MMD reveals abuse of party vehicles

The Movement for Multi-Party Democracy MMD has revealed rampant abuse of its vehicles by its members in Eastern Province.

Provincial Spokesperson, Zephaniah Kaleya says that out of about 13 vehicles, only 6 are still running and members are treating them like personal to holder.

Mr. Kaleya further says that the party leadership has information that two of the vehicles have been sold without authority from the leadership.

He says that for those vehicles which are working, the party is not benefiting in any way as those entrusted with the vehicles are not giving the party proceeds of the businesses they are doing.

Mr. Kaleya has warned that the party will soon engage police in the matter adding that those who bought the vehicles will also be questioned.

He says that it is unfortunate that the vehicles which are supposed to benefit the whole party are benefiting a few individuals.

Flash floods hit some parts of Mambwe district

Flash floods hit some parts of Mambwe district over the weekend causing damage to crops, which were submerged in water.

Provincial Meteorological Officer, John Londolo confirmed this to Breeze News, stating that affected areas included Chikowa in Chief Jumbe.

Mr. Londolo says that the flash floods were caused by heavy rains experienced in the plateau areas of Chipata district.

He says that the floods lasted for about one hour before subsiding, which was not long enough for crops to be badly damaged.

However, some residents in Chiwawatala area in Chief Kakumbi say that they were equally affected and crop fields remained flooded for almost the whole day.

Meanwhile Mr. Londolo says that the Meteorological Department does not foresee any serious floods in Eastern Province as the weather pattern has now returned to normal rain season.

He says that serious tropical cyclones in Madagascar, which were affecting rainfall activities in Eastern and Southern Provinces have now cleared.

Mr. Londolo says that farmers should not lose hope that

Government confirm double registration for grade nine candidates

The Ministry of Education has confirmed double registration of some candidates, who are supposed to sit for external grade nine examinations.

Provincial Education Officer, Allan Lingambe says that the names for some candidates, who are supposed to sit for external examinations in June, are appearing on the list of candidates for internal examinations, which will be conducted at the end of this year.

Speaking to Breeze News, Dr. Lingambe explained that some school administrators registered the repeating candidates twice after ECZ, the Examination Council of Zambia delayed to respond to the first registration, where external candidates were included.

He says that his office will be holding a meeting with the affected schools to see how best the situation can be handled.

Dr. Lingambe further indicated that candidates might be given a choice to choose on whether to site for the external exams or internal exams later in the year.

He further stated that it was too early to state if the schools will have to refund the candidates, who paid for external exams but have their names appearing on the internal examination list.

Street vending now officially illegal

A statutory instrument that qualifies street vending as illegal in Zambia has been enacted.

Chipata Mayor, Sinoya Mwale, says the Street Vending and Nuisance amendment regulation act was signed on February 9th and the Chipata City Council received a copy today.

He says the new law that allows local authorities to prosecute and charge anyone found trading on the streets has been signed.

Mr. Mwale says this will help maintain cleanliness and good sanitation in the streets of Chipata.

He says that the act was previously in existence to guide the local authority on how to handle street vendors.

And Mr. Mwale says authorized trading areas in Chipata still have enough space to accommodate every street vendor in the district.

He has urged all people, who are still selling their merchandise in the streets to go back to designated trading places as the council will not hesitate to prosecute anyone found vending.

A man sentenced to 30 years for defilement

The Chipata high Court has sentenced a man of Chipata district to 30 years imprisonment with hard labour, on one count of defilement.

Appearing before Lusaka based judge, Mwape Dancewell Bowa this morning for sentencing, was John Njobvu.

In mitigation, legal aid counsel Sally Bwalya, who spoke on behalf of the convict, asked the court to exercise leniency, as he is a first offender and that he is remorseful for his actions.

In passing ruling, Judge Bowa said he had considered the mitigation submitted on behalf of the convict.

He, however, said cases of defilement are on an increase in the country.

Judge Bowa said it was unfortunate that the convict, who was found pants down during the act, sexually abused the innocent child known to him and infected her with a sexually transmitted infection.

He therefore, sentenced him to 30 years imprisonment with hard labour, with effect from the day of his arrest

Head teachers warned against misleading people

The Ministry of General Education in Eastern Province has warned Head teachers who enroll pupils that failed grade nine examinations, to grade six classes.

Provincial Education Officer, Allan Lingambe clarified saying that there is no policy which states that grade nine failures will be required to go back and repeat grade six.

Dr. Lingambe was reacting to reports that a head teacher at Chipikula Primary School in Paramount Chief Mpezeni’s area, has enrolled grade nine failures into grade six.

