PF Petauke district boss suspended

The Patriotic Front PF Party in Eastern Province has suspended Petauke District Chairperson Sandford Mwanza for disloyalty and treacherous conduct.

The party has instead appointed vice provincial chairperson Godwin Phiri to act as district chairperson for Petauke district.

This is according to a statement released to Breeze News signed by Provincial Secretary Joseph Kolosa.

Mr. Kolosa says Mr. Phiri will continue acting until the case involving Mr. Mwanza is concluded.

He says the action has been taken after consultation from PF secretary general Davies Mwila.

Mr. Kolosa has urged PF members in the province to remain loyal to the ruling party and conduct themselves in a manner that will bring patriotism in the party.

And when contacted for a comment, suspended PF Petauke District Chairperson Sandford Mwanza says he cannot react to his suspension, because he has not yet received the suspension letter.

He told Breeze News that he needs to see the charges that are in the letter, for him to comment over the matter.

Mr. Mwanza added that he was verbally informed that he has been suspended from the party.

UPND advises government against creation of new districts

Government has been advised to discontinue the exercise of creating new districts.

United Party for National Development UPND says the exercise should be suspended because most projects in new districts created by late President Michael Sata have stalled.

Provincial Spokesperson Victor Mbuzi told Breeze News that government seems not to have resources to complete all the projects in the new districts.

Mr. Mbuzi says that new districts like Sinda and Vubwi still have a number of things that are lucking and wondered why government would want to create more new districts.

He says that the UPND would like to advise government to demarcate constituencies, which are vast so that they start to receive more resources for development.

Mr. Mbuzi states that if constituencies like Chasefu, Chipangali, Kasenengwa, Msanzala and Lumezi are demarcated they will receive more allocation of CDF, Constituency Development Fund.

He has argued that an area does not need to be created a district to receive development but the commitment of area representatives like MPs and councillors towards development.

Mr. Mbuzi further says that areas, which can be turned into districts, are already known, like Chiparamba, Msoro and Feni.

Unknown people chop off hand for albino in Chama

A 19 -year- old female albino of Chief Chikwa’s chiefdom in Chama District has had her right hand chopped off by unknown people.

Narrating her ordeal to ZANIS from Chama District Hospital yesterday, Miriam Kumwenda of Buyoyo Village said she got attacked last Saturday night.

Miriam said while asleep she heard a knock at the door and when she inquired who was knocking, a man who identified himself as a Mr. Nkhowani asked her to open.

She added that she ignored the knock but later her alleged attacker forced himself inside, closed her mouth with a cloth to avoid her screaming and later carried her into the bush.

Miriam said while in the bush other unknown persons appeared and started beating her up.

She added that the assailants then started cutting her left arm when one of them told his friends that it is the right hand that was needed and her left arm intact.

Miriam explained that they then started cutting the right hand and it was at this pointed when she was hit behind her head with an unknown object and lost consciousness.

She said the attackers thinking she had died left her, after which she regained her conscious adding that it was at this point that she started crying.

Miriam said her parents found her and later rushed her to a nearby health centre for medical attention while the attack was reported to police.

Police Commissioner Godwin Phiri could not be reached for a comment by broadcast time.

High cement prices worry EPCCI

Eastern Province Chamber of Commerce and Industry EPCCI says the increment in prices of cement will have an impact on the overall cost of construction.

EPCCI President Thomas Mtonga further says the increment in prices of cement has come few weeks after the prices of fuel were increased.

Mr. Mtonga says the current price of cement, which is trading at 90 Kwacha for a 50 kilogramme bag, is difficult to justify.

He says that this is because the introduction of the two Kwacha exercise duty on a pocket of cement cannot push up the price by more than 20 Kwacha.

Mr. Mtonga however, says that there are a number of factors that can affect the price increment of cement.

He explains that the valuable costs of cement are energy during production and transportation.

Mr. Mtonga hopes the prices of cement can stabilize because it has a serious impact on developers.

He joined calls by some stakeholders to authorities to investigate why prices of cement have gone up in Chipata.

Mr. Mtonga noted that Zambia has two major companies producing cement, who cannot sale the product at the same price.