MMD accused of fuelling confusion in the Musumbazi local government by-election in Petauke district.

The Patriotic Front Party, PF has accused MMD, the Movement for Multi- Party Democracy of fuelling confusion in the Musumbazi local government by-election.
PF vice Publicity Secretary, Masuzyo Mwenda says MMD cadres yesterday attempted to start confusion in the ward after the two parties held political rallies.
Mr. Mwenda says that MMD cadres attempted to provoke PF cadres by passing close to the PF camp while chanting their slogans.
He says that this is despite the PF having held a rally at Minga Primary School while the MMD held their rally at Minga Bus Stop.
Mr. Mwenda advised the MMD to desist from engaging in activities that can easily spark confusion.
And MMD Provincial Information Publicity Secretary, Samuel Lugomo Phiri could not be reached for comment.
The Electoral Commission of Zambia ECZ has set November 8 as date for the Musumbazi local government election.

Works of constructing Namwela Bridge in Chadiza district will be completed in December.

Works of constructing Namwela Bridge in Tafelansoni Ward in Chadiza district will be completed in December this year.
Site Engineer for Libian Contractors, Mutor Shumba who is carrying out the works told Breeze FM Correspondent, Paul Phiri that works will continue during the rainy season because the bridge needs to be completed by December.
Namwela Bridge, which connects many villages to Chadiza central, is a multi-purpose bridge especially to farmers who transport their goods to the market.
And ward councillor, Morris Zulu has expressed happiness with the development.
Mr. Zulu says that people in the ward depend on farming and have been facing difficulties to transport their produce to the market due to the damaged bridge
The bridge was washed away during the rainy season in 2010.

MP says confusion in PF should not affect payment to farmers.

Kasenengwa Member of Parliament, Victoria Kalima says confusions that have rocked the ruling PF, Patriotic Front, should not affect payment of farmers.
Ms. Kalima says that the PF government is busy solving internal misunderstandings instead of concentrating on paying farmers their money and fostering development.
She explained that farmers have lost a lot of money on transport in following their payments at FRA, the Food Reserve Agency.
Ms. Kalima said that some farmers have failed to send their children to school due to lack of money.
She said that for farmers to go to the extent of demonstrating, it’s a sign that things are really serious among the people.
Ms. Kalima also explained that any further delays in paying farmers, will affect crop yields next year.

FODEP says politicians are frustrating the constitution making process because of selfish motives.

Foundation for Democratic Process FODEP has charged that politicians are frustrating the constitution making process because of selfish motives.
FODEP Executive Director, Macdonald Chipenzi also says that some people have turned constitution making processes into money making ventures.
Speaking during a live radio programme on Breeze FM last evening, Mr. Chipenzi said that he could not understand why some politicians are against the fifty plus one vote clause for presidential candidate and the running mate clause.
He said that statements that the running mate clause will bring confusion in Zambia, are misleading, because the system has worked well in many other countries including Ghana.
Mr. Chipenzi noted that politicians who are uncomfortable with some of the clauses in the draft constitution should be aware that the constitution is not targeted at any individuals but to meet the needs of Zambians.
And Mr. Chipenzi has observed that some people have built houses and bought expensive cars from allowances which they received from failed constitution making processes in the past.
He says that it is the wish of these selfish people to see the draft constitution fail, so that they can continue making money through receiving allowances.

Construction works for the 14 billion Kwacha district hospital in Lundazi district progressing well.

Construction works for the 14 billion Kwacha district hospital in Lundazi district are progressing well.
District Medical Director, Allan Chisenga says that the construction works have already seen the Theatre, Maternity Wing, X-Ray and Kitchen being completed under phase one.
Breeze FM Correspondent, Mtambwa Nkhoma reports from Lundazi that Dr. Chisenga says that 4.6 billion Kwacha has so far been used under phase one of the three phase project.
He says that the district is now waiting for funds to start works for phase two, that will involve construction of administrative block, male and female wards.
And the district medical director says that the purpose for putting up another hospital in Lundazi, is to meet the demand because the current hospital was built for a small population.
The new hospital is located about 4 kilometres away from the boma on the Lundazi-Chipata road in Chief Mphamba’s area.

