A United Party for National Development senior member against Emmanuel Mwamba’s transfer to Eastern Province.

Prominent politician Michael Chuzu has condemned President, Michael Sata’s decision to transfer Northern Province Permanent Secretary, Emmanuel Mwamba to Eastern Province.
Mr. Chuzu who is UPND, United Party for National Development Deputy Chairperson for Youth and Sports Development has accused Mr. Mwamba of being a traitor who does not deserve to work in Eastern Province.
He has warned that if President Sata does not rescind his decision over the transfer of Mr. Mwamba, he will make Mr. Mwamba’s work in Eastern Province difficult.
But when contacted for comment, Mr. Mwamba dismissed Mr. Chuzu’s allegations that he is a traitor stating that he should justify his statement.
Mr. Mwamba told Breeze News that he welcomes Mr. Chuzu’s statement that will make his work difficult and that he will treat it as a challenge.
He also stated that when he was transferred to Northern Province he faced similar opposition but that now people were disappointed that he has been transferred.
President Sata has swapped Mr. Mwamba with Eastern Province Permanent Secretary, Hlobotha Nkhunka.

Three grade twelve pupils in Eastern Province expelled from writing their examinations because of alleged malpractice.

Three grade twelve pupils in Eastern Province have been expelled from writing their examinations because of alleged malpractice.
And a man has been arrested for attempting to write a grade twelve examination paper under impersonation for an external candidate.
Provincial Education Officer, Thomas Mwanza told Breeze News that two pupils at Mambwe High School were expelled after being found with pieces of paper while another pupil was also found in a similar situation at a named school.
Mr. Mwanza says that according to examination guidelines, pupils writing final examinations are not supposed to carry any piece of paper into the examination room despite its contents.
And Mr. Mwanza disclosed that a man was arrested for attempting to write an examination for someone else.
He explained that the identified man connived with his colleague who was supposed to write the exam to obtain an NRC, National Registration Card bearing his friends particulars but with his portrait.
Mr. Mwanza refused to reveal the examination centres where these malpractices occurred stating that this will only be done after examinations are over.

Fifteen pupils under the age of 16 fall pregnant at Chadiza Basic School this year alone.

Fifteen pupils under the age of 16 have fallen pregnant at Chadiza Basic School this year alone.
Guidance Teacher, Maureen Kamanga disclosed this during PTA, Parents Teachers Association meeting.
Mrs. Kamanga said that school management was worried with these cases of children falling pregnant at such an early age.
But one of the parents, Charles Situtu who is also a police officer advised school management to report such cases to the police.
Meanwhile female teachers scooped all the awards that were given out by the school during the meeting.
This raised concern among some parents who urged male teachers at Chadiza Basic School to pull up their socks and perform better.

The Movement for Multi-Party Democracy denies reports that it is starting to lose ground in Eastern Province.

The Movement for Multi-Party Democracy MMD has denied reports that it is starting to lose ground in Eastern Province.
MMD Provincial Information and Publicity Secretary, Samuel Lugomo Phiri says that the former ruling party is still strong.
Mr. Phiri says that the party’s loss in the Musumbazi local government by-election last week should not be misinterpreted as MMD losing popularity.
He says that MMD lost the seat because it did not prepare adequately adding that in an election, there is always a winner and a loser.

The Zambia Army in Eastern Province calls for unity among Zambians.

The Zambia Army in Eastern Province has called for unity among Zambians.
Assistant Warrant Officer Class Two, Inginitus Mununga also says that it is important for Zambians to reconcile.
Speaking during memorial parade for Freedom Fighters in the First and Second World Wars held in Chipata this morning, Assistant Warrant Officer, Mununga further called on youths to embrace peace.
The memorial parade saw Eastern Province Minister, Charles Banda leading heads of government departments, army, police and Zambia National Service officers and non-government organisations in laying wreaths at the 1940 building statue.
Meanwhile some freedom fighters have called on government to properly look after the heroes because they sacrificed a lot during the war.
Geshom Zulu who fought in the Second World War recalled how his colleagues died in the Second World War.

