Chandiza District Council to construct bigger slaughtering slab

Chadiza District Council has revealed plans to construct a bigger slaughtering slab for animals.

Chadiza District Council Secretary Kennedy Kazanda says that works for the slab, will start soon to accommodate the growing number of people slaughtering animals in the district.

Mr Kazanda told Breeze News in Chadiza that the current slab is too small and is situated at a wrong place.

He explained that the new slab will be constructed some metres away from people’s houses with improved services such running water, proper drainage system and a fence.

The council secretary says that the council has already put money aside for the construction of the new slab as the district awaits for funding to build a modern abattoir.

Mr. Kazanda says that the local authority is just waiting for a plan from the Veterinary Department so that works can start.

Members of the public have complained over bad smell coming out from the slaughtering slab located right in the middle of the market.

The Ministry of Health in the district has also condemned the slaughtering slab and further expressed concern over the system of using an axe to kill animals in the presence of people, some of who might be sensitive to such kind of killing cattle.

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