Cargill to cease operations in Chipata

Cargill has reached an agreement with Parrogate Ginnery Limited to purchase Cargill’s cotton gin, maize mill as well as land, buildings and equipment associated with Cargill’s operations in Chipata.

The transaction is subject to clearance by the relevant competition authorities.

Brendon de Boer, who is Regional Lead for Cargill’s Agricultural Supply Chain Business in sub-Sahara Africa confirmed to Breeze News.

Mr. de Boer says that in Parrogate Ginnery Limited., Cargill has found a buyer, who will secure a future for the cotton and maize operations in Chipata.

He says that Parrogate’s extensive experience with cotton origination and ginning operations in Zambia, Zimbabwe and Malawi, as well as its considerable network in the region will allow it to successfully continue operations in Chipata.

Mr. de Boer says that once the transaction is completed, Parrogate will run the cotton gin and maize mill as a viable business operation, providing cotton seed to farmers and buying cotton for the gin from the local communities.

He says that Cargill’s other business activities in Zambia are not impacted by this transaction and the company will continue to operate normally.

ZCF says solar milling plants are not political

The Zambia Corporative Federation, ZCF has laughed off thoughts by some people and organizations that the setting up of solar milling plants in various parts of the country was a political project.

ZCF Executive Director, James Chirwa, says the project was purely meant to help cooperatives to have a source of income and has no connection to politics.

Mr. Chirwa says if the project was political and meant to help the ruling PF win elections, by now, ZCF would have stopped bringing more machines from China.

He also clarified that the makeup of the solar milling plant is that it uses direct sunlight and does not need batteries.

Mr. Chirwa says during the planning, it was discovered that if the plants were to have a provision of using batteries, they would be more expensive and unaffordable to cooperatives.

However, this is different from what authorities in Eastern Province have been telling cooperatives, as they have assured that the Chinese have been engaged so that the batteries are supplied.

Recently, it has come out that most of the solar milling plants have struggled to operate, with many failing to even pay salaries for operators.

EWSC told to adhere to the water quality monitoring guidelines

The National Water Supply and Sanitation Council NWASCO has called on Eastern Water and Sewerage Company to adhere to the water quality monitoring guidelines in order to ensure that water supplied to the residents is clean and safe.

NWASCO Public Relations and Communications Manager Mpunga Chipepo Simukwai says Eastern Water and Sewerage Company has not been displaying the quarterly water quality results as required in the Water Quality Monitoring Guidelines.

Ms. Simukwai notes that despite improvements in hours of supply in most towns, improved record keeping and maintaining average collection efficiency of above 95 per cent, there are areas that need attention.

Ms. Simukwai says the Commercial utility did not comply with the NWASCO directive to ring fence the meter charge by ensuring that new meters are bought and the faulty ones repaired.

She was speaking after the completion of the Eastern Water and Sewerage Company Annual inspection
Ms. Simukwai also adds that Non-Revenue Water was on the rise despite the utility being 100 per cent metered with a relatively new network.

In addition, it was observed that 3,074 customers remained unbilled as at July, 2017 resulting in loss of revenue by the utility.

Additionally, load shedding continued in Lundazi that might lead to loss of water supply for over 8 hours.

MMD attacks UPND over prayer service

The Movement for Multi-Party Democracy MMD has described the thanksgiving and prayer service held for UPND President, Hakainde Hichilema’s release from jail as political.

MMD National Chairperson for Agriculture, Chishala Chilufya says that the UPND should stop using the church to push its political agenda.

Mr. Chilufya told Breeze News that all the people who attended the prayer service were UPND sympathisers.

He charged that no one from strong opposition political parties including the ruling PF was allowed to attend the prayer service.

Mr. Chilufya says that Mr. Hichilema owes Zambians an apology for how his motorcade behaved against the presidential motorcade in Mongu during the Kuomboka ceremony.

Speaking during the prayer service, the UPND leader said that he had forgiven all those that were involved in his brutal arrest and incarceration.

Mr. Hichilema called on his supporters and Zambians as a whole to put aside all the hate they might have over what transpired in the recent past for the sake of unity.