Education authorities in Chadiza district are worried with the increase in school absenteeism among pupils.

Absenteeism of pupils in schools is on the increase in Chadiza district.
This has worried education authorities in the district because the trend has led to low pass rate.
District Education Standards Officer, DESO, Lewis Phiri says that according to data at his office, the number of pupils absconding lessons is high
Breeze FM Correspondent, Paul Phiri reports that Mr. Phiri was speaking during PTA, Parents Teachers Association Meeting held at Chadiza Basic School.
Mr. Phiri appealed to parents to assist the teachers by encouraging their children to attend school so that the pass rate in the district can improve.
And speaking during the same occasion, Reverend Joseph Mwale from RCZ, Reformed Church in Zambia urged the Ministry of Education to continue working with non-governmental organisations like the Citizen’s Forum.
Reverend Zulu noted that education on human rights is important as some pupils have lost respect for their teachers because they do not fully understand human rights.

Eastern Province permanent secretary, Hlobota Nkunika transferred to Northern Province as Mwamba heads to Eastern.

President Michael Sata has transferred Eastern Province permanent secretary, Hlobota Nkunika to Northern Province.

Northern Province permanent secretary Emmanuel Mwamba, is coming to Eastern Province.

The swap has been announced in a press statement made available to Breeze News by the president’s special assistant for press and public relations, George Chellah.

Meanwhile President Sata has assured all opposition MMD members of parliament serving in the PF Government that his administration will ensure that they are protected against all forms of harassment and intimidation.

The President’s pledge comes in the wake of frequent threats of expulsion that have been issued by the former ruling party on its parliamentarians that are currently serving as deputy ministers in the PF government.

President Sata urged the parliamentarians to ignore MMD president, Doctor Nevers Mumba’s intimidation.

Some traders of fertilizer in Chipata accused of selling underweight bags.

Some farmers in Chipata district have accused some traders of selling underweight bags of fertilizer.
Former Eastern Fodya Association of Zambia, EFAZ provincial chairperson, Chishala Chilufya says that the traders are removing quantities of fertilizer from original bags to make additional bags.
Mr. Chishala complained that the additional bags being made do not contain the right quantities of chemical mixtures, which is likely to destroy crops.
He has called upon the Ministry of Agriculture to make random checks on traders of fertilizer in the province and carry out fertilizer tests.

Movement for Multi-Party Democracy has accepted defeat in the Mufumbwe parliamentary by-election.

Movement for Multi-Party Democracy MMD has accepted defeat in the Mufumbwe parliamentary by-election in Mufumbwe district.
Party President, Dr. Nevers Mumba however, has hinted that the party might petition the results after carrying out its own investigations on how it has lost the election.
Patriotic Front Party PF candidate, Stephen Masumba was declared winner of the election this morning at about 07:50 hours.
The announcement of Mr. Masumba as dully elected Member of Parliament for Mufumbwe was greeted by celebrations by PF cadres.
PF campaign manager, Jean Kapata says that party’s victory is a sign that the ruling party has penetrated North-Western Province.

Eastern Fodya Association of Zambia EFAZ has stopped giving fertilizer to its members.

Eastern Fodya Association of Zambia EFAZ has stopped giving fertilizer to its members.
Provincial Chairperson, Franklin Mwale says that EFAZ will no longer be involved in giving tobacco farmers fertilizer because it does not fall under the association’s core objectives.
Mr. Mwale told Breeze News this morning that EFAZ also took the decision because last farming season, the association was accused of not representing farmers fully.
Farmers alleged that EFAZ had compromised its position in representing farmers because it was collecting fertilizer from tobacco merchants.
And Mr. Mwale says that EFAZ has introduced its members to tobacco buying companies so that the farmers can deal directly with the buying companies.