MMD condemns policies on tobacco sector

The Movement for Multi-Party Democracy MMD says lack of proper policies in the tobacco sector is damaging the industry.

MMD National Chairperson for Agriculture Chishala Chilufya says that poor policies are what have led to farmers failing to meet the tobacco demand this marketing season.

Speaking to Breeze News, Mr. Chilufya says that it is clear that farmers are frustrated because of challenges that have rocked the tobacco industry.

He says that despite the sector being managed by TBZ, Tobacco Board of Zambia, there are a lot of issues that need to be addressed like a policy on how to develop the sector.

Mr. Chilufya pointed out that roles of various players in the sector need to be clearly stipulated unlike having the regulator also involved in running floors.

He further says that the Ministry of Agriculture has currently failed to ensure that the sector is properly regulated for growth to be achieved.

Pastor arrested in connection with death of two boys

Police have arrested a Pastor at Door of Heaven Ministry church in Lusaka’s Chibolya Compound in connection with the death of two male juveniles who are his step son aged 10 years and his nephew aged nine years.

Police Spokesperson, Esther Katongo has confirmed the incident, which happened on Saturday at about 17 Hours in Johnleng Compound.

Ms. Katongo says that the incident is alleged to have happened when the Pastor identified as Eugene Haminda aged 38 of Johnleing was weeping the two male juveniles after he discovered that some money was missing in the house.

It is alleged that the pastor had tied the two boys whilst weeping them and they later fell to the cooker which later electrocuted them and they died on the spot.

Ms. Katongo says that the bodies of the deceased were deposited in UTH mortuary awaiting post-mortem while the accused person is detained in Police custody.

She says that police instituted investigations in the matter to establish what transpired.

Meanwhile police in Lusaka have also arrested a male adult identified as George Phiri aged 27 years of Lusaka’s Chawama for allegedly murdering his child aged two years seven months.

Ms. Katongo says that Phiri later buried the body at Daso School of Lusaka’s John Howard where he is a care taker.

She says that Police was alerted by one of the suspect’s family members.

The incident is reported to have happened on 26th July, 2017 at about 19 hours.

Ms. Katongo says that the suspect who led the police to the scene where he buried his child is reported to have poisoned the child using doom with the view of killing the child and later kill himself.

He is detained in Police custody while the body is yet to be exhumed.

Ms. Katongo says that Police officers have secured the place and they are waiting for the pathologist to conduct a post-mortem after exhuming the body.

Farmers told to beware of crooks

A traditional leader in Chipata District has advised farmers to be careful with organizations they deal with.

Chief Maguya of the Ngoni people says this is especially important, because there has been an increase in the number of farmer organizations swindling unsuspecting farmers.

He says many farmers have been swindled by some organizations, who come in the name of helping farmers, when in fact not.

The traditional leader says individuals, who are swindling farmers take advantage of the desperation of small scale farmers, especially during the distribution of inputs.

He has urged farmers to get information about the organisation they want to deal with, before they conduct any business.

Teachers abandon Walila Primary School

Teachers at Walila Primary School in Chipata district have allegedly abandoned the school.

Parents Teachers Association PTA Chairperson, Nebbat Zulu, says the school was given seven teachers in 2007, when it was gazetted.

Mr. Zulu explained that five teachers, have been transferred and no replacements have been made.

He says that only the head teacher and his deputy have remained, but are currently not at school.

The PTA chairperson says the head teacher is on leave and is expected to return next year, while the deputy head teacher is on study leave.

And Headman Kandolola, Richard Nkhoma, says the situation is worrying, because volunteer teachers are the ones manning the school.

Mr. Nkhoma says the quality of education for leaners is compromised, because pupils are being taught by unqualified teachers.

He says the Ministry of Education should quickly look into the matter.

The complaint was raised during a developmental meeting organized by Chipata Mayor, Sinoya Mwale at Katambo Primary School.

And Chipata District Education Buildings Officer, Masauso Phiri, who also attended the meeting, said that there are some matters that are considered, for the Ministry of Education to transfer teachers.

He says some teachers, who are married, request for transfers to re-unite with their spouses.

Mr. Phiri said other teachers request for transfers because of being mistreated by the community, adding that issues such as witchcraft have also contributed to some teachers abandoning schools especially in rural areas.

However, the concerned residents where not satisfied with Mr. Phiri’s response, as they felt that he did not directly address the problem at Walila Primary School