Forty-five foreigners illegal miners arrested in Petauke district.

Forty-five foreigners have been arrested in Chief Sandwe’s area of Petauke district on suspicion of engaging in illegal gold mining.

Eastern Province Permanent Secretary, Chanda Kasolo, told journalists at a media briefing in Chipata, that 16 of those arrested have been deported, while 29 are detained in Chipata district.

He says the foreigners were working with local people in mining and buying of gold in a Game Management Area, GMA.

Mr. Kasolo also said a number of Zambians are appearing in court over illegal mining in the area.

He said government will continue monitoring illegal mine activities in all places where it is happening until it comes to an end.

Mr. Kasolo, however, noted that illegal mining activities have reduced in Chief Mwanya’s area in Lundazi district, following the reduction of water levels in streams used to clean the gold.

Meanwhile, Mr. Kasolo has announced that a local company has been granted a prospecting license in gold mining in Chief Mwanya’s area in Lundazi district.

He said the company has partnered with a Chinese investor and will soon start exploration of gold.

Mr. Kasolo says that the investor has pledged to support the local community in various ways.

He says next week, the investor will start constructing a 92 kilometer road from Mwanya to Chitungulu area at cost of 14 million Kwacha.

Mr. Kasolo said this is good for the people of Mwanya, as the road is in a deplorable state and the area is often cut off during the rainy season.

Meanwhile, Eastern Province Permanent Secretary, Chanda Kasolo, has warned people building on land belonging to retired Contract Haulage, CH employees that they risk losing their investments.

He said that a legal process has commenced and very soon, the illegal structures will be brought down.

Mr. Kasolo advised the developers against building on the land, which he said was acquired illegally and warned all those involved in the illegal allocation of land that they will face the wrath of the law.

And Mr. Kasolo said he has started legal proceedings against people that have accused him of pocketing monies from the land.

He says the people have to provide proof on their allegations.

The permanent secretary said during a press briefing in Chipata that those engaged in the illegal allocation of the private land, have been accusing him of pocketing monies realized from the sale of the property, belonging to the defunct Contract Haulage retirees.

A 45 year old man arrested for defiling minor

A 45 year old man of Chipata District has been arrested for allegedly defiling a five year old girl.

Eastern Province Police Deputy Commissioner, Sharon Zulu says the suspect John Njobvu of Mchenga Compound in Chipata is currently in police custody.

She says the incident happened on Sunday, adding that the police are yet to confirm the relationship between the juvenile and the suspect.

She says the accused is expected to appear in court soon.

And the Police Deputy Commissioner says a 14 year old juvenile of Mtema village in Chief Madzimawe’s area in Chipata, committed suicide by hanging.

She says the body of Pangulani Banda was discovered hanging on a tree on Friday.

A man put on defence for swindling over 1,500 farmers.

A man of Chipata district was yesterday put on defence in the Chipata Magistrate Court, on charges that he swindled over 1,500 farmers out of 73, 811 Kwacha.

Graison Phiri of Mchenga Compound is alleged to have swindled the farmers on pretext that he would provide them with farming inputs.

He appeared before Magistrate Philip Mpundu on one count of theft.

Phiri, who is a director of Green Season Farmers Suppliers, told the court that the farmers deposited 60 Kwacha each in his company account as a membership fee, for the provision of farming inputs.

He said that he was surprised when the farmers decided to report him to the police, while he was in the process of starting the distribution of the farming inputs to the affected farmers.

Phiri further told the court that he had discussed with the farmers that the matter be resolved outside court, so that he pays them back their money, but that the farmers rejected the offer.

He also denied that he bought a vehicle, using the money that he received from farmers.

Phiri, pleaded not guilty to the charge when facts were first read to him when he appeared in court in January this year.

But when the state prosecutor asked him, he admitted receiving money from farmers, which was deposited in his personal account instead of the company’s account.

The matter is coming up for Judgment on Wednesday next week.

Nyau dancers told to stop harassing people

Nyau dancers at the 2012 Kulamba Traditional Ceremony, Katete.

Chief Chanje of the Chewa people in Chipata district has warned Nyau dancers in Chief Chikuwe’s area against harassing people.

ZANIS reports that Chief Chanje said that he has received reports that Nyau dancers in the area are harassing people found at communal places such as boreholes, health centres and schools.

He was speaking at the handover ceremony of seven hundred beehives to farmers by Action for Positive Change, APC in Chiparamba area of Chief Chikuwe.

The tradition leader says regulations are clear that there should be no Nyau performances during school days, unless during special occasions and when one of the members dies.

He advised people in the area to report, whenever Nyau dancing takes place during times when it’s banned.

Meanwhile, Chief Chanje has advised parents to desist from marrying off children at young age.

He said any parent who marries off children at a young age will be punished.