Dr. Lingambe, who confirmed receiving the report says he has instructed the District Education Board Secretary to summon the head teacher and warn him strongly, because he is misleading the community.

He says such classes will be disbanded and that head teachers will be disciplined.

Dr. Lingambe says he had a meeting with head teachers yesterday, to clarify on the matter.

He says the ministry’s policy is clear, affirming that pupils who fail grade nine, are given another opportunity to sit for examinations under external system and that, they only sit for subjects they did not do well.

Squatters in Chief Kapatamoyo to lose farm land

Squatters in Chief Kapatamoyo’s area in Chipata may lose part of their farm land to accommodate a garbage dumpsite.

During a cholera update meeting yesterday, Chipata City Council District Planning Officer Edward Zulu, says officers, who visited the site for the new dumpsite found that a larger piece of land was occupied by maize fields.

He says that his office will re-engage Chief Kapatamoyo to help identify the owners of those fields and negotiate with them to vacate the area soon after harvesting their fields.

Mr. Zulu also indicated that the local authority is currently looking for extra 10 hectors of land for the dump site.

He explained that the council is still having challenges with some people, who are dumping garbage along the Kagunda road.

Mr. Zulu says that to avoid this, the council will engage local people to help direct trucks to the current dumpsite.

NDC says Kalaba is not our member

The National Democratic Alliance NDC says that former Foreign Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba is not their member.

In a statement availed to Breeze News, NDC National Youth Chairman Charles Kabwita says that Mr. Kalaba is however, free to join the party if he so wishes.

And Mr. Kabwita has distanced the NDC from a group of individuals that are spearheading the formation of a new political party.

He says that the party has intelligence information that the political party might be led by Mr. Kalaba, who is Bahati Member of Parliament.

Mr. Kabwita says that he would like to advise NDC members countrywide not to fall prey to such individuals championing the formation of this party.

He has charged that those handling Mr. Kalaba should stop masquerading as NDC members.

Mr. Kabwita says that Roan Member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili is still and remains NDC consultant.

However, on Thursday Mr. Kalaba said that he had no intentions of joining NDC and had not yet decided to form his own political party.

Kalaba maintains corruption in government

Former Foreign Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba has maintained that swelling levels of corruption in government forced him to abandon his ministerial position.

And Mr. Kalaba says that permanent secretaries in the country have been reduced into political cadres who dance for the president at airports.

Speaking during a special Hot Seat Programme on HOT FM in Lusaka, which was broadcast live on Breeze FM this morning, Mr. Kalaba says that he could not work with a government that sides with minority businessmen instead of the majority Zambians.

He dismissed statements that Malawian Prophet Shepard Bushiri of Enlightened Christian Gathering in South Africa had influenced him to resign from government because of prophesy that he will become republican president.

Mr. Kalaba revealed that he had serious problems with government projects and contracts like the purchase of 42 fire tenders, the construction of the Lusaka-Ndola dual carriageway and auction of Mkula logs through ZAFFICO.

He pointed out the procurement of the 1.2 billion United States dollars Lusaka-Ndola dual carriageway, which he says could have been done at a lesser cost through PPP, Private Public Partnership.

Mr. Kalaba says a bidder had won the bid on PPP arrangement at half the price but government opted to obtain a loan at huge cost.

And Mr. Kalaba says that permanent secretaries should be appointed through the normal civil service unlike presidential appointments.

He noted that permanent secretaries are currently forced to please the appointing authorities, which makes them go to the extent of dancing at airports for the president.

The former minister however defended presidential foreign trips stating that the country needs to be marketed.

Meanwhile Mr. Kalaba has maintained that he will not resign from his position as Member of Parliament for Bahati Constituency because the PF, Patriotic Front Party is separate from government.

He says that this is why people from other political parties like the MMD have been appointed ministers.

And the Bahati law maker has condemned political violence and politics of tribalism and regionalism, stating that it will not assist Zambia in any way.

He also distanced himself from NDC, the National Democratic Congress           Party, stating that he has no intentions of joining the Chishimba Kambwili led political party.

Two men discharged of murder case

Two men of Lundazi district, who were facing one count of murder, have been discharged by the Chipata High Court.

This was after the state entered a Nolle Prosequi in the matter.

Facts before the court are that James Msimuko and Tulason Mtonga, on 18th August, 2016 in Lundazi district, murdered Maston Mtonga.

Lusaka based Judge Mwape Dancewell Bowa who released the two after the application made by the state, however said that the discharge is not an acquittal.

Judge Bowa said the two are free for now, but that they can be re-arrested anytime if there will be sufficient evidence against them.

The two showed a faint smile as they walked to freedom from the dock.