K45 million released for road works in Chipata.

The Ministry of Local Government has awarded contracts to two local contractors to work on feeder roads in Chipata district.

The works will be carried out at a total cost of one hundred and forty-five million Kwacha.

Speaking in an interview with journalists today, Chipata City Council Public Relations Manager, Kameko Manda, named the contractors as Horizon Contractors and Vibrant Constructions and General Supply Limited.

Ms. Manda says the roads will be constructed over a period of three years.

She explained that Horizon Contractors will work on the fifty-seven kilometres Chamakanga-Lukuzwe road at a cost of seventy-eight million Kwacha.

Ms. Manda says Vibrant Constructions and General Supply Limited will work on the forty-five kilometres Chongo- Chiwoko road at a cost of sixty-seven million kwacha.

She says works on the two roads started on November 17th, adding that the periodic inspections, which will be done over three years will ensure that the roads being constructed are of the highest quality possible.

EFAZ welcomes amendment to tobacco Act

The Eastern Fodya Association of Zambia, EFAZ says there is need to adjust some of the sections in the 1968 tobacco Act.

Speaking on the sidelines of the TBZ consultative meeting held in Chipata yesterday, EFAZ chairperson, Franklyn Mwale, says changes to the act are needed because of the transformation that has taken place in tobacco farming methods and marketing.

Mr. Mwale says the tobacco Act has been in existence for over 40 years and needs to be amended to suit the current trends and growing number of farmers in the province.

He emphasized that the act should just be amended so that it addresses current issues such as sponsorship of farmers without farming equipment and levies that farmers pay, instead of completely being repealed.

Meanwhile, Mr. Mwale says that due to last year’s good market for the crop, more farmers have been encouraged to grow tobacco during the 2017-2018 farming season.

Mr. Mwale has urged farmers to provide the association with information that will assist EFAZ to start negotiations with the government through TBZ over buying companies.

Damaged bridges in Chief Ndake’s area create problems for villagers.

Nyimba District Commissioner Colonel Peter Kunda Kaisa has appealed to relevant authorities within government to consider repairing two damaged bridges in Chief Ndake’s area.

Speaking in an interview with Breeze News, Colonel Kaisa says the two bridges, Msima and Kapakasa were damaged during the 2016- 2017 rain season and have not been repaired.

Colonel Kaiza says that the two damaged bridges have resulted in motorists failing to cross to the other side.

He says that ambulances have equally been affected as they are unable to pick patients from the villages across the bridges to the hospital.

The district commissioner added that the situation was reported to relevant authorities some time ago, but the district is still waiting for funds to have the two bridges repaired.