A Chinese company has applied to start large scale mining in Petauke district.

Eastern Province will have the first ever large scale mining for Copper, Cobalt, Gold and Silver.
This follows the application for a mining license by Sinozoncha Resources Mining Company in Ukwimi area of Petauke district.
Provincial Mines Officer, Brian Nyambe told Breeze News that Sinozoncha Resources Mining Company has applied for a mining license on over 5,000 hectares of land in Chief Nsandwe’s Sasale area.

Mr. Nyambe says government has forwarded all documentations to ZEMA, the Zambia Environmental Management Agency to certify the land as the company owners have already finished exploring the minerals in the area.
He says that this will be the first ever large scale mine and will employ a good number of local people because only 10 out of 132 mining companies that have been issued with licenses are currently operating.
Mr. Nyambe says the ten mines that are operating are small scale, who are struggling to create employment for the local people due to lack of machinery and working capital.

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One Response to A Chinese company has applied to start large scale mining in Petauke district.

  1. Joseph chiluka says:

    There are so many campanies who what to get a space for mining why give a big part of land to one campany and you call that investors they just bring in works from there countries who are not educated ,it’s a good thing to have in the country but what are they living for as if the government should be giving land to investors who should make schools and colleges

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