EPCCI condemns ZESCO’s proposed tariff hike

The proposed electricity tariff increase by ZESCO, the Zambia Electricity Supply Corporation will increase the cost of doing business.

This is according to EPCCI, the Eastern Province Chamber of Commerce and Industry President, Thomas Mtonga.

Mr. Mtonga told Breeze Business News that the tariff increase will also push up the prices of services and goods, which will eventually have an effect on the economy.

He says that although the power company has broken down the 75 per cent proposed tariff adjustment, the phases are still high for ordinary Zambians to contain.

Mr. Mtonga says that the 50 per cent increase in May and 25 per cent increase in September puts the business community in an awkward situation.

He says that ERB, the Energy Regulation Board should advise ZESCO to break down the proposed percentage further to make electricity affordable.

Meanwhile some Chipata residents have completely condemned the proposed electricity tariff increase saying that it should be rejected.

Boniface Mbewe of Sido Compound in Chipata says that Zambians are already struggling with high cost of basic commodities and should not be made to suffer further.

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