Decentralization to simplify government operations in Eastern Province

The decision to decentralize the operations of government departments will make it easy for most programmes in Eastern Province to be implemented.
Speaking when Director of Decentralization in the Office of the President and Cabinet Office, Alfred Sakwiya paid a courtesy call on him, Eastern Province Permanent Secretary, Chanda Kasolo, says most government projects were lagging behind because of the delay to release money from the head office in Lusaka.
Mr. Kasolo says that the implementation of the decentralization policy will see a lot of developmental projects taking place on time because money will be released from within the province.
And Mr. Kasolo observed that more sensitization needs to be done to ensure that people fully understand the decentralization policy of governance because most civil servants have little knowledge on the policy.
The Decentralization whose theme is “Citizen Empowerment” has given Local Authorities the mandate to run the affairs of government in their jurisdictions.
Mr. Kasolo also says there is need to remove the political interference in the operations of councils for the decentralization policy to be well implemented.
And Director of Decentralization in the Office of the President and Cabinet Office, Alfred Sakwiya says his office is using the media to sensitize officers on the decentralization policy.
Mr. Sakwiya observed that despite being corporate bodies, most councils do not fully perform the duties of co-operate governance due to political interference.
He says that all councils have been advised to straighten the capacity development in terms of co-operate governance as they take over the operations of government departments next year.

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