Government officials not paying water bills

Provincial administration has revealed that some government officials have high unsettled water bills from Eastern Water and Sewerage Company.

Permanent Secretary Chanda Kasolo however, says that the government officials who have high water bills in the province will have to pay or face prosecution.

Speaking during a cholera update meeting today, Mr. Kasolo says that because of the cholera outbreak in the province, Eastern Water and Sewerage Company has not been disconnecting its customers.

He says people owing the most money to the company are government officials who can afford to pay the high bills they have accumulated compared to ordinary citizens with very low water bills.

Mr. Kasolo says because of this, the company’s revenue collection has fallen and they have been unable to pay their electricity bills to ZESCO.

He says that ZESCO yesterday disconnected its electricity supply to Eastern Water and Sewerage Company for failing to pay the bills.

The permanent Secretary says this has meant that the company is now supplying water to its customers in the district using a generator which is very costly.

Fourteen Basic Schools upgraded in Lundazi district

The Ministry of Education has this year upgraded 14 basic schools into day secondary schools in Lundazi district.

Lundazi District Education Board Secretary DEBS Chiza Mtonga says that this is in an effort to provide quality education nearer to learners.

Mr. Mtonga says government’s desire to provide education in all the community has to be achieved by upgrading more primary schools to secondary level.

Mr. Mtonga says that it was the Patriotic Front’s PF manifesto to upgrade more primary schools to secondary level in the district and to reduce congestion in few township day secondary schools.

He added that the upgrading of schools into day secondary schools was also meant to reduce distances which pupils have to cover to access education at the nearest learning institutions.

On staffing levels in schools, Mr. Mtonga says Lundazi has enough trained teachers to handle the fourteen upgraded secondary schools.

He says currently, township schools are over-staffed and that teachers will be redistributed to rural parts of the district to reduce the teacher/pupil ratio and to be promoted.

Mr. Mtonga named some of the upgraded schools as Tigone, Msuzi, Nyangwe, Kapichila, Mphamba and Mkomba in Lundazi Central constituency.

Others are Mwasemphangwe, Chaomba, Luamphamba and Chanyalubwe in Lumezi constituency while in Chasefu constituency, the upgraded schools are Kakoma, Egichiken, Nkhanga and Lupamadzi schools.

He says that Lundazi district now has a total of 28 secondary schools, three of which are boarding.

World Bank gives a go aheard

The World Bank has given the Provincial Administration a go ahead to start using funds allocated to the Zambia Integrated Forest and Landscape Programme ZIFLP.

Provincial Planner Noel Muchimba revealed this during the round table meeting held in Chipata district.

Mr. Muchimba indicated that the Provincial Administration was yesterday authorized to start spending the thirty-two point eight million United States dollars.

He says that the programme was introduced in 2017 but the provincial administration had been waiting for all the legal paper work to be done before they could start using the funds.

Mr. Muchimba says the project is targeting all nine districts in the province and will work towards improving Forestry, Agriculture, Wildlife and Land use Planning and Management.

The Provincial Planner says that the project will ran for a period of five years from 2017 to 2021.

He says other than providing other means of earning a living for all the people who are in any practice that affect the environment, the project also has an additional thirty million dollars to pay people in the province in carbon credits.

Mr. Muchimba says that the project will also make sure that communities empowered to grow certain crops, have a good market for their crops.

PS and Chipata Mayor reconcile

Eastern Province Permanent Secretary Chanda Kasolo says that he does not hold any grudge against Chipata City Mayor Sinoya Mwale.

Speaking during the cholera update meeting yesterday, Mr. Kasolo says that despite their difference, Mr. Mwale and he need to work together in making sure that Chipata is clean.

He says that the two met on Tuesday night to sort out their differences and Eastern Province Minister Makebi Zulu was there to mediate.

The permanent Secretary says that they have agreed to continue working together in making Chipata city better.

He says whatever the Mayor said against him is water under the bridge and he is looking forward to resume cleaning Chipata city together with the mayor.