Government confirm double registration for grade nine candidates

The Ministry of Education has confirmed double registration of some candidates, who are supposed to sit for external grade nine examinations.

Provincial Education Officer, Allan Lingambe says that the names for some candidates, who are supposed to sit for external examinations in June, are appearing on the list of candidates for internal examinations, which will be conducted at the end of this year.

Speaking to Breeze News, Dr. Lingambe explained that some school administrators registered the repeating candidates twice after ECZ, the Examination Council of Zambia delayed to respond to the first registration, where external candidates were included.

He says that his office will be holding a meeting with the affected schools to see how best the situation can be handled.

Dr. Lingambe further indicated that candidates might be given a choice to choose on whether to site for the external exams or internal exams later in the year.

He further stated that it was too early to state if the schools will have to refund the candidates, who paid for external exams but have their names appearing on the internal examination list.

Street vending now officially illegal

A statutory instrument that qualifies street vending as illegal in Zambia has been enacted.

Chipata Mayor, Sinoya Mwale, says the Street Vending and Nuisance amendment regulation act was signed on February 9th and the Chipata City Council received a copy today.

He says the new law that allows local authorities to prosecute and charge anyone found trading on the streets has been signed.

Mr. Mwale says this will help maintain cleanliness and good sanitation in the streets of Chipata.

He says that the act was previously in existence to guide the local authority on how to handle street vendors.

And Mr. Mwale says authorized trading areas in Chipata still have enough space to accommodate every street vendor in the district.

He has urged all people, who are still selling their merchandise in the streets to go back to designated trading places as the council will not hesitate to prosecute anyone found vending.

A man sentenced to 30 years for defilement

The Chipata high Court has sentenced a man of Chipata district to 30 years imprisonment with hard labour, on one count of defilement.

Appearing before Lusaka based judge, Mwape Dancewell Bowa this morning for sentencing, was John Njobvu.

In mitigation, legal aid counsel Sally Bwalya, who spoke on behalf of the convict, asked the court to exercise leniency, as he is a first offender and that he is remorseful for his actions.

In passing ruling, Judge Bowa said he had considered the mitigation submitted on behalf of the convict.

He, however, said cases of defilement are on an increase in the country.

Judge Bowa said it was unfortunate that the convict, who was found pants down during the act, sexually abused the innocent child known to him and infected her with a sexually transmitted infection.

He therefore, sentenced him to 30 years imprisonment with hard labour, with effect from the day of his arrest