Three Chinese Nationals arrested for illegal possession of 25 rhino horn pieces

Three Chinese Nationals and two Zambians have been arrested for illegal possession of 25 rhino horn pieces weighing 32.2 Kilograms at the Chanida Border Post.

The five were arrested in a joint operation conducted by the Department of National Parks and Wildlife DNPW and ZRA, the Zambia Revenue Authority.

Ministry of Tourism and Arts Public Relations Officer Sakabilo Kalembwe says the suspects, who were nabbed at the Border Post that links Zambia to Mozambique are expected to appear in court soon.

And Mr. Kalembwe has assured the public that no rhinos have been poached in Zambia’s National Parks nor stolen from Government stockpiles as reported in some sections of the media.

This follows the arrest of a Chinese woman at Oliver Tambo International Airport in South Africa for being in possession of 11 rhino Horns which were found in her luggage.

The Chines woman is said to have travelled from Lusaka to Hong Kong via Johannesburg where she was arrested and has since appeared in Court.

Mr. Kalembwe however said joint investigations with the South African Authorities have been instituted to establish how the luggage containing the rhino horns eluded security checks at the Kenneth Kaunda international airport and to establish the source of the rhino horns.

Julius Malema annoys Patriotic Front Party

The Patriotic Front PF Party has reacted angrily over comments by the leader of the opposition Economic Freedom Fighters, EFF, of South Africa, Julius Malema, on the political situation in Zambia.

A video is circulating on the internet, where Mr. Malema is challenging President Edgar Lungu to ensure arrested opposition members are released and accept to be opposed if he is a true leader.

Sunday Chanda, who is Patriot Front Media Director, has described the sentiments as irritating and insulting against President Edgar Lungu.

In a statement to Breeze News this morning, Mr. Chanda says Mr. Malema is attempting to project himself as the spokesperson of the opposition in the Southern region.

He says President Lungu revoked the Preservation of Public Security Act under Article 31 of the Constitution of Zambia, to address instances of fires caused by arson and to prevent further cases of economic sabotage, which threaten public security and people’s safety.

Mr. Chanda says Article 31 invoked by President Lungu and ratified by Parliament, did not create a State of Emergency, as it deals with a Threat to Public Security or Threatened Emergency.

He emphasised that there is no State of Emergency in Zambia and that Article 31 was invoked long after UPND President, Hakainde Hichilema’s arrest.

He described Mr. Malema as a coward and has no right to get involved into what he called Zambia’s business.

Man committed to high court for arson

The Chipata Magistrate Court on Friday referred a man of Chipangali Constituency to the High court for sentencing after convicting him of arson.

Before Magistrate Boniface Mwala was Davison Tembo, who pleaded guilty to the charge.

Facts of the matter are that on July 10th 2017, Tembo set ablaze the house of his mother in-law.

On the material day, Tembo’s in-law heard some footsteps when she was asleep.

She told the court that she woke up and peeped through the window and discovered that it was her son in-law.

Tembo’s mother in-law said because of the moon light, she clearly saw him torching the house.

The court heard that a lot of household items were gutted in the inferno, but all the people that where in the house managed to escape.

Tembo admitted that he set ablaze the house because his mother -in-laws was keeping his wife.

After convicting Tembo, Magistrate Mwala referred the matter to the High Court for both mitigation and sentencing.

Passion killings worry NGOCC

The Non-Governmental Organisation Coordinating Council NGOCC has bemoaned the increased cases of passion killings.

NGOCC Executive Director Engwase Mwale says that GBV, Gender Based Violence is a national crisis that should be addressed by all stakeholders.

Ms. Mwale says in a statement availed to Breeze News that there is a compelling need for the nation to quickly convene an indaba to address the root causes of these passion killings that are sending productive lives to their early graves.

She says that without doubt, these killings are robbing families of their beloved ones and the country in general of the much needed human resource.

Ms. Mwale says that NGOCC condemns the recent incident in which a husband killed his wife and suspected lover especially that it was done in full view of the children.

She says that the children will live with the trauma of witnessing their own mother being mercilessly murdered by their own father.

Ms. Mwale has advised couples to always find amicable ways of resolving their differences no matter the amount of provocation.