The Food Reserve Agency to continue buying maize from farmers despite reaching the purchase target.

The Food Reserve Agency FRA says it will continue buying maize from farmers until October 31st 2021 despite reaching the purchase target.

FRA Public Relations Coordinator John Chipandwe says the agency has so far purchased over 534, 000 metric tonnes exceeding this year’s target of 500,000 metric tonnes.

Mr. Chipandwe has dispelled rumors indicating that the agency has stopped buying maize since it has reached its purchase target. Mr. Chipandwe has encouraged farmers to continue delivering their maize to their nearest FRA depots.

Eight boys have been retrieved from the Gule Wamukulu initiation ceremony in Katete district.

The Katete District Child Protection Committee has retrieved eight boys from the Gule Wamukulu initiation ceremony in Kadzakalowa resettlement scheme under Chieftainess Kawaza’s area.

The eight boys, who are of school going age, were retrieved from the Gule camp on August 23 by Chieftainess Kawaza’s Induna, Atenge Phiri.

This followed a complaint made to the Social Welfare Department from a concerned member of the community.

The traditional leadership in Katete instituted by-laws that ban the recruitment and initiation of school going children, which the child protection committee is using to protect children.

ZANIS by reports that this is contained in a statement by the District Social Welfare Department.

Chieftainess Kawaza of the Chewa people of Katete and Sinda Districts, said by-laws in her area do not allow school going children to be initiated into Gule Wamukulu.

Meanwhile, Katete District Social Welfare Officer, Joyce Msoni, said initiating children into Gule Wamukulu violated their right to education and other related rights.

She said the children were retrieved on the basis that they are below the age of 18.

The Human Rights Commission has commends President Hakainde Hichilema

The Human Rights Commission has commended President Hakainde Hichilema for setting up a clear national agenda that respects human rights and upholds the rule of law.

Commission Chairperson, Mudford Mwandenga, is happy with the President’s directive to the Zambia Police Service, to carry out thorough investigations before arresting suspects.

Mr. Mwandenga says the commission is also happy that the police service was directed to consider granting police bonds for bondable offences, in order to avoid violating the constitutional right to personal liberty, as provided by the Laws of Zambia.

This is contained in a press statement issued to ZANIS in Lusaka today.

And Mr Mwandenga has called on the police to adhere to the Presidential directive and the provisions of the law in order to end violation of the right to personal liberty.

He clarified that the implementation of the Presidential directive has the potential to contribute to ending violations of human rights of suspects and accused persons, such as prolonged pre-trial detention, overcrowding, lack of access to adequate water supply, sanitation and food before and pending trial. 

Zambia has continued recording a reduction in Covid-19 positive cases.

Zambia has continued recording a reduction in Covid-19 positive cases.

In a statement to the media, Ministry of Health Permanent Secretary for Technical Services, Kennedy Malama, however says despite the country recording a reduction in cases, Northwestern Province has in the past one week been a source of concern.

Dr. Malama says appropriate support in surveillance and case management is being provided. 

He says Eastern Province has recorded 12 more cases out of One Hundred and Eighty-Two cases recorded countrywide.

He says it is clear that there is need to prioritize more focus on rural areas in the COVID-19 response so that they are not left behind.

Dr. Malama says during this window of reduced cases and positivity, focus is much on system strengthening to inform investment as the country anticipates the fourth wave later in the year or early next year.

He says three more people have died from Covid-19 related complications, with all of them being above 60 years.

The Alliance for Good Governance has commends President Hakainde Hichilema on his call to the defense forces to ensure that no party cadres wear any military uniform.

The Alliance for Good Governance has commended President Hakainde Hichilema on his call to the defense forces to ensure that no party cadres wear any military uniform.

Alliance for Good Governance president, Joseph Chileshe said it has been his organization’s wish to see sanity in the country and discouraging cadres from wearing military uniforms being the right step taken to having achieving sanity.

Mr. Chileshe called on political party leaders to help the security agencies to adequately respond to the Head of State’s call by making sure that they discourage them from wearing attire that is synonymous to military.

He said the use of counterfeit military attire has potential to plunge the country into flames as it is one of the major sources of political violence which the country has been witnessing because cadres want to outdo their opponents.

The Alliance for Good Governance leader also called on all political party cadres to be disarmed with immediate effect as they remain a danger to society.

He noted that a good number of cadres are in possession of guns which they have been flushing in the public with intent to instill fear in vulnerable members of society. Mr. Chileshe said the Head of State’s pronouncements have so far instilled confidence in the general citizenry that has been moving and living in fear because if the heavy presence of political party cadres that had engulfed many public places

Some residents in Kasenengwa district reiterate their appeal to authorities to rehabilitate the dilapidated Chipata-Msoro road

Residents of Kaluwawa village in Kasenengwa district are asking the new government to consider grading Chipata-Msoro road and repair all the crossing points in the area.

