Police on high alert over Jumbe Chieftainship wrangles

Police have warned people in Chief Jumbe’s area in Mambwe district against holding public celebrations or demonstrating against a high court ruling passed yesterday concerning the Jumbe chieftainship wrangle.

Eastern Province Police Commissioner, Alex Chilufya says that a judgement in Default was yesterday entered against Mr Oswell Zimba the incumbent Chief Jumbe in Chambers at Chipata High Court.

Mr. Chilufya says that this means that if within 30 days there is no response entered to set aside the default judgement then the ruling stays in favour of Mr Sainani Phiri who is a Traffic Officer in Namwala.

This is in a matter, where Mr Sainani Phiri filed a court injunction claiming to be the rightful heir to the Chief Jumbe throne.

The plaintiff sued Zimba as first defendant and senior chief Nsefu Smart Sokhani Phiri as second defendant, claiming to be the rightful heir to the late chief Jumbe Robert Zulu, who died on April 1, 2015.

According to a statement of claim filed in the High Court, the plaintiff claimed that he was at all material times heir to the throne of chief Jumbe, stating that according to the Kunda people’s tradition, the next chief Jumbe was supposed to be selected by the Mchacha Royal Family.

Mr. Chilufya says that in this case, people should not engage in any public celebrations, demonstrations or any such conduct likely to breach public peace and order.

He says that the status quo should be observed and respected by all.

Mr. Chilufya says that police Officers are on the ground monitoring the situation and ready to respond to any situation that may threaten law and order.

Government to engage foreign contractor to build palaces

Government says it will soon engage a foreign contractor, to undertake the construction of Chiefs palaces in the country.

Chiefs and Traditional Affairs Permanent Secretary, Michael Pwete, says government has decided to engage a Chinese contractor.

He says this is because local contractors have failed to execute their work effectively.

Mr. Pwete says government is concerned with the slow pace at which construction works of palaces for Paramount Chief Mpezeni and Chieftainess Nyanje are moving.

He was speaking when he paid a courtesy call on Eastern Province Permanent Secretary, Chanda Kasolo this morning.

Mr. Pwete says a Chinese company which has a branch in Zambia is willing to build the first 60 palaces.

He added that the contractor will start building the palaces using his own money.

Mr. Pwete says the contractor, who acknowledges the challenge government has of funding for certain projects, agreed to be paid once the funding is made available.

He says if the initiative works out, all the palaces will be constructed according to government’s plan.


Meanwhile, Provincial Permanent Secretary, Chanda Kasolo, says it is unfortunate that local contractors have continued to disappoint government.

He stated that local contractors need a lot of supervision on both securing materials and the usage.

Mr. Kasolo says government hopes the construction of Paramount Chief Mpezeni’s palace will be completed before December this year.

He added that Chieftainess Nyanje’s palace can be completed within four months, if all the necessary materials are made available.

Delayed road works anger Chipata motorists

Motorists in Chipata have asked the local authority to instruct Sable Construction Company to expedite works on Kalindawalo road.

The concerned motorists say it is worrying to note that the contractor has been working on the same road since 2013, but without real progress.

Harrison Njobvu, says government, through the local authority should fund the contractor so that all the stalled works are completed.

A check by Breeze News found construction works on the Kalindawalo road by Sable Construction Company   are underway.

And Chipata City Council Acting Public Relations Manager Kameko Manda attributed the delay by Sable Construction Company to complete road works to certain logistical factors which include funding.

She says the contractor is working on a number of roads, which include East Rise road.

Ms. Manda says the total cost of all the 15. 4 kilometer roads being done by Sable in Chipata is about 154 million kwacha.

She says the council hopes the contractor will complete road works before the onset of the rains.

The acting public relations Manager added that the contractor has made an assurance that he will speed up the road works.

Chipata Mayor accused of meddling in youth matters

A misunderstanding has arisen over the operations of Lukwakwa Resource Centre in Chipata district.

Chipata Mayor Sinoya Mwale has been accused of interfering in the operations of the resource centre by hand picking an interim committee to run the operations.

Eastern Centre Coordinator, David Lungu alleged that Mr. Mwale has excluded youths with disabilities from participating in the activities of the resource centre.

Mr. Lungu charged that Mr. Mwale blocked an election which was supposed to be held to choose a committee and opted to pick an interim committee of relatives.

And YMCA Coordinator Sam Mbewe says that Mr. Mwale should take an advisory role instead of actively participating in a project for young people.

But when contacted Chipata Mayor, Sinoya Mwale denied any wrongdoing, stating that he is not aware of the interim committee.

Mr. Mwale stated that the Lukwakwa Resource Centre is under the supervision of the Department of Housing at Chipata City Council.

He however, stated that the council will not allow the resource centre to be politicised or used to cause confusion because it is meant for progressive ideas and activities

Chipata City Council opens uncompleted bus station

Local bus operators in Chipata have been moved from the Down Shops to the new local bus station along Kafula road near Kapata Market.

However, the bus operators are not happy with the move taken by Chipata City Council describing the environment at the new bus station as pathetic.

Fackson Phiri, Justine Banda and Dyman Zulu say the decision by the council to relocate them before completing works at the station is worrying.

The trio says the council was supposed to put up a shelter and level the area with bituminous, before moving bus operators.

The motorists also stated that the levy being collected by the council should be used for the intended purpose, such as the construction of toilets and improving infrastructure in trading places.

Meanwhile, the local authority has acknowledged the complaints by bus operators, stating that the dust can pose a threat to people’s health.

Chipata City Council Acting Public Relations Manager Kameko Manda says the local authority had engaged bus operators last month over the movement from the old bus station to the new bus station.

She says the council will continue watering the area to suppress the dust before putting quarry stones, which will be a temporary measure.

Ms. Kameko added that the area will be tarred before the onset of the rains.