Five nubbed for counterfeit notes

Two men of Chipata district have been arrested for being in possession of one hundred Thousand Kwacha counterfeit notes.

Davison Njobvu of St. Monica’s area and Alexander Lungu, 32, a Businessman of Kalongwezi area, were arrested together with three others from Lusaka.

The others are Mulenga Simukoko, 42, Kamanga Banda, 58 and Alfred Mabeti, 38, all of Chawama Compound in Lusaka.

This is according to a press statement by DEC, Drug Enforcement Commission public relations officer, Theresa Katongo.

In another matter, Ms Katongo says DEC has further arrested a Zambia Army Officer for being in possession of 400 thousand Kwacha counterfeit notes in 100 Kwacha bills.

She says Newton Sondashi, 42, a Staff Sergeant of Ndola District was arrested in Chawama Township in Lusaka, as he was about to transact.

Ms Katongo says the commission has further arrested and jointly charged James Banda, 23, Moses John Mwanza, 23, and his wife Estela Phiri, 25, for trafficking in 45 sachets of heroin.

She says the four were major suppliers of heroin in Lusaka’s Chaisa Compound.

Also arrested separately, is Peter Mwanza popularly known as ‘Junior Marcopolo’ for trafficking in 116 sachets of heroin.

The DEC spokesperson says all suspects will appear in court soon.

Chadiza cooperatives failing to manage financies

Mismanagement of finances among cooperatives in Chadiza district has worried Chadiza Constituency Member of Parliament Salatiel Tembo.

Mr. Tembo says that some board members in most cooperatives in the district have problems in managing the finances in their cooperatives.

He stated that the cooperatives normally finish the money on buying farming inputs without saving any funds in the banks, which can be used for other businesses.

Mr. Tembo says that this has resulted in the cooperatives failing to develop.

He however, appealed to all cooperatives in the district to venture in different businesses in order to sustain their cooperatives and help boost the economy.

Mr Tembo has also welcomed de suggestion by Chadiza

He was speaking during a meeting with primary cooperatives, which was organised by DCU, District Cooperative Union in Chadiza.

Meanwhile Mr. Tembo supported a proposal by the District Cooperative Union to have each cooperative member contribute three gallons of maize to start production and sale of mealie-meal in the district in order to recapitalise all cooperatives in the district.

He said that the project should be done in a transparent manner.

Commission of Inquiry into Voting Patterns and Electoral Violence to sit in Eastern

The Commission of Inquiry into Voting Patterns and Electoral Violence is expected to hold its public sittings in Eastern Province this month.

And chairperson of the commission Justice Munalula Lisimba has appealed to people in the province not to shun the exercise.

In a statement availed to Breeze News, Justice Lisimba says that the commission is on course and on schedule in the execution of its mandate to receive submissions from the people in all the 10 Provinces of the country.

He says that so far, Zambians have responded overwhelmingly to the Commissions’ ongoing public sittings around the country.

Justice Lisimba says that it is un-deniable that the country has over the years, experienced electoral violence in which life and property have been lost.

He notes that it is not yet known who perpetrated the violence, how it happened, where it happened and who the victims were.

Justice Lisimba says that therefore, the public sittings provide an opportunity to every Zambian to be heard.