Illegal street vendors in Chipata to move to COMESA market

Illegal street vendors in Chipata are expected to be relocated to COMESA market before the rainy season starts.

Chipata City Council Town Clerk Davies Musenge says the local authority has already secured a place at the market to relocate all vendors trading in the streets.

He says sensitization meetings with the affected vendors on the matter, have already been conducted.

Mr. Musenge says the council cannot move people from the streets before finding a place where they can trade from.

He says engineers have already been engaged and that inmates from Chipata correctional facility will soon start the works.

The works include construction of drainages.

Gawa Undi wants technical university in Eastern Province

Paramount Chief Kalonga Gawa Undi has called on government to construct a technical university in Eastern Province.

He says this will help young people in the province to access university education.

Breeze FM Staffer, Gift Phiri reports that Kalonga Gawa Undi said this through Chewa Heritage Foundation Zambia Chapter chairperson, James Chirwa at this year’s Kulamba Traditional Ceremony at Mkaika in Katete district.

And vice president, Inonge Wina says Kulamba Ceremony is a greatest demonstration of cultural freedom in Malawi, Mozambique and Zambia.

She says this year’s Kulamba Traditional Ceremony theme” Educating a Girl Child, Ending Early Marriages” is in line with government’s resolve to promote access to education to girl children.

Ms Wina noted that traditional ceremonies play an important role in enhancing peace, unity and harmony in the country.

She says this is why government attaches great importance to the preservation of the country’s diverse heritage.

The vice president says traditional leaders play an important role in ensuring effective governance of chiefdoms in their respective areas and should be proactive in engaging government in matters of national interest.

The vice president says government has taken note of Paramount Chief, Kalonga Gawa Undi’s concerns on issues relating to agriculture, specifically on this year’s maize floor price.

She further says government will continue implementing developmental projects such as building roads, dams, schools, hospitals and other economic and social sector infrastructure.

Foreign mine companies accused of reaping off Zambians

Eastern Province Permanent Secretary, Chanda Kasolo has accused foreign mine companies of reaping off Zambians.

Mr. Kasolo says that mines in Zambia should be run by Zambians so that the country reaps maximum benefits.

Speaking during a ZESCO Cocktail in Chipata last evening, Mr. Kasolo says that he could not understand why some mine companies are reluctant to pay new electricity tariffs.

He says that copper prices were currently at their highest on the international market.

And Mr. Kasolo urged ZESCO to ensure that it explains properly why it has increased electricity tariffs because the adjustment has been received with mixed feelings.

He stated that the provincial administration is ready to work with ZESCO in ensuring that the power company delivers its services to its customers.

And speaking during the same occasion, ZESCO Director for Distribution Dennis Banda indicated that the power company is improving power supply to attract investment.

Mr. Banda also explained on the lifeline tariff, which is meant to assist low income households.

He implored ZESCO customers to maintain the switch and save policy to conserve power.

More township roads to be tarred

The local authority in Chipata says the council has been requested to submit a list of township roads that will be upgraded to bituminous standard.

Chipata City Council Town Clerk Davies Musenge says, the list will be submitted to the Ministry of Local Government for possible funding, under the 2018 National budget.

He says a distance of about 120 kilometers of township roads has so far been identified, adding that consultations are currently being conducted.

He says most of the township roads including those which are already tarred, have to be upgraded, because defects have developed.

Mr. Musenge says the local authority will however, continue conducting maintain works on some of the roads.

A 29 year old mother burns daughter with paraffin

Police in Lusaka have arrested a 29 year old woman of Old Kanyama Compound for allegedly setting on fire her 12 year old biological daughter using paraffin.

Police Spokesperson Esther Katongo has confirmed the incident to Breeze News and identified the woman as Prudence Phiri.

Ms. Katongo says that the suspect was apprehended by concerned members of the public, who later surrendered her to police.

She says that the incident happened yesterday at about 17 hours in Old Kanyama Compound.

Ms. Katongo says that the victim sustained multiple burns on the body and was rushed to Kanyama Hospital for medical attention while the suspect is detained in police custody.

She says that police are still waiting for a medical report before they can charge Prudence.

PF senior official ditches the ruling party

Patriotic Front PF Party Provincial Chairperson for Elections, Samuel Lugomo Phiri has ditched the ruling party for MMD, the Movement for Multi-Party Democracy.