Jennipher Sakala says rehabilitating feeder roads will help easy movements among farmers, who are currently finding challenges to transport their produce to the markets.

And Onesta Phiri says people in the area are wondering why the PF government ignored the challenges people are facing in rural areas despite several promises. She claimed that a number of people lost their lives at Kasenengwa Bridge, which was washed away after heavy rains.

Chief Zingalume of the Chewa people of Chadiza district has called on his subjects to vote for people that will uplift their living standard in 2021 general elections.

Chief Zingalume of the Chewa people of Chadiza district has called on his subjects to vote for people that will uplift their living standard in 2021 general elections.
Chief Zingalume says many people have flooded the chiefdom enticing people with money and material things to vote for them in next year’s elections.
He says that people must chose leaders that will listen and respond positively to the concerns of the people in the area.
The traditional leader says that the electorates must not be cheated by material things but look for politicians who have the heart to serve the people through development and job creation.
Chief Zingalume said this in Chadiza over the weekend.

Chipata district has produced a total of 9,290 metric tonnes of groundnuts, beating all the districts in Eastern Province for the 2019/2020 crop production.
Lundazi district is on the second position with 8,774 while Petauke district is on the third position with 5,459 metric tonnes of groundnuts.
Nyimba district is on the fourth position with a total of 2,950.
Katete registered a total of 2,871 while Chadiza produced 1,953 metric tonnes of groundnuts.
Mambwe district is at the bottom with a production of 1,527 metric tonnes of groundnuts.
This is according to the Eastern Province 2019/2020 season crop forecast production figures seen by Breeze FM News.
And the statement is indicating seven districts only, as all the new districts were captured under the old districts.
Meanwhile Lundazi is the only district in Eastern Province that has produced millet with a production of 58 metric tonnes.
And only two districts have produced Irish potatoes with Chipata having a total of 431 metric tonnes followed by Mambwe with 73 metric tonnes of potatoes.

There is no leadership vacuum in the Province_East PF

The Patriotic Front PF Party in Eastern Province has warned that it will not condone the unruly behavior from some members of the party.
The ruling party says there is no leadership vacuum in the Province and Andrew Lubusha remains the Provincial Chairperson and Member of the Central Committee, MCC.
PF Provincial IPS, Information and Publicity Secretary William Phiri says the architect of the protest and petition by unruly youths against the leadership of Mr. Lubusha, is a suspended Councilor, Kennedy Shumba of Chipangali ward.
Mr. Phiri, who is also Kanjala ward councilor, says Mr. Shumba is currently on suspension for gross indiscipline and that he has a record of issuing disparaging remarks and disrespecting cabinet ministers, provincial party leaders, MPs, and even the Party President.
He told Breeze FM News that issuing press statements demeaning party leaders may lead to Mr. Shumba being expelled from the party.
And when contacted for a comment, Chipangali Ward councilor Kennedy Shumba has reminded Mr. Phiri how he blamed Mr. Lubusha after being beaten in Petauke district during the burial of the late Chief Nyamphande.
Mr. Shumba has lamented that the IPS is an example of what is happening in the party.
And on his suspension, Mr. Shumba says there is no where he has signed that he received a suspension letter from the party.

Withdraw bill 10 from parliamnet_ZCCB

The Zambia Conference of Catholic Bishops has appealed to the conscience of all members of parliament across political parties to respect the will of the majority Zambians and immediately withdraw bill 10 from parliament.
ZCCB president Bishop George Lungu says any legislative process of making, reviewing and amending the supreme law of the land ought to be premised on a process that is widely inclusive, transparent accountable and anchored on consensus building rather than partisan interests.
In a statement made available to the media, Bishop Lungu says ZCCB acknowledges the desire by Zambians to address the lacunas that are in the 2016 amended constitution.
He says ZCCB also acknowledges the realization of many Zambians that bill 10 in its current form does not reflect the constitutional desires of the majority Zambians.
And Bishop Lungu says ZCCB is aware and concerned about the dwindling levels of vigilance among Zambians as they continue watching and saying nothing on the increasing incidents of human rights abuse, political violence, high levels of corruption, poor adherence towards the rule of law, and now the manipulation of masses over bill 10 exhibited by those who have taken it upon themselves to popularize it.
He adds that having undertaken a comparative analysis of bill 10, the parliamentary report on the bill as well as the current amended constitution of 2016, ZCCB has noted that while bill 10 may contain some progressive clauses, it also contains some retrogressive and highly contentious clauses.
The bishop has cited the proposed changes in the electoral system regarding mayors and council chairpersons among others.