Nyau dancers terrorise villagers in Chief Chikuwe

Nyau dancers have reportedly terrorized people at Labani Village in Chief Chikuwe’s area in Chipata district.

A source, who did not want to be named, told Breeze News that trouble started when someone burnt down the highly secret location for the Gule Wamkulu, called Dambwe or Liunde.

And Chief Chanje, who is caretaker for Chikuwe chieftainship, confirmed receiving a report about the incident.

He explained that when he sent one of the indunas to investigate the matter, the leader of the Gule Wamkulu, known as Lumbwe, was not found in the village.

Chief Chanje has therefore, termed the group, which terrorized the villagers, as people, who just want to tarnish the image of Gule Wamkulu.

He said that he has asked the police to ensure that all those involved in the matter are arrested, because the real Gule Wamkulu stopped all performances immediately after the Kulamba Traditional Ceremony.

Chief Chanje re-emphasized that unless with exclusive permission from a chief, Gule Wamkulu is not allowed to perform during school days.

He said this is especially important during this period when pupils are preparing to write examinations.

Chief Chanje says apart from the police, he has also launched investigations to find the Lumbwe and make sure that all those involved are punished.

EEP leader condemns casulisation in Zambia

Government has been challenged to monitor employers who have continued employing people on casual basis.

Leader of Economic and Equity Party, EEP, Chilufya Tayali says it is unfortunate that employers have continued employing people on casual basis when it is against the law.

Speaking during a press briefing today in Lusaka, Mr. Tayali says many employers are mistreating their workers by paying them less and remain as casual workers for many years, a situation he described as unfortunate.

He says government should act on the matter, stating that employees should be employees on a permanent basis.

Mr. Tayali has given all employers a three months ultimatum to employ their workers on permanent basis.

He says EEP members will hold a national demonstration on 5th February next year, if there will be Zambians who will still be casual workers in their jobs.

And Mr. Tayali has condemned traffic police officers who have continued harassing motorists on the roads.

He says road blocks are rampant across the country, but that the money being collected is not retired to government.

He hopes government will take interest in looking into the matter before it loses a lot of money collected by the police service.

Nsenga chiefs told to reslove wrangles

Government has advised traditional leaders in the region to resolve their chiefdom wrangles in a peaceful manner.

Eastern Province Permanent Chanda Kasolo, says said that land must be effectively and efficiently administered as it has a potential to bring untold misery as has been the case in some countries.

He was speaking at the Tuwimba traditional ceremony of the Nsenga people in Nyimba district.

The ceremony was held under the theme, ‘Promoting National Development by Preserving Culture and Tradition for the future Generations in Fighting Gender Based Violence GBV, Early and Child Marriages and HIV and AIDS,’

Mr. Kasolo says chiefs should not allow divisions due to land wrangles but maintain peaceful in the administration of the precious resource.

And Mr. Kasolo advised the Nsenga chiefs to rise above their differences and unite.

He observed that there are ten Nsenga chiefs in the province and that only a few were present at the ceremony, signifying differences among traditional leaders.

Mr. Kasolo says Government recognizes the contribution of traditional leaders towards effective governance of communities in the country.

Meanwhile, Mr. Kasolo reiterated Government’s commitment to accelerating the implementation of road projects as a means of improving connectivity and transportation of goods and services.

Mr Kasolo says government has identified a number of Greenfield railway projects that will link the country to the Eastern and Western ports of Africa through Serenje via Petauke linking the country to the port of Nacala in Mozambique.

The Permanent Secretary also stressed Government’s commitment to supporting initiatives that promoting creativity in order to stimulate self-reliance among people in the Eastern Province.

He also announced that Government released funding for the construction of phase two of Nyimba district hospital.

He also stated that something will be done to electrify Kacholola whose development has lagged behind due to lack of electricity.

In the area of access to water, Tasila Lungu donated boreholes that will be constructed in Nyimba in addition to the eleven that will be drilled by Government.