Speaking to Breeze News, Mr. Phiri said that he was merely appointed to the position of PF Provincial Chairperson for Elections and never left the MMD.

Mr. Phiri indicated that he was going back to MMD as a mere member after having saved as provincial secretary before he left.

And MMD Vice President, Ruben Mtolo Phiri also confirmed Mr. Lugomo Phiri’s decision to re-join the former ruling party.

Mr. Phiri says that former MMD Provincial Vice Chairlady. Suzen Ngoma, who had also left to join PF, has also re-joined the MMD.

Government obtains a loan to build colleges

Government through the Ministry of Education will soon commence the construction of three colleges in Katete, Kabompo and Nalolo districts.

Ministry of General Education, Project Implementation Unit Director, Joseph Nthele says government has acquired a loan from Badea, a Sudan based organization to construct the three colleges.

Speaking when he paid a courtesy call at the Permanent Secretary’s Office this morning, Mr. Nthele says the total amount of the loan for all the three colleges is 24 million US dollars.

He says the figure of the money might be increased because OPEC and Saudi Arabia have come on board to partner ahead of the project.

Mr. Nthele says a team of consultants will soon be on the ground to do the environmental assessment impact, before engaging the contractor.

And the Permanent Secretary Chanda Kasolo says the long awaited construction of the college in the province will now be a reality.

Mr. Kasolo says people in the province have been complaining of lagging behind in development.

He adds that this will be an achievement, as it will improve the education levels among young people in the province.

And Provincial Education Officer Allan Lingambe says the development will help students who have been failing to access higher education, because of long distances to Lusaka and other parts of the country.

Government schools accused of offering tuitions at a fee

The Ministry of Education in Eastern Province has refuted reports that government schools in Petauke district are offering holiday tuitions at a fee.

Provincial Education Officer Allan Lingambe says the standing directive from the Ministry of Education is that schools that are offering holiday tuitions to pupils should not demand fees from the leaners.

Dr. Lingambe was reacting to complaints from parents and guardians in Petauke, that teachers at Petauke Boarding Secondary School and Petauke Day Secondary School are offering holiday tuition to pupils at a fee.

He says Petauke Boarding Secondary School officially wrote requesting to offer holiday tuition to pupils without any cost.

Dr. Lingambe however, says his office will make a follow up on the matter.

Government to arrest Chief Kambwili

Government has warned that people, who reportedly carried out an installation ceremony of a man calling himself Chief Kambwili in Chief Mwanya’s area of Lundazi district, risks being arrested.

Eastern Province Permanent Secretary, Chanda Kasolo, says he is fully aware that someone has been masquerading as Chief Kambwili and reports indicate that he was officially installed a few days ago.

Mr. Kasolo says the man, who was reportedly installed as chief Kambwili, travelled to the area for the ceremony, with another existing chief from Muchinga Province.

He says that there is no such a chief by the name of Kambwili and that the said chief from Muchinga province would also be arrested for supporting an illegality.

The permanent secretary says security officials were sent to the area and he is currently waiting for a report.

Mr. Kasolo says government will correctly apply laws regarding chiefdoms and existing traditional boundaries in accordance with the constitution.

He emphasized that according to the Zambian constitution, government is no longer creating new chiefdoms.

Mr. Kasolo’s comment follows reports that an installation ceremony was conducted in Chief Mwanya’s area, where a man was installed as Chief Kambwili.

Eastern produces poor quality cotton

The Cotton Board of Zambia has described the quality of cotton produced in Eastern Province this year as not good.

East Cotton Inspector, Patrick Ndhlovu says that this is giving buying companies more work to properly grade the cotton.

Mr. Ndhlovu says that the companies have found themselves in a tricky situation as they are forced not to grade the cotton when buying from farmers because of the huge demand for the product.

He says that the companies fear that if they insist on grading the cotton when buying from farmers, other companies will buy the cotton.

Mr. Ndhlovu observes that the poor quality may have an effect on the product when selling on the international market.

And Mr. Ndhlovu says that it is too early to predict how much cotton has been produced in Eastern Province in the 2016-2017 season.

He says that the quantity will only be known when the marketing season closes in a month’s time.