Cholera spreads in Eastern Province

Reports of cholera cases in Eastern Province seem to be spreading to other districts.

Chipata and Katete districts are the latest to report cholera cases.

In Chipata, Permanent Secretary, Chanda Kasolo, says a 10 months old baby from Msekera area has been confirmed to have suffered from cholera, but has been treated.

Mr. Kasolo says a 25 years old man from Magazine Compound and a 97 year old woman of Mtenguleni area have been taken to Walela cholera center, after they exhibited signs of cholera and medical staff are carrying out tests.

In Katete, Mr. Kasolo says another person is being treated at St. Francis Hospital after being confirmed to have cholera.

Mr. Kasolo says medical officers will visit the place where the 10 months old baby stays and sanitize the place where the baby was being treated from at Chipata Central Hospital.

He explained that a medical team will also identify all people, who may have been in contact with the baby during the period and if need be, give them necessary treatment.

Mr. Kasolo says as of today, Eastern Province has 17 reports of cholera cases, of which 15 are confirmed, two are unconfirmed, with one death.

Eastern records zero audit queries in 2017

Government says Eastern Province recorded zero audit queries last year, because of improvement in procuring of goods and services by officers.

Permanent Secretary, Chanda Kasolo, says the province has professionals in the purchasing and supply of goods and services and helped to ensure the region does not record any audit queries last year.

He was speaking when he officiated at the first Zambia Institute of Purchasing and Supply, ZIPS, Eastern Province Chapter dinner gala in Chipata.

The gala was held under the theme ‘’Meet the buyer’’.

Mr. Kasolo sad interaction among partners was key for transfer of knowledge and network creation, adding that, in government procurement, capacity building in the system in order to enhance efficiency and transparent was very important.
He noted that government procurement plays a critical role because it was the biggest buyer of goods and services in the country.

Mr. Kasolo said the country’s procurement stood at between 15 and 20 per cent of Growth Domestic Product, GDP.

He added that a small improvement in procurement performance can result in significant savings for government and improve efficiency of public sector management.

And ZIPS Vice President, James Mwaba, said the institute as a
profession, needs to ensure it becomes more productive.

He added that, there is need to develop skills in purchasing and supply, so that there is value addition to the development of the nation.

Vendors told to move out from streets

Government has given street vendors in Eastern Province up to Monday morning to remove any illegal structures they operate from.

Eastern Province Permanent Secretary, Chanda Kasolo says that failure to do so will result in councils forcefully removing the structures from the street.

He said this at a media briefing in Chipata on Saturday.

Mr. Kasolo says street vendors pose a great danger to society, because they operate in places where there are no toilets or running water.

He says any street vendor, who will refuse to be taken off the street, will be arrested, as street vending is against the law and nothing illegal can be formalized.

The Permanent Secretary says street vendors, who want to continue selling goods, should go to the council, where they will be given trading space in markets.

Mr. Kasolo added that the Ministry of Health and Local authorities in Eastern Province will start screening and educating all passengers leaving and coming into the province.

He says screening and educating passengers on all main bus stations is one of the measures that have been put in place to help eradicate cholera.