Eastern Province registers the second highest purchase of maize by Food Reserve Agency in the country.

Eastern Province has registered the second highest purchase of maize by FRA, the Food Reserve Agency in the country.
Acting FRA Executive Director Chola Kafwabulula says Southern Province accounted for the highest quantities, followed by Eastern and Central Provinces.
And Mr. Chola says that FRA has closed the purchasing exercise for maize as planned.
He however, says that the exercise for Paddy Rice will continue until 30th November, 2012.
The Agency had purchased about one million and seventeen thousand metric tonnes of maize valued at over 1.3 trillion Kwacha by 26th October, 2012.
Over 1.1 trillion Kwacha has been disbursed leaving a balance of 199 billion which will be disbursed by Friday.
Meanwhile FRA has transferred over 177 million Kwacha from the agency’s account to the farmer’s accounts in different Banks in Chipata.

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