DACO Kabange Masenga, told Breeze News that 14,710 farmers will benefit from the FISP programme in the district.

Mr. Masenga said that last year, a total of 25,910 packs were allocated to the district, of which 22,100 were for maize, 2,660 for groundnuts and 1,150 for cotton.
He said that the conditions are still the same except that this year, farmers will receive inputs through the e-voucher system.
Mr. Masenga advised farmers to follow the laid down procedures in their cooperatives and clubs in order to have their names captured in the e-voucher system.



Stray lions terrorise villagers

Lions are reported to be terrorising people of Kachingwe village in Chief Mishoro’s area in Chipata.

Speaking to Breeze News, Pwata Paralegal Help Desk Chairperson, Patson Ngoma says that the lions have instilled fear in people.

Mr. Ngoma says that there is urgent need for officers from the Department of National Parks and Wildlife to visit the area to remove the wild animals.

And Department of National Parks and Wildlife Acting Area Warden, Mable Sheba confirmed receiving a report on Saturday about the lions in Chief Mishoro’s area.

Ms. Sheba says that officers were sent to the area on Sunday but could not locate the wild animals although they found foot prints for one lion.

She says that a team of officers has been assigned to be visiting the area regularly, until they truck down the lions.

Ms. Sheba advised villagers, where the lions have been spotted to ensure that they restrict their movements at night, until the wild animals are controlled.

Medical staff annoy villagers

Residents of Kwenje ward in Kasenengwa Constituency are calling for the removal of some health workers at Kwenje Rural Health Centre.

Michael Shanzi, a resident in the area says some health workers should be replaced because they are not delivering accordingly.

Mr. Shanzi says this is because the Ministry of Health, has deployed young health personnel at the health institution, who are failing to execute their work professionally.

He says the Ministry of Health should send mature health workers, who should be willing to serve the community unconditionally.

And Joyce Phiri of Makangano village says health workers at Kwenje Rural Health Centre, refuse to attend to patients in the late evening.

Mrs. Phiri says there are certain cases which need urgent attention, but that people who seek medical attention in the evening are told to see health workers in the morning.

The residents have further alleged that the health institution is usually opened late at 10 hours instead of the normal opening time of 08 hours.

This came to light during a developmental meeting organized by Chipata Mayor Sinoya Mwale in the area.

But Chipata District Senior Environmental Health Officer Lameck Banda, says the Ministry of Health does not consider age when employing health workers but expertise.

Mr. Banda explained that the Ministry of Health can only take action on issues that are related to poor behavior by health workers.

He says health workers are not supposed to refuse to attend to patients during the evening because there are some cases, which need urgent attention.

Mr. Banda has advised the affected residents to be reporting such cases to health neighborhood committee members, so that action is taken.