Link with Diaspora

Linking the Diaspora to the Eastern province.

Are you a Zambian from Eastern Province now in diaspora or someone who worked, lived or has interests in the Eastern Province?

Do you want to buy a piece of land or a house?

Do you want to help a school, health centre or hospital?

Do you want to help in efforts to develop Chipata, any other district or the Eastern Province?

Breeze FM is ready to talk and work with you.


Do you want to communicate messages to relatives, associates, individuals, institutions or the people of Eastern Province?

Please let us know whom you want to contact and with what message.

Breeze FM can make that happen for you and at reasonable cost.


Telephone: +260 216 221175


Fax: +260 216 221823

4 Responses to Link with Diaspora

  1. Norman Chipakupaku says:


    May I request Breeze FM and Chamber to recognise the contribution of late Mambo Katuta Banda to the development of Chipata.

    I am thinking of working with a number of people to introduce an annual award in Mambo Katuta Banda’s name.
    I would like to build on the projects that I have supported in Chipata.These are projects like Chipata Trades Institute,The Chamber of Commerce and local farmers.

    I also think there is a possibility for me to help revive the co-operative movement in Chipata and EP. As you may be aware,the UN declared 2012 as “The International Year for Co-operatives.

    As an Associate of UK Co-operative College and Board Member of Borders College,I would love to work with Radio Breeze FM and other commuity radio stations to revive the Co-operative Movement in Eastern Province.

    We also have an opportunity to link with schools,colleges and other organisations to promote Chipata internationally.

    I can be contacted in Scotland on +44 1450 374387 or +44 7876143161 to discuss this further.I am also available on Skype: Norman.Chipakupaku.

    Meanwhile,please pass my Merry Christmas Wishes to your staff.

  2. Breeze FM says:

    Norman, this is a great idea. I will share your thoughts with the Chamber of Commerce so that together we can, indeed, come up with the best way of remembering our colleague who, did so much for our province.I also entirely support your suggestion to revive the cooperative movement in the region. The good news is that our radio station is expanding its signal to all parts of the province within a matter of weeks. The equipment for setting up four receiver/relay stations arrived in Chipata on Sunday and work in Katete, Petauke, Mponda and Lundazi should start in a matter of days. We, therefore, have a great tool for mobilising our larger community. I am available on skype too on mike.daka.

    Best regards

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