Government told to consider farmers when revising maize price

Government has been asked to consider farmers that have already sold their maize to FRA, the Food Reserve Agency, when revising the market floor price.

Chipata District Farmers Association, CDFA coordinator, Virgil Malambo, says farmers should be given a top up if the price of maize is increased.

Mr. Malambo also stressed the need to hasten the revision of the maize floor price, adding that farmers are excited with this development.

He said that farmers are hopeful that government will consider the price of inputs and the cost of transportation and announce a price that will be favourable.

He observed that most farmers, who were holding on to their maize are now willing to sale their maize because government has shown willingness to revise the price of maize.

Mr. Malambo says government should quickly announce the new floor price, because it will assist farmers bargain for better prices when selling their maize to private buyers.

President Edgar Lungu last week made a pronouncement that government would revise the maize floor price for the 2017 crop marketing season.

Tarring works progressing well in Petauke district

The 12.5 million kwacha road works in Petauke district are progressing well.

District Commissioner, Velenasi Moyo, says construction of Petauke turnoff-boma, Minga Mission-hospital and Kalindawalo roads, are all undergoing rehabilitation.

Mrs. Moyo says Condril Construction Company is expected to complete works on the boma road before the end of this month.

She told Breeze News that the contract for the project is three months.

The district commissioner says the contractor has already started doing detours on the Kalindawalo road, while works on the Minga Mission Hospital have also commenced.

Cooperative receives tractors from government in Chadiza

Government has handed over two Honda Tractors to Mwandipeza Co-operative of Zingalume Village in Chief Zingalume’s area in Chadiza District.

Ministry of Gender Permanent Secretary, Felix Phiri says Chadiza is one of the areas identified where value addition processes can be done.

Dr. Phiri says this is due to high levels of agriculture products recorded in the district.

He says that government will continue empowering women by giving them all necessary support in agricultural business.

Dr. Phiri says government will work with women co-operatives to bring economic development in the area.

He says that 70 percent of membership in the co-operatives should be women and only 30 percent men.

The permanent secretary has appealed to Mwandipeza Co-operative members to utilize the tractors well and make sure that the money generated from the project is not abused by men in the co-operative.

And Mwandipeza co-operative chairperson, Ireen Phiri, says the two tractors will help improve the farming methods and improve on the crop yield among women in the area.

She has, however, asked government to help her co-operative with roofing sheets as the co-operative has already moulded more than 15,000 bricks for the construction of a storage shed.