Mr. Kasolo also stated that Government will soon complete the construction of chieftainess Nyanje’s palace and start the construction of other chiefs’ palaces.

And Mr. Kasolo says Government captured 5,615 under the Social Cash Transfer scheme and that will soon start the disbursement of funds to the selected beneficiaries.

Meanwhile, chiefs in Nyimba district have praised President Edgar Lungu for spearheading the fight against child and early pregnancies in the country.

The four traditional leaders said through Secretary of the Nsenga Royal Association, Festus Phiri that the head of state was conferred as champion of Gender Based Violence, GBV, early marriages and HIV and AIDS because of his contributions in the fight against the social vices.

He also stated that all chiefs in Nyimba support the stance taken by the head of state making it mandatory for all people seeking health care services to undergo routine counseling and testing to make those found positive access treatment early.

The traditional leaders also appealed to Government to expedite the construction of phase two of Nyimba district hospital.

And Mr. Phiri lamented that the construction of health posts in Nyimba has not yet started.

He explained that out of 560 health posts that were to be built countrywide, six were allocated to the district but that not even one has been built so far.

The traditional leaders also called on Government to electrify Chibale, Kacholola and Hofmeyer secondary schools under the Rural Electrification Authority project, REA.

Meanwhile Senior Chief Luembe said Nyimba district has not fully benefitted from some of Government’s developmental programmes such as the agriculture mechanization, dip tank construction and the upgrading of township roads.

Senior Chief Luembe stressed the need for Government to increase the maize floor price to enable farmers in the district benefit from production of the grain.





Weakening kwacha worries ZUFIAW

The Zambia Union of Financial Institution and Allied workers ZUFIAW, has expressed concern with the recent continued depreciation of the Zambia Kwacha against other convertible currencies.

ZUFIAW President, Ackim Mweemba, says the labour movement is worried, because the deprecation of Kwacha will have severe impact on the living standards of workers and the poor.

In a statement to Breeze News, Mr. Mweemba alleges that it is common knowledge that workers in Zambia are poorly paid and further depreciation will have an impact on the prices of commodities.

He has appealed to the Bank of Zambia to effectively use its monetary policy instruments to ensure that the kwacha quickly stabilizes.

Mr. Mweemba further says that ZUFIAW is aware that such measures by the central bank are not sustainable in the long term.

He says that it is in this regard that the union calls on government to seriously work on formulating policies that would lead towards industrialization of the economy.

Misapplication of funds at Chadiza Council

Lack of proper monitoring of projects expenditure at Chadiza District Council, resulted in the misapplication of Constituency Development Funds, CDF for 2014.

Responding to a question from Chanjowe Ward Councilor Acklas Mbewe, Council Treasurer, Smart Muwowo, explained that the over expenditure on some projects and administrative costs was because of lack of proper monitoring of projects expenditure and use of records.

Chanjowe Ward Councilor Acklas Mbewe wanted to know what the management has done over the misapplied 70,000 kwacha that was budgeted for a Play Ground at Chadiza Show Grounds.

He explained that one million two hundred and fifty-six thousand Kwacha was spent on six CDF projects instead of the slightly one million and eight thousand Kwacha budgeted for.

Mr. Muwowo says this shows an overspending of over 47,900, 000 Kwacha.

He also explained that the budgeted administration costs on CDF projects were 20,000 Kwacha, but instead, 36,800 was spent.

Mr. Muwowo further revealed that council management misapplied CDF amounting to about 21, 700 Kwacha as the money was diverted to paying Council Casual Workers.

He also disclosed that the council overspent 86,500 kwacha on various CDF projects against what was budgeted.

And the Finance, Human Resource and General Purposes Committee recommended that the 21,700 Kwacha, which was misapplied by paying Council Casual Workers and the 16,800, which was overspent on administrative cost should be refunded to the CDF Account so that works at the Play Ground can commence.