Pupils from Magwero School for the Blind in Chipata complain over lack of study materials in Braille and large print.

Pupils from Magwero School for the Blind in Chipata have complained over lack of study materials in Braille and large print.
The pupils say that they are behind in terms of information because the school does not have enough study materials in Braille and large print.
The pupils also said that government should reduce the passing rate at grade twelve level from five O-levels to at least three O-levels since they do not have access to study materials.
Meanwhile, head teacher at the School for the deaf, Sara Dipa bemoaned lack of accommodation, dormitories and classrooms at the school.
Mrs. Dipa says that being the only residential school in the province, it accommodates a lot of pupils including those from other provinces.
When contacted for a comment, Provincial Education Officer Thomas Mwanza says that he will comment on the matter latter.

Political parties taking part in the Musumbazi local government election in Petauke told to be peaceful.

Police in Petauke district has urged political parties to abide to the electoral code of conduct as the date for the Musumbazi local government election draws nearer.
And police say that they have not recorded any violence in the run-up to the Musumbazi local government election slated for November 8.
Petauke Police Officer-in-Charge, Emmanuel Bwalya says that this is an indication that the campaign for the by-election is going on smoothly.
Mr. Bwalya told Breeze FM Correspondent in Petauke, Mercy Bernard Maseko that those involved in the campaigns especially youths should avoid violence.
For political parties, MMD, Movement for Multi-Party Democracy, UPND United Party for National Development, UNIP, United National Independence Party and PF, Patriotic Front Party are taking party in the by-election.
The Musumbazi seat fell vacant after MMD councillor, Harrison Mumba ditched his party to join the ruling PF.

Eastern Province Permanent Secretary calls for practical translation of policy measures outlined in the 2013 national budget.

Government has urged members of the Provincial Development Coordinating Committee, PDCC in Eastern Province to practically translate policy measures put in next year’s national budget.
The 2013 budget has highlighted fundamental policy measures in various sectors of Zambia’s economy which are aimed at addressing the many challenges facing the people of Zambia.
Permanent Secretary Hlobotha Nkunika says that implementing these policies will go a long way in changing the lives of the people.
Mr. Nkunika stated that changing people’s lives will only come about when technocrats practically translate these policy measures into tangible actions that would ultimately benefit the people.
He also advised the committee members to avoid the business as usual tendency of approaching developmental matters.
The permanent secretary pointed out that critical thinking and innovation is required to transform Zambia into a developed country.
Mr. Nkunika was speaking during the official opening of the third quarter PDCC meeting being held in Chipata.

Eastern Province registers the second highest purchase of maize by Food Reserve Agency in the country.

Eastern Province has registered the second highest purchase of maize by FRA, the Food Reserve Agency in the country.
Acting FRA Executive Director Chola Kafwabulula says Southern Province accounted for the highest quantities, followed by Eastern and Central Provinces.
And Mr. Chola says that FRA has closed the purchasing exercise for maize as planned.
He however, says that the exercise for Paddy Rice will continue until 30th November, 2012.
The Agency had purchased about one million and seventeen thousand metric tonnes of maize valued at over 1.3 trillion Kwacha by 26th October, 2012.
Over 1.1 trillion Kwacha has been disbursed leaving a balance of 199 billion which will be disbursed by Friday.
Meanwhile FRA has transferred over 177 million Kwacha from the agency’s account to the farmer’s accounts in different Banks in Chipata.

Chipata Municipal Council fails to pay about 72 million Kwacha owed to former workers.

Eight former council workers who were operating at Kapata bus station in Chipata are demanding to be given jobs if the local authority fails to pay them their money.
The former workers, who visited the office of the town clerk yesterday, told Breeze News that their contracts were terminated in 2008 but up to date, they have not been paid their money.
They said that the local authority allowed them to continue working without renewing their contracts for a period of more than six months.
The former workers said that the local authority owes each them about 9 million Kwacha.
And when contacted for a comment, Chipata Municipal Council Acting Town Clerk Caroline Mphande said that she is not in a position to give any statement because she has handed over the office to the new town clerk who is expected to report for work soon.