NDC says government has failed to perform

The National Democratic Congress NDC Party has charged that the PF, Patriotic Front government is running down the economy.

Provincial Chairperson, Samuel Lugomo Phiri says that this is evidenced by how government is failing to run the agriculture sector.

Speaking in a walk in interview, Mr. Phiri says that there is no way that farmers can start accessing inputs at this period and expect that they will have a good yield.

He charged that the e-voucher system under FISP, the Farmer Input Support Programme is a total failure as it has been poorly managed.

Mr. Phiri further says that he cannot understand why farmers, who sold maize to FRA, the Food Reserve Agency early last year are still struggling to get their payment.

And Mr. Phiri says that members of NDC should not be intimidated by members of any political party because they have not done anything wrong.

He says that the members should concentrate on mobilizing the opposition political party and stay away from trouble.

Chichele Lodge not for sale but lease

Government has clarified that Chichele Presidential Lodge in Mfuwe has not been sold.

Eastern Province Permanent Secretary Chanda Kasolo says that the lodge is only on lease, which is about to expire.

Mr. Kasolo explained that this is why the current people running the lodge decided to advertise the lease to cut down on losses and make profits.

He says that Zambians should take advantage of the opportunity to buy the remaining eight year lease.

Mr. Kasolo pointed out that government would like Zambians to take charge of most lodges because most foreign owned lodges keep 80 per cent of their money abroad.

He says that this does not benefit Zambia in any way because foreign lodge owners are supposed to keep their investment in Zambia and only take out profits.

Mr. Kasolo indicated that he is aware that the permanent secretary in the Ministry of Tourism is trying to address this matter to ensure that the country benefits.

He was speaking during a live radio programme on Breeze FM.